About the Economics category

An area of interest for a long time of your humble bovine has been economics. I was actually enrolled in the Economics graduate studies program at my local University of North Texas (UNT) for a week, until other circumstances in my life took me on a different path.

Economics is the study of the means by which we generalize, in exchangeable form (aka money) the labor, resources, controls, and skills of our civilization. Economics in recent millennia seems to be dominated by debt-money (money lent into existence), which provides the foundation for layer upon layer of bills, bonds, securities, derivatives, currencies and such, which are deeply entangled into the laws, trade, infrastructure, contracts, treaties, governments and corporations of our civilization.

“Debt-money” … that’s a key to understanding our economic system.

Keep in mind that the Core Technology category depends on and effects the related categories of Science and Economics, so the choice of where to place a specific topic involving these various categories may not be obvious.