No Debt Jubilee This Time

We’re told that, in ancient times, when the debt burden on a people became too high, then a benevolent King would sometimes declare a “Debt Jubilee”, canceling much of that debt.

Now that the Money (and Debt) Masters, not benevolent Kings, are more powerful, debt is not forgiven, but rather the collateral is confiscated, or the debt is inflated away (depending on who owes the debt to whom.)

A major effect of both the Covid-19 shutdown of “non-essential” businesses and of the (not so) peaceful protests has been a collapse in small businesses, employment in such businesses, tax revenue from that, property value in effected urban areas, and income from many hospitals and medical practices.

This is causing the collapse or at least major decline of major portions of the world’s economy, which in turn results in collapsing prices for certain assets and resources.

With these collapsing prices, the very wealthy can pick up whatever property they want, for pennies on the dollar (confiscation by devastation).

With the major wave of new technologies being developed (or at least finally made public), the very wealthy can also replace the workers in many jobs with robots, drones, and other such “AI” controlled systems.

With the collapse of many smaller or local businesses, the very wealthy can also centralize manufacturing, logistics, distribution and even critical services (education, medicine, …) in a few “all seeing” mega-corporations.

“Debt Jubilees” made sense when a kingdom needed the workforce to remain whole and productive. They don’t make sense (from an elite financial perspective) when much of the human workforce and many smaller businesses already are, or will soon be made, obsolete.

As part of these operations, the medical mafia has been given part of the task of “perfecting the collateral”. Their vaccines, along with the IOT, 5G, low earth satellites, and the online digitization of our lives will enable the elite to better surveil and control us. Thus, like an industrial scale dairy farmer tracking and optimizing every detail of his cows existence that impacts profits, the elite bastards are similarly gaining greater control over and secure management of their “human resources” … us.

If human trafficking, pedophilia and related blackmail-able activity are no longer as essential to maintaining control over the upper levels of the minions, then, as was slavery in much of the Western world in earlier centuries, human trafficking and pedophilia can be scaled back. Such an anti-pedophilia agenda, as one campaign in this larger “global reset” provides the elite a useful way to keep some portion of the human population from revolting. “We’re doing it for the children.


Very insightful, Paul!! :slightly_smiling_face: IS the Old Guard REALLY being taken out??? What actually will replace it, I wonder?!

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