Pennsylvania snow shovel shootings: fakeJim

Jim Stone, at, blows the cover on what may soon be another “mass shooting” justifying gun confiscation. An angry shooter shot the Mr and Mrs Goy (Jim Stone missed noticing that name “Goy”, a Jewish insult for non-Jews).

Here’s what Jim had to say:


I ignored this at first, good thing I finally looked!


WELL PRACTICED FAKE. HOWEVER despite how well they practiced this, - (here we go)

Summary: Studio quality sound track with no clipping from the gunfire, while voices remain audible. That’s not possible. What security camera has audio anyway? I never saw that. No bullet impacts in snow, no reactions for the first six shots even though they “know he has a gun” - FAKE. Let’s line item this:

  1. No one reacts to the shooting AT ALL, she sees the gun, says “go ahead” and he starts shooting and they don’t react AT ALL. That alone slays this, they KNOW he had a gun, HEARD THE SHOTS, and did not react at all, no reaction from either of them.

  2. Finally, the guy gets hit on shot 7 and the wife on shot 8. Even after the husband gets shot, the wife does not react until she gets shot, which is JUST LIKE “Cops and robbers” as a kid.

(If the above video no longer plays from Jim Stone’s site, as me for the snowshootingfake.mp4 file. – ThePythonicCow).
  1. Guy howls like “cops and robbers”.

  2. Not a trace of bullet strike recoil on the husband and he crouches forward like he got hit in the stomach. In real life, it does not go that way, you can’t get a sense for where the bullet hit like that, point of entry won’t be where it hurts the most. Perhaps it would be toward the front, but why not lean back or to the side or spin? Supposedly he got shot in the arm and the arm stayed on. That should have spun him. Why did it not? Because “Cops and robbers”. His reaction was EXACTLY like a kid playing “cops and robbers”.

  3. Not a trace of bullet strike recoil on the wife from ANY of the many shots that “hit her” point blank.

  4. Not a trace of recoil from the gun on the shooter.

  5. Woman takes direct shots to the head and still gets up to bitch about it.

  6. Woman subsequently takes direct shots to the head from an AR and still has a head.

  7. No muzzle blast showing in the snow. If you watch from the beginning of the video, ALL the divots in the snow are the same ones, (camera compression makes them come and go, watch the whole video on each mark in the snow. No new ones show up from the gunshots. No bullet impacts showing on the people either, when (if) the bullets did not take the woman’s head off, they should have passed all the way through solid and shown in the snow behind her head. They did not, which means no bullets. We all saw what happened with Kennedy, why was this so different?

  8. The initial hand gun “ran out” after 12 rounds. You run out in 7 or 8, MAX unless you have a high capacity magazine or 10 round magazine, which will allow 11 shots, not 12, or (next step) 21 shots.

  9. Obvious “security camera footage” has audio. Security cameras don’t have audio. But in this case not only audio, but STUDIO PERFECT AUDIO, where the gunshots don’t clip the audio yet the voices can be heard. The gunshots should have been nothing but distortion. There are no ALC systems that can record voice and gunshots simultaneously. There are only so many bits to work with and if the audio is going to have both voice and gunshots clearly audible, that can only come from a studio sound track where the 150 DB gunshot is dropped to about 10 DB above voice levels so it can be heard along with the voice. It’s what a mixing board is for. The sound track alone totally blows it.

Nice job studio guy! You knew what clipping is, and did not let it happen. GOOD STUDIO JOB. Unfortunately, there was not supposed to be a studio, was there? Real life is not like that. OOPS. Missed that. Maybe NOT so good with the studio! shouldathoughtofthat!

AND 12: Wow, this happened right when they were pushing for another gun ban, AFTER Trump was out, the leftists are back to their SAME STUPID GAMES.


There was no shooting. Only an audio track and acting. And the two guys that run out “Are you OK” stupid stupid B.S., and I mean TOTALLY.

14. There are such glaring problems with this video that it is getting censored via browser based censorship

Lots of web browsers started censoring this, even though it still worked on Twitter. That’s how I downloaded it. Obviously the truth of how fake this was recieved an order to be buried, but for some reason Twitter left it up.


16: And of course, the shooter too conveniently shot himself, so there won’t be any perp walks or TV interviews! HOW PERFECT.

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