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Dr Judy Mikovits is a major public whistleblower on the vaccine and biowarfare frauds that have erupted early this year, 2020, in the world-wide pandemic/plandemic/scamdemic known variously as the Wuhan virus, China Virus, Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARS-CoV2.

Dr Judy Mikovits has a book out, published last month, April 2020: Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science.

She has been featured in several interviews uploaded to (then often quickly removed from) Youtube.

She is a powerful witness to the truth, with decades of experience and expertise working in this area, and unflinching courage and integrity.

Here’s a 26 minute vignette featuring Dr Judy Mikovits, from an upcoming Documentary, to be called “Plandemic The Movie”:

Plandemic Movie - Judy Mikovits - Doctors in Black (click to play mp4)


Judy Mikovits, PhD, gave a dynamite interview today to Dr. Paul Cottrell.

The interview lasts over two hours, and Judy Mikovits goes into detail as to how our blood supply, our vaccines, and the blood of tens of millions of Americans and similar proportions in many other nations are contaminated with retro-viruses from contamination of the vats used to create vaccines with viruses from various monkey, mink, pig, cow, horse, … hosts, making those humans vulnerable to a host of “modern” diseases, such as various cancers, lupus, autism, AIDS, chronic fatigue, MS, ALS, Lyme, and on and on (see slide at the 1:09:00 mark in the video below). Mikovits is personally disgusted with Fauci, whom she started to call “Limp Dick”, before she caught herself, and then explained that was what he was called “in the lab” behind his back. Mikovits is on a tear, raging against the homocidal, fraudulent state of current medicine, and she sure sounds to me like she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

I have renewed my commitment to avoid vaccines and avoid if possible blood transfusions. I am fortunate in having had no such for a half century now, and in having O-negative blood and excellent nutrition, making me close to a universal donor.


At the 2:19:30 mark in the above Judy Mikovits interview, she recommends a brief interview, by Del Bigtree (HIghwire) of Dolores Cahill, PhD, Professor of Translational Science at the UCD School of Medicine, University College, Dublin, Ireland.

Professor Cahill is speaking out strongly against any upcoming “coronavirus vaccine”. The audio quality on her side of this Deltree (Highwire) interview is crappy (too much room echo, from a cheap mic not close enough to her, along with a half second audio delay impeding my usual “lip reading plus audio listening” habits), but she seems to know her stuff and to be courageous. She’s been involved for decades in testing and validating vaccines.

So here’s an other interview by Professor Cahill, from five days ago, that’s just over an hour long, and has a little bit better audio:

At the 11:17 mark, she says that there are two major things that she wants to say to people:

First of all there should be a lot of hope that this virus is not as dangerous as it has been shown to be, and also there’s major issues like the media are reporting the number of cases when actually someone who has had the like [herself who had] this virus in January and February, your immune system clears it after ten days and then you are immune for life.

The second thing is that we can see that in Ireland as globally half of the people who die are over 80 and children and anyone under 50, unless they have chronic conditions like cystic fibrosis, they will have no issue. … So there is no need for the lockdown …


At the 30:31 mark of the above video, Professor Cahill explains why vaccines will NOT work for this corona virus.

Vaccines have failed for similar corona viruses in the past, causing worse outcomes, not better outcomes, in vaccinated people who later encounter the virus.

This also partially explains the more serious outcomes for the present COVID-19 coronavirus in Wuhan and northern Italy, as in these areas a previous flu vaccine was widely dispensed that had been grown on dog tissue, and dogs have similar coronaviruses … so these particular flu vaccines would have been, in essence, coronavirus vaccines as well, which as would be expected, cause worse outcomes, not better, when later infected.


Professor Cahil recommends using Vitamins C and D, and supplemental zinc to boost one’s immune system, and hydroxychloroquine for treatment.

She recommends stopping the lockdown, stopping the social distancing, stopping the masks. People under 50 or 60 without serious health issues should go back to totally normal work and play and socializing … they never should have been “quarantined” in the first place. Elders and sickly should boost their immune systems with C, D and Zinc, and then return to normal, with hydroxychloroquine in reserve, if they get too sick.

Professor Cahill opposes mandatory vaccines at every step.


I’d like to see a debate between Fauci and Cahill.

Fortunately, Fauci is a small man, so the grease spot left on the floor, once Cahill got down wiping the floor with him, would be small and easy to clean up with a couple of the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes that we’d no longer need to hyper-sanitize our hands and environs.


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