It's the Bloody Brits

The title of this topic is partially click bait oversimplification.

But only partially.

I’ve spent much (too much) of the last decade figuring out how and why the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

But despite some effort, I’ve had more difficulty figuring out who’s doing this.

At various times, I’ve figured it was the Clintons, the Bushes, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Neocons, the Fascists, the Communists, the Khazarian Mafia, the 5% of the population that are sociopaths, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, George Soros, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Banksters, the Deep State, the Fourth Reich, the Vipers of Venice, the Jesuits, the City of London, …

For most of that time, I’ve taken to calling them the “evil bastards” … a generic description that could fit most any of the likely suspects.

The following two articles, both by Matthew Ehret, connect the dots of a fairly deep layer of the “Deep State” … the powerful families behind the British Empire, who still hold power, now over the military and intelligence might of the United States, as well as continuing to hold power over the world’s monetary system, through the Federal Reserve.

The British royal families are not entirely British, and are not the deepest layer of the Deep State. Perhaps my readings, just begun now, in the (voluminous) works of David Icke will inform me more of those deeper, darker layers … we shall see.

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Seems the “simple” answer is Cecil Rhodes forming a Secret Society from which the world has been controlled ever since?!

But…I seem to recall our Wrecking Ball saying something about “taking down the British Empire”???

IMO Brits have been in charge and still are. Note that you had the Fourth Reich on your list. IMO it is an alliance between the two that formed long, long ago - even prior to WWII under whatever “name” that might go by now, it is no longer “two in alliance” but a unified force. What made the two into one is their shared “end game” views and how the world should look and how it should be managed.

I have accepted it.

If they were ever really separate :cow: , rather than just the left and right hands of the same dark forces.

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Yes and as Matt Ehret pointed out… Edward VIII and Neville Chamberlain appeared to have been “in affinity with” the Nazis. And there were well known sympathizers/supporters in the US and it goes back to the early 1900s… all connected (through affiliates) to the same City of London (finance) operation center and to the Round Table. Icke pointed all this out more than 20 years ago.

Thanks for these sources (Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung) I can’t believe I had not come across their research before!

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The Larouche site reminds me of something we must not lose track of

The Phoenician traders who sailed the Mediterranean when Babylon and Egypt were dominant, the Vipers of Venice (as Joseph Farrell called them), the new world conqueors of Spain, Portugal and Holland, and in recent centuries, the British (and related European) royalty and the Financial headquarters in “The City” who stand astride an Empire upon which the sun never sets …

These rulers, these often Hidden Hands, have devastated and dominated the affairs of humanity for thousands of years.

If Trump opposes them, if he would resist them, then he’s up against the most powerful “beings” on this planet. If that means that our food, our health, our jobs, our businesses, our public discourse, our churches, our governments must be destroyed, then thus it shall be. Thousands of years of history tell us this.

If this means that both the COVID-19 crisis and a collapsing economy must be hung around Trump’s neck in order to sink his re-election, thus it shall be.

If this means that all our major or effective “news”, “social media”, “public protests”, and any other means by which the public can form and share a common understanding must be devastated, manipulated, or controlled in order to advance the agenda of this Hidden Hand, thus it shall be.

All major regions of the world, Europe, Africa, the Americas, the U.S, and Asia, all past and present major nations of the world Russia, China, India, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, and others have been or are losing to these Hidden Hands centuries of stable local economies and governance, supporting the well being of their people.

To the extent that Trump still has a snow balls chance in hell of winning, times here in the U.S. will become increasingly more difficult, between now and Nov 2020.

We Americans are not alone. China in particular is also going through a difficult time. The COVID-19 scamdemic and the economic/financial/monetary collapse are world-wide.

Good article:

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