Dealing with frustration acquired by involvement in other social media

I am only writing this to let off steam. I placed it under Health and Nutrition because, this is about mental health.

I thought that by becoming a member at several different forums where each attracted me in one way or another… I would avoid what I found myself immersed in during my early years of forum engagement - that being the development of an unhealthy co-dependency on a particular forum where I would experience all too often, emotional fluctuations that left me feeling drained of all my life force energy.

Interestingly, this same thing has come up again for me at another forum and it has made me realize how grateful I am to the Mooster for launching as what I find here at this forum is essentially what I would imagine in any real “adult” venue… and the contrast has exposed the other for what it actually is - a haven for monster children (understanding that I am somewhat one myself and wanting ever so much to more fully grow up).