China, China, China

An increasing number of Major Events of our time revolve around China.

Over the last decade or two (early 2000’s to early 2020) China’s ascendancy to the position of a dominant, perhaps the most dominant, nation seemed increasingly secure.

This sub-category’s title, “China, China, China” is inspired by some short Youtube video clips, of Donald Trump during the 2016 US Presidential elections, saying “China” over and over.

For example:

But now, as I write this in mid-2020, China is encountering major challenges, that threaten its very survival as a nation, and likely doom its chances of achieving any such dominance.

This sub-category strives to record this epic change in China’s role on the human stage.

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Seems our own people sold us out to China over the past decades!! There has been a Yale-China connect since the 1920’s, so it’s very odd how things are turning out now!

Even JPF agrees that a “weather war” is going on there at the moment & I think I would have to agree after seeing the Epoch Times videos from there. It’s all so sad, even here in this country some of our own “leaders” trying to take down this country!!

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