A powerful warning for Americans

This powerful woman, Katarina Jovanović, saw what’s happening here and now, in the United States, happen in her native country of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s.

Those events destroyed her country and killed many people.

She now sees the same thing, the same sequence of events and mass manipulation, happening here, in the United States.

Do not let this happen here.

Thanks to armstrongeconomics.com for bringing her words to my attention.

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Katarina Jovanović makes several important points above.

Let me point out one of them, as it might sound like a debate over highbrowed Marxist ideology.

The essence of a Christian society is a belief that we have a God given spirit, and God given rights to pursue our destiny here in this life, as best we each can do. We as individuals are fundamentally responsible for our failings, our sins, our weaknesses.

The essence of a Marxist, Socialist, Communist, or Nazi society, by whatever name, is that we are fundamentally victims of class warfare, and that some elite bastards are fundamentally responsible for our failings, our sins, our weaknesses, and our inequalities. In an ideal society, we are all the same (except for the few leaders, of course.) Anyone standing out, with more talent or resources or success must be cut down (except for a few leaders, during some “transition phase”, of course.)

In a Christian society, we each individually, as individuals, are primarily responsible for our destiny. We strive to empower each individual with the strength of mind, body and spirit to be the best that they can be. Free speech provides the essential basis for sharing and advancing our understanding.

In a Marxist society, we communally, as a collective, are primarily responsible for our destiny. We strive to empower the collective with the power over all in order to that no one can obtain more, no one can be allowed to be “more equal.” Free speech presents an existential threat to ensuring collective unity.

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In short:

Christianity - a religion of a higher spirit, which lives within each of us. Our salvation lies in being guided by this spirit, by “the word of God” as some would say.

Marxism - a religion of the state, within which we live. Our salvation lies in surrendering our lives to the state “for our own collective good.”


A sad reflection from the results of my own 70 years within a Fundamentalist Christian Belief System is that it, too, is a control system…of a different kind, mind you, but nevertheless a well organized Control System!!

I was very surprised to recently find out that Martin Geddes comes from a JW background, so he would well understand the Religious Control System!! :wink:
During the RDS interview, I wish RDS had kept his mouth shut a little more so we could have heard more of Martin’s discoveries!!! :smile:

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RDS?? Interview? my memory has really faded… uggghhh

RDS - Robert David Steele

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Thank-you, Foxie, for mentioning Martin Geddes.

I had not noticed him before.

Searching for his work, I found this brilliant explanation by him of what this storm is all about:

Unfortunately, there is so much going on, and the roots of the corruption so varied, deep and long standing, that those who have had “real” lives to live the past few years, or had not already spent years learning some of the depth, breadth and history of the corruption, will be hard pressed to keep up.

Martin wrote the above in late 2019, and anticipates that the Storm will break upon us in the first half of 2020.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Corona Virus Scamdemic has broken upon us instead. I presume that this is the deep state engaging in a delaying action.

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In March of 2020, Martin Geddes (see my post just above) updated and refined his explanation of events with this article:

… … …

Death of a Supermafia

March 25, 2020 By Martin Geddes

The “Deep State” supermafia is collapsing. Here are some pointers to give you a sense of the true enemy of humanity. Ignorance is extremely dangerous.

Death of a Supermafia

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
— Sun Tzu


We are in the final throws of a war against a supermafia that has plagued humanity for longer than we have records. This “Deep State” criminal network is a form of nationless dark power that has sickened all societies worldwide. It is like an unseen fungus or cancer in the intestines of human culture, and gorges itself on our energy for its own malignant ends.

To understand the Silent War (and present day events) demands making sense of the invisible enemy we are fighting. The exposure of this supermafia is not a symptom of a global collapse into chaos. Rather, the sighting of the true enemy of humanity is cause for celebration, for it is a precondition of victory.

Here are some pointers that I have picked up from my research over the last few years. They should give you a sense of the shape and methods of this supermafia. Take them as being provisional: I am not an all-knowing sage, and I have no “insider” or privileged knowledge. Just a guy with a laptop — and lots of curiosity.

Hive structure scales well

In my previous incarnation as a telecoms expert, I wrote about Recursive Internet Architecture (RINA). RINA outperforms the design of the current Internet — TCP/IP — in every dimension, except one: TCP/IP is deployed everywhere already, which makes RINA adoption “unthinkable”.

The Deep State has a Hivite culture, which is a bit like RINA. It is “cellular” (a hive) and “recursively layered” (a pyramid), and hence it scales well and “fails well”. This is unsurprising — cybernetics tells us this needs to be so via Viable system theory. This also explains why the focus on “ conspiracy theories” is a distraction, because what matters are architectures of criminal cultures .

As with RINA, the Deep State’s “recursive” method of operations are “unthinkable” to those who have only experienced the mass media “flat” information monoculture. It is like explaining blockchain applications to someone whose only experience of computing is punched cards. There is a mismatch of the levels of architectural sophistication.

Antifragile doctrines for longevity

The Deep State supermafia has its own religion — the Cult of Osiris — with doctrines that have helped it endure. (The Lindy effectis a kind of “theory of evolution” for cultural memes and their longevity.) A critical doctrine is “revelation of the method”, which means telling your victim what you plan to do to them beforehand.

This is seen in their psychopathic morality as a means of getting “malinformed consent”. That it is not fully informed is deemed the victim’s problem. From the perspective of the perpetrator, they were given fair warning, so have no reason to wriggle out of whatever deal with the devil was on offer.

More deeply, if the victim does react, you have a “stressor” to your system that allows you to learn how to adjust to stay unseen. Just as airline safety paradoxically improves with every crash, because their causes are always investigated, “covert power” gains ever more “safety from discovery via enhanced stealth” from every failure of “revelation of the method”.

This is an antifragile scaling property which has allowed their parasitic culture to persist over millennia.

Mutually assured destruction via blackmail

To gain access to this supermafia — whose tentacles run through endless familiar and trusted institutions — you need to pass the “entrance exam”. This involves disclosing your darkest secrets, and doing illegal acts that bind you to their system of crime. The arrival of photography and videography has turbocharged these blackmail networks in the last century.

Places like Epstein Island are blackmail centres. Paedophilia is a “basic level” activity to gain kompromat . As you seek access to higher levels of criminal power, you have to perform more depraved acts. There are images I don’t want to be responsible for putting in your head. The time will come for the public to know, and there will be a managed process of disclosure.

The consequence of this blackmail is that everyone “in the club” knows that everyone else is blackmailed. In the same way that a VISA or Mastercard logo on a retailer window is a trustmark for a legitimate commerce network, they have a “reverse trustmark” for a global crime network.

You can socially signal your insider status — handshakes, clothing,
jewellery for example— and you are given access to its illegitimate power.

Addiction via vampirism and cannibalism

Take this next one lightly for now.

It seems that humanity has a very very dark secret that is seeping out — one that I had previously dismissed as likely disinformation, but is becoming too hard to ignore. It appears that the human pineal gland contains a substance when under stress — adrenochrome — that is a euphoric and hallucinogenic elixir of youth. The unwanted side effects are less when the source is a child, rather than an adult.

The stories of vampires were not fictional tales: they are “revelation of the method” of a pedovore cannibal culture. The evidence that has swayed me are the “rabbit” structure of adrenochrome molecule and endless “white rabbit”, blood sacrifice, and adrenochrome references in both “dark” culture (pop music, art, movies, tech) and “light” (US military, Q, Trump).

The “walnut” of the pineal gland also has multitudinous references in ancient culture and current affairs. At the very least, the access to, and drinking of, the blood of children appears to be core to their culture. Jimmy Savile wasn’t just a child pimp and paedophile, but a necrophiliac too. He wasn’t an exception, but rather was a welcomed member of this Satanic ruling class.

The evil involved in farming blood products from young humans is beyond your worst nightmare. It also means that the Satanic culture binds people to it via a lethal addiction. Once you are hooked on adrenochrome, there is no way out, and only one supplier. You are a slave to their drug of death, hence you are completely loyal for life.

Again, take this lightly for now. It’s a tentative report and suggestion to do your own research.

Hoarding of knowledge

Esoteric science is uncontroversially a “thing”. There is plenty of knowledge locked up in “black projects” by the military, for example. The question you should be asking yourself, therefore, is what the balance is between exoteric knowledge (available to all) and esoteric (for select insiders only).

It appears that this supermafia has succeeded in “privatising” much of the “raw data” of society (e.g. via corrupt medical and tech institutions). Meanwhile, they have polluted, erased, and inverted the open and public science and historical record. As some have said, if you think “fake news” is bad, wait until you learn about “fake history” and “fake science”.

Once you have eradicated the memory of past events — and possibly even past civilisations and cycles of nature — then you have an almost inconceivable level of power over the public. You can fabricate all kinds of tales of origin and purpose — political, cultural, and even biological — for your own nefarious ends.

The old “successful” brands of “adopted falsehoods” can be leveraged to sell “new models” of false narrative. The labyrinth of lies grows over time, and gets harder to escape — at least until the Internet arrives bringing us “knowledge ladders” to climb over its “walls of misdirection”.

Control over popular culture

To maintain dominance over the “herd of human sheep” — and harvest them for slavery and slaughter — you need only subvert a few beliefs. For instance, if you can persuade the masses that the heads of the supermafia are not crooks, but are kings with a divine right to rule, then you have permanently institutionalised your criminality.

By owning a few “critical nodes” of cultural belief — especially religion and news media — you can maintain effective control over the rest of society. Some basic “information warfare” technologies — like false idols, or divide and conquer identity politics — keep the public busy fighting ghosts and each other, and never identifying the real power.

The political system then becomes a puppet show, with blackmailed actors and “rhetoric robots” entrancing the masses into a contained conflict that only ever serves the criminal structural elite. Their underlying “dark secret” — the blackmail and paedophilia “glue” that binds them all — has been successfully suppressed (until now).

Debt slavery from monetary control

Imagine for a moment you are an Egyptian pharaoh, and you have your slave workforce doing your personal bidding. Having passed your Masters in Bondage Administration, you understand that the laws of economics also apply to slave economies. Supply and demand still matter and have to be balanced. So you issue a scrip currency for your slaves to spend at the “company stores” in your “vassal economy”.

You notice how some slaves really struggle in times of strife. So you make then a deal: you will loan them extra scrip (at interest) to “tide them over”. In return they promise to put in extra labour for you, surrendering their little remaining leisure. Over time, you find that you can get more and more labour by inducing strife, causing more distress, and making more loans…

You can see where this is going. Usury, taxes, war. The core of our financial system is corrupt and broken. In particular, central banking is the power base of the supermafia. “That’s a lovely country you have there, and it would be a terrible shame if it got disconnected from the global financial system…”. They are called “banksters” for a good reason.

This is why we now need a reboot of our financial system on a new central banking platform, new asset-backed currencies, and the removal of the
“pharaoh” supermafia ruling class from running it.

Hijack of trusted institutions into the “family”

It is the most contradictory observation: the supermafia is into child abuse (including of their own), and yet family is the most important thing to them. Let me explain.

The success of the supermafia is through a classic “silver or lead” threat to those in or near “apex” leadership positions. Either you join in and become very rich, or you are killed. Those who join in are adopted into a cross-institutional mutual self-promotion club. Many of the cultural, political, religious, and business leaders you have been taught to admire are controlled members.

Those on the “inside” are “family” — it’s not so unlike the Sicialian Mafia and the omertà vow of silence. What turns the “mafia” into a “supermafia” is how they:

(1) Perpetuate their violence through abuse of their own children for multi-generational “sustainability” of psychopathy. This is the “vertical” scaling over time.
(2) Co-opt trusted institutions beyond the traditional “narcotics, prostitution, and gambling”. This is the “horizontal” scaling to encompass ever more of society.

Many famous multinational corporations are “family businesses” of this supermafia. The scale of the corruption is beyond what most people can presently imagine.

Parasites on the public

Cats can carry a protozoan parasite — Toxoplasma gondii — that causes behavioural changes in other species. For mice, this is a lethal condition, for it causes them to cease to fear cats. There is evidence that many humans — a third of us carry the parasite — also behave erratically as a result.

The supermafia we are dealing with — who are ruthlessly evil — have perfected psychological and spiritual warfare over very long periods. They have learned to weaponise the compassion, kindness, and caring of humans, and misuse these for their own ends. What toxoplasmosis does for mice, they have done to humans via a mix of technological, environmental, and cultural means.

This is not an abstract matter for me, having seen members of my own family lured into a cult manufactured by this supermafia. They believe they are in service to the highest murine purpose in life, when they have been deceived into misdirecting their worshipful energy towards felines. An example at the societal level is the “Climate Emergency” carbon tax scam, which preys on otherwise understandable ecological concerns.

The “technocracy” and its amoral transhumanist agenda is very seductive. None of us are going to come away “clean” from this. We all have colluded and contributed to some degree to our fate, ignoring warning signs that our conveniences and pleasures were unwise or unethical. Those who sit in judgement of the folly of others should be gifted a mirror at the first opportunity.

Pure evil and unlimited violence

Lastly, but most importantly, to make sense of the Deep State supermafia, you need to understand one key thing. It is evil. To the core. That means it has no boundaries on the wickedness it will engage in. Literally none.

I thought industrial scale torture, murder, and even cannibalism of children was the worst of it. I was wrong. You need to be thinking of depopulation, genocide, and total enslavement. You need to be thinking of deliberately engineered suffering, conflict, and death. You need to be thinking of eugenics, human sacrifice, and ecocide.

Profiteering from these has been considered mandatory.

And now it is all coming to an end.

… … …

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An interesting piece about Martin G. is that he came from 20 years in the J.W."!! :dizzy_face: But then, I had 70 years within a Fundamentalist System!! :innocent:

It’s like a whole new world opening up when the Mind Chains fall off!! Thanks for your part in my development, Paul!! :kissing_heart:

Ahhh ok - This -


Yepp!! :wink:

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