Dr Been's COVID-19 "MATH++" Treatment Protocol

I am no doctor or other medical professional, so I can’t recommend medical treatments to others, without risking enriching some lawyer, which I do my best to avoid.

But if I were ill with COVID-19 and in the care of medical professionals, I’d recommend the following protocols be used on me, by those treating me.

And if (as is the case) I were not ill with COVID-19 and strove to remain well and free from that or other serious disease, I would (and do) follow much of the prophylactic portions of this protocol.

Dr Been has been presenting biomedical lectures on Youtube for just a couple weeks short of ten years, focusing on the body’s immune system. He has many videos up on the Corona virus, how it works, how the body responds, and how various therapies effect it, during the several phases of the illness.

These three videos present an overall view of the therapies he is currently considering, during the (1) at home, (2) in hospital and (3) in ICU phases:

Other recent videos of his go into more detail on the detailed and complex biological processes involved with specific medicals and nutrients that might be used in these protocols, such as zinc, magnesium, Vit C, Vit D, …

The “MATH+” portion of this protocol’s name comes from an acronym shown in the following graphic, taken from the study EVMS CRITICAL CARE


The final “+” in the name “MATH++” refers to some additional refinements to the protocol that Dr Been is suggesting. I’ll leave it to the reader (er, eh, viewer) to view these videos and learn of these refinements.

Dr Been’s prophylaxis protocol, in Part 1 of his MATH++ protocol, as presented in the first half of the first of the above three videos, sounds excellent to me. If I were a high risk (elderly, diabetic, obese, …) nurse working extended hours in a COVID-19 ICU, with my current understanding, I’d be on that protocol in its entirety. I already am on the over-the-counter vitamin and mineral parts of that protocol, at doses similar to what Dr Been considers.


Not mentioned by Dr Been, but one additional element of my self prescribed protocol:

  • No Vaccine

The institutions and individuals pushing vaccines have long since earned my implacable enmity.

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Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai also is pushing a healthy immune system!!! Hope he wins his Senate seat!!
IMO, he has been experiencing some REAL “racism”!! :thinking:


Thank you very much, Paul… I am able to obtain everything on the MATH++ prophylaxis list (in fact, I have) except the hydroxychloroquine.

I encouraged my wife (age 54 and in relatively good health) to adopt it and she agreed to take “some” but not the full MATH++ program, oh well…

I have all sorts of other things to type here… sometimes things are best left un-communicated by words.

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May you and your wife live long and well.

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May you, Master of Moos, live long and well.

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Another article pointing out the importance of Quercetin -


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Good article - quercetin, with zinc and Vit C, seems quite valuable, in several ways.

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