Mudfossil University!

This man, Roger, I have just become aware of…amazing stuff!!! We have NO IDEA what has gone on in the past on this planet!! :open_mouth: Amazing to see the entire mountain ranges that are a giant lying down or an elephant…or a dragon, etc.

Apparently, he has been working on this project for a long time & is begging for someone to take his work & run with it!! We already know Established Science will not even look at it because it doesn’t fit within the “approved” timeline!!

How brainwashed ARE we!!! :crazy_face:

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Mud Fossil hypothesis


The Mud Fossil hypothesis (or Mudfossil hypothesis ) is an observational explanation, proposed by Roger Spurr and others, for the apparent resemblance to living entities of some landforms of the Earth’s continental crust, particularly rocky outcrops of such life-like appearance ( mimetoliths ), which holds that such resemblances are due to the fact they were living entities, constituting evidence that many (if not all) such mineral forms are composed of the fossilised remains of life forms, and, in the case of larger outcrops and mountain faces, that some of these life forms were of enormous size.



Thanks, Paul!! This really intrigues me…who would have ever thought those Greek Tales are true!!! :open_mouth:


An image popped into my head from Africa, not sure which country, of a standing woman, gigantic in size. So now there might be another explanation & it’s not a “sculpture”??? :dizzy_face: