January 6: Another day that ***Shall Live in Infamy***

LilDon is the bane of BigNan’s existence

Big Sister Nan (BigNan) has been on a war path to get adopted Little Brother Don (LilDon) kicked out ever since her parents came down the stair case of their Manhattan townhouse, over five years ago now, announcing the newest member of the family.

LilDon came from a more rough and tumble construction and casino family in Queens, and really does not fit well into the upper social strata of BigNan’s mid-town Manhattan family.

LilDon is quite energetic however, and has been getting way too much attention from all the losers in school, and besides he’s really not one of the “family.” LilDon does NOT belong there! (And his orange hair is beyond ugly!)

What’s worse, way worse, is that LilDon fancies himself a crusader for good, and is trying to expose some of the dirty schemes of BigNan and her “in crowd” circle of friends, such as:

  • stealing money from their mother’s purses to get weed,
  • cheating on school tests,
  • sneaking booze from their parent’s liquor cabinets,
  • sneaking OxyContin from their medicine cabinets,
  • taking delight in bullying the losers who aren’t in the in-crowd,
  • torturing neighbor’s pets in the dark of night, and
  • acting out Satanic rituals.

Several schemes to get LilDon sent back to the orphanage, or sent to juvenile detention, or to the federal pen, or “accidentally” run over by a garbage truck, or … any place else … have all failed miserably. BigNan is getting desperate, and she’s nothing if not a determined bitch.

A big opportunity to remove LilDon is coming up.

LilDon’s adoption is conditional on a big “test” by the agency, after four years, to see if the adopted child is doing well in their new home.

  • If he’s doing well, he stays, which would be for another four years, as he starts high school shortly.

  • If he’s not doing well, then he’ll be removed.

The Big “Wild” Birthday Party

LilDon is going to be holding a big birthday party on January 6, a “Day that Shall Live in Infamy” and has invited many of his friends. He’s told them that they are all invited, and “it’s going to be wild.”

BigNan and her vicious and deceitful “friends” cook up a scheme (several schemes, actually) to get LilDon kicked out and sent back to the orphanage.

LilDon MUST go!

The Plot is Hatched

BigNan and her friends spend months concocting various ways to get LilDon removed:

  • When LilDon’s not looking, they swap out his usually Great homework with sloppy, low grade, work.

  • They hack into the school computer to further lower his grades.

  • They con some of their big brothers, who are amongst those invited to LilDon’s birthday party, into arriving early and creating a ruckus.

  • They make a big show of that ruckus being the most vicious gang violence that their upscale Manhattan townhouses have seen in generations.

  • They play up LilDon’s (admittedly a bit over the top, as is LilDon’s usual style) party invitations as a call to attack “innocent” BigNan and her dear, sweet, totally innocent friends.

  • Their designer iPhone’s (these are well-to-do families) are left out during the ruckus and get taken or disappear (blamed on LilDon and his friends).

  • They hack into their parent’s WeChat accounts to send false messages, or just to delay the parent’s sharing notes and realizing what’s really going on until, at least until after the 20-th of the month, when the adoption agency will either leave LilDon there, or take him away.

  • They further con some of their big brothers on the football team to stand guard around BigNan’s house, wearing their game helmets and padding, to “protect” BigNan from her “vicious” and unpredictable adopted little brother’s revenge.

    (Real world question: Did pro-Trump forces, or did Democrat Governors, call in the various state National Guard units to Washington DC?)

  • They tell all manner of non-stop, nasty lies against LilDon, to their parents, neighbors, school administrators, the orphanage inspectors, the New York Daily News reporter, and anyone else who will listen.

Another Day that shall Live in Infamy

January 6, 2021 is another day that shall Live in Infamy in American history, like December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor), November 21, 1963 (JFK assassinated in Dallas) and 9/11 (no need yet to remind us of that date) …

… remembered as Infamous False Flags to conspiracy theory nutcases such as myself.


Did you write this, Paul?!!! :laughing: Too funny!!! :rofl:

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It’s all my words, yes.


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