About the Draining the DC Swamp category

A major political, funding, legal, propaganda and information battle has been waging in the U.S. for the last few years (at least), between two sides both of whom find the other side to be corrupt, outrageous, and unfit for office. This battle has divided much of the nation, so it seems that no matter how I phrase it, half of the potential audience for these words will find my words to be outrageous and unfit. (Indeed, this very divide was a key issue that separated me from the forum I was previously active on, ProjectAvalon.net)

Thus it shall be. I’ll call it as I see it.

The corruption runs deep in the DC (Washington, District of Columbia) swamp, and has flowed fast and furiously at least since the assassination of John F Kennedy, back in 1963. Hollywood, the main stream media and news agencies, most liberal college professors, the intelligence agencies, most politicians (but most reliably Democrat politicians), the courts, much of the administration, and various gun, drug, money, and human trafficking operations are entangled in this corruption.

Trump was never supposed to win the Presidential election of November 2016. He is intent on cleaning up some of this deep corruption (some, not all.)

Corrupt Dept of Justice, White House and CIA officials worked hard to ensure that Hillary won that 2016 election, including by illegally using their resources to spy on the Trump campaign. They realized the day Trump won that he was a serious threat to them, so they extended and escalated their attacks on Trump, with the willing complicity of the main stream media and others, even to this day.

A deep insider, clearly working with Trump, has been posting under the name “Q” on alternative media since late 2017, helping to educate those of us who would listen, to understand the crimes being investigated and the actions taken to bring down these criminals.

As someone who has followed the crimes of the Clinton Crime Family for the last 25 or so years, so far, I welcome this partial draining of the DC swamp.

Unfortunately, the twists and turns of the plots and subplots, the ever shifting cast of characters that would overwhelm even a Leo Tolstoi, and the highly energized and conflicting interpretations placed on almost all the events and allegations, are enough to overwhelm anyone who hasn’t spent far too much time tracking all this.

If others, or myself, wish to engage in more detailed discussion of these unfolding events with healthy discussion (not with the mutually assured destructive rhetoric that so often accompanies this topic), then I’d welcome that.

But for now, since I’m the only Q follower likely to be active in the near future on this forum, I’ll just post links to particularly interesting material on this topic, when I happen to come upon it.

Things seem to be heating up in this DC swamp battle, so even those who normally have better things to do with their time may wonder at some of what is hapening.