Is John F Kennedy, Jr, still alive?

In a couple of past years, myself and others were wondering
if a particular person who showed up at several of President
Trump’s rallies was John F Kennedy, Jr.

JFK Jr supposedly died in a plane crash in July of 1999.
We were speculating that he faked the crash, and that he
might have been instrumental in encouraging and supporting
Trump’s Presidential campaign.

That chatter died down, for lack of further evidence.

Just now, I noticed a new clue that JFK Jr might still be alive.

Take a listen to Jim Willie refer to RFK Jr’s “cousin John”,
at the 9:41 mark in the following video, as if John were
very much alive:

I’ve been following Jim Willie closely for many years.

He doesn’t talk like that unless he’s deliberately
dropping a big fat clue of something that he has
solid information on.


Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is also doing a great deal of work to expose what has been going on for the past few decades in Big Pharma & in Big Medicine!!

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