A peak into the Electric Universe: stellar currents

In the first couple of articles (topics) I posted under this “Science” category, I focused on the small … the structure of atoms and atomic nuclei.

The same mechanisms, those of moving charged particles and their electromagnetic interactions, also apply to large scale objects … the structure of planets, stars, galaxies and galactic clusters.

Yes - the same mechanisms. Unlike the long sought Grand Unified Theory of (small scale) Quantum Mechanics and (large scale) Relativity, the “new” physics that many are now exploring more publicly, with apparently no serious resistance anymore from the “elite bastard” power brokers of our civilization, is inherently a unified theory, from its inception.

It is in part this apparent dropping of resistance suppressing public work on the “new” physics that leads me to expect that new energy, propulsion and material technologies, based on such “new” physics, will be forthcoming into wide spread, publicly visible, use in the coming years.

But that’s the larger “meta” picture.

This particular topic (thread) picks up this story mid-way, providing a link to one of a long series of increasingly perceptive analyses of the electrical structure of the universe at large.

I do not yet have a complete and articulate grasp of the universe, as understood by this electric model, nor can I provide anyone reading this such as grasp in this one post.

Rather the best that I can offer now is to suggest that the reader/viewer listen to

  • the works of the Electric Universe effort, such as that below,
  • the work on such channels as the “Energy Wave Theory” at the sub-atomic level that I’ve posted a couple items from, earlier in this Category, and
  • the work of Robert Distinti, who is re-working the theory and equations of electromagnetism (that I’ve not yet posted any of here).

Perhaps over time, such studies will be rewarded with an increasingly clear and unified understanding of the actual mechanisms of how the physical/electromagnetic universe works, across a vast range of scales, tiny to huge.

Here’s a sample, a recent video on the “See the Pattern” Youtube channel, analyzing one particular object in our night sky, the Red Square Nebula:

The Red Square Nebula shows how ELECTRIC Stars are CONNECTED and POWERED


And what a surprise mainstreams view of how plasma behaves is wrong (haha).

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Over a year ago now, in August of 2019, the SuspiciousObservers channel on Youtube uploaded this survey of recent work supporting Plasma Cosmology:


O.K.!! We know nothing, really & are still learning!!! :nerd_face: