Beware the coming "Dark Winter" ... late 2020 early, 2021

Beware of the potential for a “Dark Winter”, as clearly presented between the 0:23 and 8:28 marks of the following #NewWorldNextWeek with James Corbett of and James Evan Pilato of

I agree with James Corbett’s concerns that “they” have not yet broken the “masses”, and that as he says, starting at the 5:08 mark:

But don’t worry, there will be lots and lots more death and carnage and destruction in this darkest winter that we’re stumbling into, which serves a lot of purposes, political as well as social and economic.

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Dark Winter?? Seems we are also passing through a field of asteroids coming up & there has already been one in Africa & on the 19th a bunch of rocks fell to earth in Brazil & people are getting rich off them!!! :boom:

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