About the Core Technologies category

Certain core technologies, such as those providing us food, water, energy, communication, computation and materials, have a fundamental impact on the state and progress of human civilization.

For example, your humble bovine anticipates that petroleum based energy technology, which has greatly “fueled” the advance of our civilization over the last century, has passed its peak, as gas and oil become harder, more expensive, and environmentally more damaging, to extract.

Whether or not a new generation of energy, yet more abundant, based on (I expect) some variant of plasma, fusion and/or electromagnetic technologies (aka “free energy” when its being ridiculed) can and will be released into wide spread use, as the fundamental source of our civilization in the next one or several centuries, will have a profound effect on whether our civilization advances further, or collapses catastrophically, in the coming decades.

For example, with sufficiently abundant energy, the deserts can be made to bloom again, and abundant food and water made available for all. Key minerals that (perhaps) we cannot yet afford to transmute can be mined from the asteroids, moons and other planets in our solar system.

Keep in mind that the Core Technology category depends on and effects the related categories of Science and Economics, so the choice of where to place a specific topic involving these various categories may not be obvious.