No Vacuna!

Here lies a compendium of articles, videos, evidence, and analysis showing that vaccines are harmful to our freedom and to our health.

Following the example of my No Más(k)! topic, this topic will present evidence that vaccines are harmful and that vaccine mandates are unjust.

And as with the No Más(k)! topic, this topic is named with a Spanish title, “No Vacuna!” in this case, which translates (not surprisingly) to “No Vaccine!” in English.

For sometime now, vaccine mandates have been a threat to our children, and to medical experts who speak out against vaccines. As of this writing, vaccines claiming to be for the coronavirus are not yet marketed, and so not yet a threat to the public.

But concern that such vaccines will be mandated is rising, along with distrust of those who would mandate them.

So it’s time to start collecting the evidence for this upcoming debate. It promises to be an even more acrimonious debate than the mask debate.

  • On the one side, vaccine manufacturers stand to profit billions of dollars, far more than mask manufacturers could even dream of.
  • On the other side, there is little doubt that the death and injury potentially caused by these vaccines will be far greater than for masks.
  • The potential for embedding tracking chips in everyone adds a dark twist to their possible motives and our concerns.

It has been overwhelmingly evident, decades now, that some very powerful forces are very determined to enforce wide spread vaccination across the human population. Many have died who stood in the way. Far more have been bribed, blackmailed or bamboozled into going along.

The Elite Bastards really want us vaccinated, and it’s clear this coronascamdemic will be leveraged to further that goal.

Please let me know of any other material you’ve found that might open other people’s minds on this topic. Thanks!

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The entanglement of vaccines and genetic engineering is deep.

The ability of genetic engineering, just the publicly reported abilities, includes extinguishing an entire species, as reported by Joseph P. Farrell in his latest post:


Early in this post, Dr. Farrell quotes from his source article. I’ll repeat that same quote here, as it clearly describes these genetic abilities:

Synthetic gene drives are a new form of genetic engineering, created via the genetic engineering method CRISPR/CAS9, and are intended to permanently modify or eradicate populations, or even whole species, in the wild.

They are currently defined as a system where genetic elements or traits have more than the usual 50% chance of being inherited, irrespective of whether they benefit or harm the organism inheriting them.

The idea of gene drive technology is to force the inheritance of detrimental genetic traits. In this way, scientists hope to reprogramme or eradicate species such as disease-carrying insects and invasive species.

This is a key distinction between GDOs and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are explicitly designed to contain the spread of modified traits.

Most recently, Imperial College London created a modification that was able to eliminate populations of malaria-carrying mosquitoes in lab experiments. This work was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under the Target Malaria project.

This is something that Martin Häusling, agricultural policy spokesman for the Greens and member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, called a “fundamental step for biodiversity,” warning that the long term consequences of this technology is “not foreseeable”.

Mareike Imken, from the German initiative Save Our Seeds, concurred, saying that “while the risks of gene drive technology have not yet been scientifically assessed, it could have a massive impact on already damaged ecosystems,” adding that it is “irresponsible to expose species and ecosystems to further risks“. (Emphasis added by Dr Farrell)

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The following are coming together:

  1. Bill Gates and Trump administration funded vaccine alliance “GAVI”
  2. Mastercard cashless payment system
  3. Vaccination records held in Mastercards “Wellness” pass
  4. TrueStamp biometric identify grid
  5. Test program for above rolling out in Africa

See the first story reported by James Corbett and James Evan Pilato in this week’s #NewWorldNextWeek

This “vaccination” battle has already been deadly serious for parents of children.

It’s about to get just as deadly serious for the rest of us.

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The story just above, regarding a test in Africa of a system involving GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), vaccination records tracked by Mastercard’s Digital Wellness program, and TrueStamp (Blockchain commitments of timestamp, integrity, and provenance), has now also been covered by Nancy Morgan Hart:

It seems that every single human, except perhaps a few off-grid cave dwelling aborigines and a few other uber-elite bastards, will be tracked six ways from Sunday, cradle to grave.

Those with access to this wealth of information will have dreadful power over humanity.

Vaccines seem to be an integral part of this, providing a means to aid in tracking, controlling, weakening or (for the Emperor’s Storm Troopers, strengthening) and culling the herd.

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¿Porque en Español?


Para mi esposa! La Colombiana!

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I went to Spanish for the name of my No Más(k)! thread, for the play on words (Más vs Mask) and the use of the well known objection No Más that is in Spanish.

Then for this similar topic on vaccines, I stayed with a Spanish title, just to follow that pattern.

A consideration of the dangers of aluminum in vaccines:

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Moderna, a company developing a covid vaccine, executives are selling their shares.


<sarcasm> The right man for the job. </sarcasm>

Robert Redfield, now the head of the CDC, has a proven track record of major vaccine fraud, involving the HIV-1 LAI recombinant gp160 (rgp160) vaccine for HIV (AIDS), from back in 1994.

Beware the vaccine!

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Screen shot from the following video from the Youtube channel of “reallygraceful” (at the 2:22 mark):

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The renowned and courageous Dr. Judy A. Mikovits anticipates that a mandated corona vaccine could kill 50 million Americans:

(I haven’t found the longer video from which this clip was taken.)

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