Jim Willie's excellent description of "Q"

The following is a copy and paste of one item in Jim Willie’s latest monthly “Hat Trick” newsletter, available for subscription at https://www.golden-jackass.com

I will likely move this to a Members Only section of theMooster.net within a few days after putting it here. This is not my (thePythonicCow) material to share publicly. It’s subscription only ($110/six months). But the following is just too juicy for me to resist sharing with a few others.

Jim Willie provides the best overview of who/what “Q” is that I’ve seen so far, having followed “Q” since late 2017 myself.

=== Following from Jim Willie’s Hat Trick Newsletter #199 for Oct 2020 ===


The Jackass became familiar with the Q movement long ago, like during the Trump presidential campaign in 2016. Far more than a pack of conspiracy theorists, they seem to be the operating arm (Board of Directors) of the First America movement. That movement is organized and run by over 500 military generals and admirals who were dismissed (or forced to resign) by the three recent narco presidencies: Clinton, Baby Bush, Obama. When Trump cited America First about 15 times during his inauguration speech in January 2017, it became crystal clear that the expelled exiled Pentagon Brass were seeking to regain control of the highest helm of the USGovt. In recent days, the media networks began hissy fits over Trump refusing to disavow the Q movement. They tried to trap him, but only succeeded in giving cause to censor his social media accounts. Any rational observer should be able to conclude that “Q” is an organized military intelligence operation, with direct ties to the Presidency, in a sense its spokesman with formal executive power. It is engaged in taking down a globalist coup against our nation that is far more extensive than most citizens comprehend. The globalist cabal has been at work ever since the narco presidents occupied the White House, as squatters. The semi-sacred site was not intended to host cocaine parties, and since 2008, gay sex parties. The extreme disrespect warrants disclosure, like with well-kept photographs as evidence.

Harken back to the 9/11 attacks, which author Michael Suede (and the Jackass, along with numerous colleagues and favorite clients) believe was orchestrated by the Bush family, with collusion by the CIA, NSA, FBI, NTSB, Wall Street banks, and national media. The US nation is on the verge of a fascist marxist takeover, which calls to arms the defenders. They are led by Q. See Libertarian News (HERE). The article includes a video that covers numerous promises which came to pass, far beyond coincidental. It also includes many questions which seem to contradict the Q theme, with rather good answers. As footnote, the Jackass has heard several accounts from clients on actual events from that fateful September day in 2001. For instance, one story from a client whose best friend was a Washington DC air traffic controller, who was forced to sign a CIA Secrecy Oath, or else be exiled domestically (lost passport, lost Social Security benefits, No Fly List, forfeited bank accounts, destroyed work resume). Another instance, a client who observed the meltdown of car engine blocks in South Manhattan surrounding the World beTrayed Center. The Voice reported that the incident at the WTCtr was actually the largest bank heist in modern history, gathering $100bn in gold, $100bn in bearer bonds, and $100bn in diamonds. In fact, 9/11 ushered in the Patriot Act, which is essentially a banker fascist manifesto. The fake Corona Event ushers in the medical fascist manifesto. These are globalist cabal initiatives. They must be reversed, in order to reestablish liberty.

Let it be clear that the Jackass believes in the Q as a management team, but with reservations. The Q has been instrumental first in obstructing the Global Fascism Plan known as the New World Order. But a reversal of four destructive past presidencies will take a long time to manage the remedy. My firm belief is that the full objectives of Q and making America great again will fall way short. The blackmail and vengeance promised is too great for significant change. The cabal reportedly has biological weapons and dirty nukes ready as Doomsday Devices, if they are fully eradicated. Any change that comes will be sudden and less than expected, then continuing slowly with spurts of wondrous progress. The United States has been nearly destroyed as a nation, done intentionally by Bush and Rockefeller, both industrially and financially, with a social fabric contaminated by popular marxism spread by Obama. The profound damage on several fronts will require a full generation to repair.


He calls himself Hadashi, a former screenwriter in Hollywood years back. For some reason, he made contact with the Jackass to share commonly held viewpoints. For the last three months, he has been chock full of ripe information on numerous topics. As preface, when asked, he told me that actor Paul Walker (the blond guy from Fast & Furious movie series) was killed. He stumbled upon child trafficking in Los Angeles, even discovered some kids stuck in snuff films, and had attempted to rescue several children. When he threatened to go public with his experience, he was killed by a drone strike, probably a launched grenade. Another story. In the movie Poltergeist, starring Craig Nelson and JoBeth Williams, their little girl was the center of the link between our world and the nether world. The girl named Heather O’Rourke played Carole Anne, who later supposedly died of a heart attack. Hard to believe that forensic analysis, since she was aged 5 years. Hadashi reports that little Heather was frightened to death at a Hollywood party, when tied to the table and treated to the typical diabolical torture. This former movie industry figure knew many executives and producers, but walked away years ago. He has turned into a historian of sorts, recanting numerous unusual facts from the past from entirely misrepresented stories. The Jackass hopes my description is accurate.

On important national matters at hand, Hidashi shares his perspective, certainly an unusual one. On the identity of Q, very possible he is a member of an intergenerational Satanic family, but he turned or was turned to the light side. He claims Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware are chock full of them. Refer to writings of Jay Parker. It is implied by Q that Hunter Biden made the highly publicized and deeply controversial videos and left them on his abandoned laptop to avenge himself versus his father, Joseph Biden. As in, if Hunter goes down hard, then his father goes with him. The Jackass has long thought that Hunter and Joseph would suffer the same fate, since joined at the hip regarding Ukraine corruption and Chinese treason. Hidashi claims that the abuse some elites suffer in childhood is horrendous. Many do not survive it, whereas some thrive on it. Examples of those who have thrived (speculatively): Anderson Cooper, his ritualized transexual brother Kathy Griffin, Nicole Kidman, perhaps Bill Gates.

On global topics, he shared. The 100 years of world wars are based upon the British Fabian Mackinder doctrine. That war era ended in 2017 when Trump quietly made peace with Russia, which is what all the furor is about to bring down The Donald. The trade war with China and squabbles with President Xi followed. The Wuhan biolab incident last February was a joint US-Chinese raid on adrenochrome production facilities, which is how he perceives it. The release of any deadly virus is but a distraction to the story. The Hunter Biden emails are so many more nails in their coffins. It remains to be seen if the people can handle some very harsh truths about our leaders and their insidious practices and vile habits. Hadashi has been dealing with them since in mid-teens when some folks were saying his own father was mafia. He was a tough man, street fighter, good with numbers, but honest. Take what Jordan Peterson once said, “The best men I have ever known were dangerous.”

Hadashi continues. My sources tell me that only 20% of the truth will be revealed regarding Deep State criminal deeds and their identities. Some videotaped analog confessions will be aired in the first quarter next year. Both political parties are finished. As for the end of American Empire, not quite. First, the empire is not American, but rather international, as part of the cabal triangle. Second, to be sure the empire will end, but what terminates will be the Empire of the Three Cities. Refer to London, Washington DC, and Vatican. They form the sovereign city states of global control, bestowed with impunity. This empire is a compact that gave rise to constitutional law. It has always been Law of the Sea in this jurisdiction. It is based upon Law of Contract, not Common Law. What needs to be differentiated is Common Law jurisdiction which is public, from Maritime Law which is private. The two have been confused with each other.

Comments by the Jackass in response. My desire is for the people to be in a state of shock which endures for 3 to 4 months when they learn at least half of the horrendous nefarious vile deeds by the elites, most of which can be called properly crimes against humanity. The nation will require a period of mourning. Our society has a duty to protect, nurture, and teach the children, since the wards of society tomorrow. Not to exploit them or to consume them. Next my desire is to dismantle the Democrat Party for infiltration by globalists via the Obama and Hillary doors opened wide. As for the Republican Party, unsure what can be remedied since it too is riddled with corruption, bribery, larceny, bond fraud, and banker privilege. No more than half the truth can be revealed, since 80% to 90% truth would be too much to handle for most decent people serving as citizens. Past presidents are permitted larceny and murder, as part of the sick code. The upper levels of the USMilitary have their own skeletons, from kickbacks, bribery, and even some nether sacrifices.


OMG!!! The sad part is that the Normies have NO CLUE about ANY of this…they are just busy trying to earn a living. Here in NYS the kids are having to wear masks in school; I see the School Bus go by & the driver is wearing a mask. When does this madness end??? :dizzy_face: