Deadly Corona Virus Scams in Mexico

Last night (evening of 27 June 2020) Jim Stone ( reported the following deadly scams that he as personally verified, in Mexico. I’ve been reading Jim Stone a long time, and find him to be a reliable reporter, especially when involving what he’s personally verified.

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MAJOR CORONAVIRUS BUST. The following is going to be updated tomorrow with photos. I was not prepared to show the two doctors I pinned down as murderers to these victims but I am going to try to do that also tomorrow. Things like this often don’t work out in a day, if ever. I cannot directly identify the people who gave these testimonies because they’ll likely be killed. But I am going to be VERY specific otherwise. I have crystal, and I MEAN CRYSTAL CLEAR photos of the murdering doctors I took myself. If any of these victims identify them as the ones, they are getting posted.

Corona scam in Mexico confirmed

FIRST PERSON CONFIRMATION ON THIS, it is not internet rumor. I have directly spoken to these people and actually know one.

I have to post this before going to bed because Claudia was getting the details and we might not wake up tomorrow if we have this info and don’t at least give people a clue as to what is going on. I know all the hospitals involved and can drive right to them, plus before hand I had identified two doctors who were killing people but I did not have proof, and I will take the images of these doctors to the victim families and see if they are recognized. Here goes.

Incident 1. A 7 year old child was stung by a scorpion and was taken to the main hospital in Leon. I know right where this is and can post a picture tomorrow. I know the name of the boy but can’t publish it. I know the species of scorpion, it is the most lethal one in North America and even have a picture of it. We have all that. Immediately upon arrival the boy was diagnosed with “coronavirus” and they refused to treat him for a scorpion sting and he quickly died.

No doubt the worst one: A five year old boy went to the same hospital with a broken arm. He was left there overnight and the next day his body was returned as ashes. THE NEXT DAY. The hospital did not even contact the parents to say he was dead or even get permission to cremate the boy. The parents simply arrived the next day and were handed a box of ashes. This one is so unbelievable that I had to clarify and re-clarify directly with the people involved. This is not an internet rumor. The boy went in one day with a broken arm and the very next day was handed back to the parents cremated. Cause of death: Coronavirus. Now, obviously there’s some fishy stuff going on and Claudia thinks the boy was taken and sold.

Incident 3 happened at another hospital and I know where that one is. A woman gave birth to a baby that was not doing well at birth. She and the baby were transferred together to a hospital I thought was decent. The baby died. The mom was offered $15, 000 pesos to write down that the baby died of Corona and she refused. I have been in both hospitals involved in these reports numerous times. This is not something off Twitter.

Claudia, through the elite contacts has 5 other similar cases, where parents were offered between 30, 000 and up to 60, 000 pesos to agree to have their dead kids written down as corona deaths, when they were not, I don’t have the details on these now and am instead focusing on the ones where I have spoken directly to those involved.

I know damn well the phones are bugged. If this site gets wiped out or I quit posting, now you know why. I wanted to save this for this month’s newsletter but it simply got too dangerous, I had to post this for protection. I am not going to be the idiot who waits and commits suicide.

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We have what was going on in NYC as well…how does one get the perpetrators nailed?!!


Yes - like Jim Stone saw in Mexico - we had in New York City.

Either law enforcement nails them, or we learn what some Russians and Eastern Europeans learned a few decades ago, that some governments are corrupt beyond usefulness, to the point of being dangerous.

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The video Coverup of the Century | New documentary on how the CCP covered up the coronavirus outbreak shows similar callous disregard for human life and for the truth, in Wuhan China during late December 2019 and early 2020, as the information about the initial outbreak was suppressed.

This video is free to run on our Youtube, and our President denounces China.

But information about the psychopathic frauds and mass murders in some of our own major cities is little noticed.

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The Gov. of my State is one of the guilty ones. I see the problem being that the “Crooks” have been playing in a Rigged System for so long that they assume they won’t be prosecuted & can keep “getting away with” the stunts they have been pulling for years!!!

Are enough people “awake”…that seems to be the question!!

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Either our government cleans things up a lot, or the people increasingly realize that the government is beyond redemption.