If we lose this election, we could lose America (Jim Stone)

I have been following Jim Stone for a long time. He speaks bluntly, takes shit from no man, and sometimes sees conspiracies or threats where I doubt they exist. He’s like cheap rot gut whiskey … not for the faint of heart.

But his most recent postings strike a nerve with me. He’s warning us, in America, that the Democrats no longer have any respect for honesty, virtue, this Republic, or the people of America.

They are up to their necks in crime (pedophilia, treason, fraud on a global scale, genocide, and others). They must win this Presidential election, or they risk death by execution or spending the remainder of their life in prison.

Many a nation has been destroyed by just such forces. Hundreds of thousands have died as a consequence.

I am going to copy and paste these recent postings of Jim Stone in some posts below, in order to keep them for the record in a place I know I can find them.

I will post them in the same order Jim did, with the newest, most recent post on top, the first post immediately below.


From jimstone.is:



The first drop did indeed happen. IMPORTANT: THE FIRST LINK POSTED WAS WRONG, TRY IT NOW. The site referenced below is HERE.

UPDATE, THE SECOND DROP HAPPENED AS STATED (to be dropped every hour for the next 13 days), at first I missed it because they are dropping them into the scrolling window on the left, before dropping them into the main column.

Confirmed: The files do indeed show Hunter torture raping Chinese children ages 8-10 and it was filmed by the communist party under the order of Xi for the explicit purpose of blackmailing the Democrat party, on which they have an enormous pile of additional dirt. Those videos have not been released yet but I am betting they will be, for now they are sticking to papers that prove corruption.

More from jimstone.is:


The Chinese billionaire got pissed off waiting for Biden to steal the election and then bury this, and he took it into his own hands. PLEASE NOTE: They state they will be releasing the sexual abuse of children with these drops. Threats are already being made by the establishment to prosecute anyone who does for downloading and viewing child porn. However, if they do this right, you can download it without viewing it, IF this happens and IF it is possible to get the real hardcore evidence against that administration, I will handle this via a totally random computer and give a straight answer as to whether or not it is safe, and will probably also release pics that have been toned down well enough to show what is going on without them being illegal.

IF THIS IS LEGIT, I AM ON IT. So far so good, the first and second drops happened on schedule.


More from jimstone.is:



I remember Biden saying “we are headed into a dark winter” VERY CLEARLY and did not realize it was a code name for something BAD.

I usually don’t pay attention to Alex, but this really nailed it, this is far beyond damning and a solid warning. The report is here, and my comments are below.

Here’s a summary: In 2001 there was a bio terror war game scenario called “dark winter” run by John Hopkins center and staged at Andrews Air Force Base that had a major outbreak, the need for an emergency vaccine, riots, and an economic collapse. And that’s exactly what the elite want and are preparing for. I just figured Biden meant they’d cut the lights and freeze everyone to death during a “dark winter” they caused, but there is a lot more to that statement than that. The report on Infowars is a MUST READ. He deserves credit for this one (produced by Infowars) so go there to read it.

I want to repeat this to make it very clear: the “Dark Winter” exercise outlines a disaster so bad there will be no getting over it, and BIDEN KNEW WHAT IT WAS AND SAID WE ARE GOING INTO IT. He was involved in this enough to know what it was. That was one hell of a threat that just flew right over everyone’s heads - a threat that could easily make the Deagel forecast happen. We had damn well better make sure Trump becomes president, one way or another, come hell or high water.


More from jimstone.is:


How Elections are Stolen

A friend of mine who is a successful CEO in a very competitive market sent the following after I chatted with him about the last debate. He may appear on this site occasionally now, under the name of Russ Clarke

How elections are stolen

Russ Clarke, Oct 23 2020

The Democrats are taking a very business-like approach to stealing the upcoming election in order to take control of the United States. It’s not unlike Texas Instruments who had a focused plan to take over the calculator market in the 1970’s. In the case of Texas Instruments they recognized a predictable ongoing drop in the price of components year after year so they priced their calculators so cheap that no one could compete. Their goal was to have the lion’s share of the market by the time their components costs dropped significantly below their revenue stream. They accomplished their goal and they became enormously profitable. Their risk in the process was running out of money and going bankrupt if they incorrectly assessed the situation.

In the case of the Democrats [and the deep state in general] the case is similar in some respects to Texas Instruments. But instead of investing in taking over a specific market to gain control of the lion’s share of the revenue streams the Democrats are investing in corruption to take in enough votes to allow them to take over all the levers of power in the United States. The Democrats risk in this case is jail time if they incorrectly asses the situation and fail to accomplish their goal. They are way down the learning curve and have a clear understanding of how each avenue of corruption contributes to their vote total. The qualification of their candidate is less important than the overall corruption and deception needed to acquire votes.

