About the Server Software Development category

My day job for the last forty plus years, has been developing software.

I have two primary purposes in providing this forum, theMooster.net.

The first purpose is to discuss various topics of interest to myself and others, as some important understandings must be developed in the arena of fruitful discussions.

It is the understanding that we share and cultivate together that lives on. Except for this specific Server Software Development category, all the other categories under which topics might appear on this forum span these other areas.

As this forum grows, I welcome other members to add more such categories, to cover areas of interest to others that I might not be much interested in myself.

My other primary purpose is to provide a platform for further developing some Web Server software that I’ve been working on, in various ways, for the last couple of decades. Basically, that software handles backups, file distribution, and denial-of-service firewalls … but as is often my wont, rethinks some of the architecture of such tools.

This specific Server Software Development category will focus on my software work in these areas.