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Sometime in late 2019, a variant of the common coronavirus began to take lives, first (that we know of) in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The origins of this virus are debated - it might be a natural mutation of a virus in Chinese bats, or a bioweapon developed in various possible labs, including the US’s Fort Detrick or a similar lab in Wuhan.

The global response to the virus has been to shut down much of the world’s economy and require many of the world’s population to “lockdown”, sheltering at home. The economic, political, and medical hands of the deep state are evident in various ways in this complex event.

As with other “Major Events” of times present and past, unraveling the truth of who did what when why and how will be a long and difficult task, that will likely never reach a satisfying conclusion.

May the discussions in the topics posted on this subcategory contribute to that analysis.

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I was very surprised as I listened to C.A. Fitts & James Corbett discussing this. Everyone STILL seems to be unsure about what REALLY happened!! Then Ole Dammegard said that he was almost at the point of saying it was all a hoax…another surprise, as he has been following & calling out the FF’s for years now!!

Justin showed the Crop Circle of the “C-V”, questioning what it meant, only to receive a tweet from Cyrus A. Parsa hinting that the origin was of A.I. design!! :thinking: We have entered a whole new “era” & I am beginning to understand a little better the role our Wrecking Ball plays in all this. This “game” is for real & I wonder what the “Oct. Surprise” will be?!! :face_with_monocle:

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