They look at it this way: Each crime yields a certain percentage to the vote total. Deceased voters yield X%, Illegal immigrant voting yields Y%, Social media censorship yields Z%, etc. Their bag of tricks includes a wide assortment of criminal tools. Besides what I mentioned above here are a few more …

  • voter intimidation at the polls

  • carefully timed fake news

  • Inserting a virus into voter machine software

  • vote harvesting like what is being currently done by Ilhan Omar in Minnesota

  • Vote reminders sent exclusively to Democrats by Facebook, Google and other social media

  • Merging likely Republican name/addresses into the computer database at certain Postal Sorting centers to separate out selected mail-in ballots for disposal.

So if the Democrats piecemeal enough tricks together to win then they take control of America and they receive a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. They mean business!

At this point, after seeing what I saw last night at the debate, our only hope is to pray.

The scriptures make it quite clear that when people are corrupted enough, God allows evil to have it’s way until all is destroyed. I do not believe America is there yet. I believe God will at least consider sparing America if the large number of good people remaining pray for it.

Last night at the debate, Biden made it perfectly clear that if the left takes over, all honesty goes straight out the door and we will be ruled by those who live by the lie, and completely. I do not see where the American people, who never voted for this to begin with (with everything in the past taken via subversion and election theft) - I do not see how mainstream America deserves such a smack down.


Yet more from jimstone.is:


First of all, I’d like to once again remind people that God is real. I know there has been a lot of talk lately (since we can now envision it) that all of creation we see is only energy and does not really exist, and that we do not live in base reality. However, in a different way, the bible itself states exactly that. There is no dishonesty there. There was only the inability of people who never witnessed the power of computers able to create artificial worlds to comprehend how it could be true. - let me explain -

The bible makes it perfectly clear that not one thing happens in this world, from a bird dropping a feather to a great storm - without God knowing it and willing it to happen. Permitting it to happen. People overlooked this and silently likely thought “not really, that’s just conjecture, it is not really that way.” After all, absent computers creating artificial worlds we can walk around in - crappy computers, that common people buy can do this - absent that example, how could anyone figure out that there really could be a supreme being out there that can, within it’s mind, create all of this? The Bible says it is so. And now, with what we have, it is possible to look at this if you read the scripture and realize that yes, it really is all real, just like the bible says.

The bible says God created your soul, your body, and everything you observe. And that none of it exists without him. What if that’s an accurate statement? We now know how that can happen. It would be stupid to ignore it. God is right there with you, to hear your prayers. It matters not how all of this exists, it matters that you are real, your body is real, your life is real, and that you have value. And all of this is going to be allowed to crash if we sit here ignorantly and fail to remember who is in charge, and that we can ask for our nation to not be destroyed and if the numbers are sufficient, God will give us what we ask for.

It is time to pray. Pray that your country is not taken away by those who hate God and actively work against him. Pray for evil to not take it all over at this moment. Pray for time to be given to those who have not found the way yet and are still sitting on the fence. Pray for the liars to lose. Pray for God to have mercy on those who are still good, and to allow another chance for things to be put right. Pray for the will of the people to prevail this election, even if the Democrat side has no intention of honoring it.

The steal is on. They absolutely will succeed if God does not step in to stop it. And all you have to do to make it happen is to sit back and allow it to, without a single prayer to break the silence.


Even more from jimstone.is:


Comment on debate:

Now we know what kind of trouble we’ll be in if Biden gets in, he’s a perfect straight faced liar. I’d also like to know how he held together so well and in a discussion with a friend afterward got the probable answer:

Most likely, during the 5 days that he vanished, he received several complete blood removal cycles replaced with transfusions of children’s blood, and probably had an adrenochrome booster hooked up to keep him going. He was also programmed with all the answers, including the lies. Yes, it would be expensive but this was worth it. This is something the elite do and it does work, any of them that appear to look better than they did years ago is likely doing this. Yes, that’s one thing we are trying to stop -

Outside of that, I felt Trump should have brought up the laptop more and at least should have mentioned the torture rape of chinese children by Hunter and how that was going to be used for blackmail, thus disqualifying Joe. Trump did not totally bomb this topic and probably would have done better if the attack dog moderator had been fair, and she was not. She was not as bad as the first moderator but was definitely beyond biased. The left has it’s behind to save and I think she walked a tight rope to “save it” while not angering the public too badly.

When Trump left, witnesses heard him say “Now let’s finish this”. Hopefully he meant “finish Biden,” because Biden provably and demonstrably committed perjury with some of the lies, and they were done so brazenly there’s a chance they can be punished given the setting and without a doubt can be used to hang him. Trump ought to start doing commercials with Biden brazenly lying, back to back with proof of the lies.

We’ll have to see where this goes, last night we got a good look at what straight faced liars Biden and the left overall are. They have to be stopped at all cost because when they do kick off their “removal of Trump supporters from society”, like they have now repeatedly said they will, the way Joe lied is going to be the lie told about YOU, and how/why you vanished.

