About the Philosophy category

The term Great Schism refers to the division of Chalcedonian Christianity into what are now known as the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faiths.

I might wish that that term, Great Schism, were still available to refer to separation between the realms of the Catholic church and the physical scientists, or to the earlier, Biblical separation between the realms of the Christians and the money changers in the temple.

In other, less baffling, words, I find the separation between the physical and economic realms on the one hand, and the “spiritual” (aka “religious”, “woo-woo”, …) realms on the other hand, to be a fundamental failure of the common place philosophy of our times.

This failure is much akin to the failure of our “standard model” modern day physics to properly account for the reality of a “non-physical” layer beneath the material particles and atoms they study … the aether that in various forms played an essential role in the physics of past centuries.

The proper study of these self-organizing, self-perpetuating, layers, from the “non-material” aether, up through the various layers of our bodies, sciences, economics, and technologies, including the “higher” orderings usually attributed to some magical Gods (or some mythical “Big Bang” if you’re a conventional scientist, or some “inner awareness” if you’re more “woo-woo” inclined) … these studies require an understanding of how such knowledges are layered, how such layers build upon each other, in the general case.

That meta-study is what I call philosophy.

(Be warned that this is likely not a conventional understanding of the word “philosophy.”)