Perspective on this fraud, by an Anon on QRV

Anon Election fraud will be exposed in PA, WI, MI, AZ, GA and NV. The Dems will be caught using counterfeit ballots and destroying Republican ballots. The recounts will all go in Trump’s favour. Big Win!! (QRV)

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Don’t despair. The D’s and the sick MSM have shot themselves in the foot again. LOL Why would they halt an election that they were winning? They wouldn’t. The investigations will reveal widespread election fraud and the recount of VALID ballots ONLY will give Trump the resounding victory that the MSM tried to deny him on November 3rd. These people are evil, stupid and dishonest. They have been trapped by the Maestro again. Game, set, match. Let the arrests begin.


Hip! Hip! Hooray!!! :sparkler: