Blood Donation - is it safe?

Because I am a “conspiracy theorist” I started to wonder about “blood donation” and how it could be risky.

Here’s why I have come to a place of concern. I donate blood. I do so at what I learned, yesterday, is a private corporation. I did not realize that the first time I donated blood at this specified (yet left unnamed) blood donation center, that I was assigned a “blood donation ID number.” And that this number was attached to a basic profile of me such as, my name, my date of birth, my driver’s license number, my home address, my telephone number and my e-mail address.

So what all that information does is allow myself to identify myself each time I return to donate more blood.

And then I thought about something: If I am “known” to this private corporation and I am able to be identified (confirmed to be me), and I make my appointment to donate via their online access, they know I am coming.

And so here’s the concern. If I am identified by various “powers that be” as a “trouble maker” (which I may be, albeit in a pretty unimpactful way), and the PTB have “injectables” which could neutralize someone in some subtle way (accelerate their demise or accelerate their loss of cognition), what would prevent them from infiltrating an organization like this such that when a trouble maker like me shows up, they are ready to pop something into my vein upon needle insertion.

Well, some might ask, “Don’t you see them insert the needle?” But the answer is, “No,” because it is done in a way I am unable to observe the needle insertion. They place some sort of covering over the area and then somehow the needle is held out of view (as well as the various apparatus attached to it) and you can’t see what they are doing.

Maybe I read too many forums. No one would ever think of this would they? And even if they did, no one would ever do something like this would they? Surely not.

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I will confess to quite similar concerns. As a result, I quit donating some years ago.

My blood is O-negative and CMV (Cytomegalovirus) negative, making it blood one could safely give even to a premature baby without first testing for that baby’s blood type. It’s the type of blood preferred by emergency medical technicians, because you can safely give it to anyone, anytime, immediately.

It’s a damn shame I’m no longer donating blood … but I no longer trust “the man”.

My (no longer reliable) recollection is that I could see them insert the needle. I’d watch and appreciate the skill of a good phlebotomist. But I doubt that that would prevent them from “donating” a small amount of something nefarious to my blood, and it certainly doesn’t prevent them from tracking my DNA as part of a low cost, wide scale operation, associating DNA analysis with detailed individual identification information.