National Security Risk: Foreign controlled ports in the U.S

If life is getting to boring, circumstances too pleasant, here’s Nancy Morgan Hart with something that “Keeps her up at night”:

Gulftainer, who operates the Port Canaveral facility that Nancy Morgan Hart spends most of the above video on, has also (as she notes at the end of her video) struck a deal to operate the Port of Wilmington, Delaware.

Also, China’s COSCO had a long term deal to run the Long Beach Port, on the other coast, in southern California, until the Trump administration forced them out, in October 2019.


It really is scary to think about how our country has been sold out by some of our own citizens!! :smirk:


*dual citizens


Yes, it is scary!! I propose that we are in the middle of WW III, but most “Normies” are unaware of it! Nothing is black & white anymore…we have no clue how many “sides” there are, or who exactly is forcing their own agenda upon Humanity. I do think personal, bodily sovereignty is the ONE thing we must control, If we lose control over our own bodies…we have become like “cattle”, which is what The Controllers seem to want!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: