Circuit Court rules Illinois Governor's "lockdown" orders null and void and unconstitutional

Apparently, a Circuit Court has ruled that Illinois Governor’s “covid lockdown” orders are null, void, and unconstitutional. (Should I be surprised that this is not being widely reported?)

Thanks to Miles Mathis for the following. He squirreled it away in a July 3 update to his Where is the ACLU? paper, as posted on his Updates website:

Addendum July 3: As it turns out, even as I was writing this, a court ruling was being reported in the mainstream press in Illinois, where a Circuit Court has thrown out the Governor’s executive orders on Covid as null and void, and also as grossly unconstitutional. Confirming what I say about Covid above. The ACLU was not involved in the suit. It was brought by State Representative Darren Bailey, but applies to all citizens of Illinois. Despite that, the Chicago Tribune and other mainstream media outlets are reporting today that all these voided orders will be enforced during the July 4 holiday. In other words, the fascists are simply ignoring this judge’s ruling, pretending it didn’t just happen. Which is again grossly illegal and unconstitutional. The Tribune says,

Mayor [of Chicago] Lori Lightfoot had a sharp warning for bars and restaurants that do not follow the guidelines. “If you squander this opportunity, we will shut you down and you will not reopen anytime soon,” the mayor told holders of liquor licenses during a conference call this week.

Like Governor Pritzker, this Mayor Lightfoot seems to have a poor understanding of the law, and of the English language. She apparently can’t read a simple ruling from a judge. Her threat is null and void, and she has just opened herself up to a lawsuit for harassment and Civil Right violations, as has the Chicago Tribune. Citizens of Illinois should not only mob the parks and beaches, ignoring all social distancing rules, all businesses should immediately reopen, including bars. Anyone arrested or hassled in any way by police should sue the city, the state, and the Chicago Tribune. Harassing citizens with illegal orders by spreading fear is highly illegal itself, being the very definition of Civil Rights violations. Your primary right as a US citizen is to be free of illegal orders. The government threatening you with bankruptcy or other violence is harassment, pure and simple, and whether or not you are actually arrested is beside the point. You have already been harassed simply by listening to these empty threats from the Governor, the Mayor, and the media. Just by reading the newspaper or the story on the internet, you have standing for a lawsuit, since you have thereby been harassed by your government.

Actually, on closer reading, it appears the Mayor’s “sharp warning” came before the court ruling, which may mean it is only the Chicago Tribune spreading confusion, fear, and misinformation on purpose. That paper is publishing this sharp warning after they have published the court ruling, so they should know the sharp warning is null. But they are pretending not to know that, and hoping you don’t notice. As more indication of that, we see that the paper has lifted the paywall on this article, hoping it will be read by as many as possible, and that they will mistakenly believe Mayor Lightfoot’s sharp warning is still in effect.

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