And they’ll do it straight faced, and with aplomb.


Even more from jimstone.is:


A great report from Turning Point Project

I don’t usually post other people’s stuff verbatim but this particular piece is one of those times when I will:

America’s Last Chance?

On election day, you will have to make a choice between two political parties and two presidential candidates. Several days later you will in all probability have to make another choice. In the case of a closely contested election, whose side will you take?

No matter who wins, the losing side will very likely charge that the election was stolen. And if, the losing side is the Republicans, that claim could very well be true.

If Republicans produce solid evidence that the election was, in fact, stolen, what then? Should they, nevertheless, graciously step aside in favor of the illegitimate “winners” for the sake of peace, and in the hope that the American system will eventually right itself. After all, our constitutional system of checks and balances was designed to prevent one faction in government from acquiring excessive power.

But what if this is the last chance election? What if one side has no intention of respecting the Constitution or of upholding the system of checks and balances? What if one side wants to pack the Supreme Court and give voting rights to Washington D.C, Puerto Rico, and any other U.S. territory likely to vote Democrat? What if future elections are no freer than the sham elections held in totalitarian societies?

Our system of government assumes that all parties adhere to the same basic principles - life, liberty, equality under the law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. It’s understood, of course, that different people will apply those principles in different ways. The system is designed for differences of opinion. But is it designed for widespread betrayal? What if one faction or party simply rejects those principles? What if, for example, a political party only gives lip service to freedom of speech while actively working to suppress it? What if government representatives no longer believe in the oath of office they took - “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic”?

Generation after generation of Americans have assumed that we would never come to that point. But we’re at that point now.

Some suggest that we’re on the brink of a coup. That is quite likely. But the big coup that will transform our government and our lives beyond recognition has been built on the foundation of numerous smaller coups. Of course, “smaller” is not exactly the right word. Some of these coups - such as the takeover of our educational system from kindergarten through graduate school - have been massive. While most Americans were looking the other way, left-wing educators managed to steal the affections and loyalties of our children. As President Trump put it in his July 4th Mount Rushmore speech: “Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but were villains.”

In recent years, we have also witnessed two other large-scale coups - the takeover of the mainstream media by people who reject the American heritage, and the takeover of social media by a collection of “woke” billionaire technocrats who look upon freedom of speech as an outmoded relic of the past. However, the biggest coup of all, thus far, is the takeover of the Democratic Party by the revolutionary left. Should the Democrats win the election, the 245-year-old American experiment in liberty will come to an end - perhaps gradually at first, but then with increasing speed.

When the full force of the new revolutionary order is felt, people won’t know what hit them. They won’t know because they don’t have the historical context to understand that the taking away of liberties is what revolutionary leftists always do. Younger Americans will know everything about the danger of climate change and the virtue of wearing a mask, but they will have learned precious little about the Soviet gulags, the Chinese communist re-education camps, and the imprisonment and torture of dissidents in communist Cuba.

There is no guarantee that the American system of government and the American way of life will survive. We cannot, as columnist Tony Blankely observed 15 years ago, “assume that the benign trends of the recent past will continue.” Instead, he cautioned, “we need to think in terms of when current trends will stop - and what will follow them.”

Of course, we should not think of the American experiment with self-government as a trend. Rather, it is one of history’s most splendid achievements - a priceless gift to succeeding generations. We must be prepared, however, for the possibility that it can come to an end, or rather, be put to an end. And we must, as Blankely warned, think about what will follow. We may have to start thinking about that future in as little as two weeks.


I thank you for the work you put into creating such excellent threads where truly relevant content is easily found and superbly organized.

I agree with Jim on all of this.

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Thanks, Paul!!! :hugs:

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Personally, I feel that if each Human Being stepped back into his or her own Sovereignty, realizing each of us is a fractal of The Divine, we would quit thinking we HAVE to believe & OBEY what our Authority Figures are telling us! :sparkler:

We have been brainwashed very well, haven’t we?!!! :relaxed:


The trusting Public would NOT have believed about the child abuse as most of them cannot fathom such a thing. :shushing_face: It was good he did not mention it; let it come out slowly so people can adjust their thinking. Most Normies have never even heard of Adrenochrome!!! I know, I hadn’t!!

The Yig posted a story about a load that had been impounded & even the driver had no clue what he was carrying!!! :grimacing: I would say our Turn The Other Cheek, Christianity has helped the Bad Guys continue in their nefarious ways!!
Hopefully, this is all coming to a screeching halt now!!!(If we each do our part!)


At least we know that whoever ends up as the actual President, the presidency was stolen or there was a massive attempt to steal the Presidency.

It’s the loudest wake-up call to date.

My suggestion (to myself) is to continue to advance my own spiritual progress and personal development. In other words, focus on my own house.


SOMEBODY has to start hold The Cheaters responsible for what they are doing!!!