A thought regarding buying supplements from Amazon

Survival in the 2020s requires one to think like the cabal.

So if I am a faction of the cabal that owns/runs Amazon (can we say Pentagon contract?)… and via our technology we create profiles of all our customers where the data comes from all our friends too (Facebook, Twitter, Google (YouTube) and on and on…), I would identify the “less than desirables” (did you say deplorables? sort of) and, well… when they order a supplement or two, or some hot sauce or some other food product, I would “spike it” with some carcinogens or similar threat to the health of the target human and… make sure he/she gets their Prime deliver right on time!

I would also be seeking kickbacks from the medical mafia like hospitals, “health care” facilities, etc… even funeral homes and crematoriums!

Don’t worry, Chester. You’re not paranoid. They really are out to get you (and the rest of us.)


(Detail: I think it was Microsoft, not Amazon, that landed that big Pentagon contract, not that that matters to your overall thesis.)

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Ohhh yes, you are correct as to who eventually got it, but at one point, Amazon was believed to have been the designated winner. To have even gotten that close says everything.

And yes, I agree, “they” all want most of us dead, either physically or, if not physically, dead in every other way.

I can think of many reasons why, but lately I have come to speculate that the greatest fear they have of the masses is the psychic power the masses would accumulate and direct if the masses knew far more the truth than the lies (via the movie they project) about our reality as well as our own power. THAT (IMO) is the primary thing they fear.

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Good point.

A million aware people, much less a billion, would be extraordinarily dangerous to the elite bastards.

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