Proof: The Second COVID Wave is a Total Scam

There is now proof, plain as day, from official sources, that the “Second COVID Wave” is a scam.

First look at this graph of the number of new cases and new deaths in the U.S. Notice that the “cases” had a second wave, but the “deaths” remain low.

I don’t know what the hell the tests are measuring that peaked the “case” counts again, but it sure as hell is NOT something causing a lot of deaths.

We should NOT be basing major public health policy, that continues to destroy economies, businesses, and even hospitals and medical practices, and that continues to run tyrannical rough shod over people, on some useless random number generator that has nothing to do with a serious risk to people’s lives.

Second, the CDC KNOWS that whatever is being tested has no proven correlation with whatever “virus” causes COVID deaths, because they have NO samples of the virus, so they can’t possibly accurately test the reliability of the vaunted PCR tests, since they have nothing to test it on.

Thanks to Jon Rappoport for reporting this, in his article: The Smoking Gun: Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn’t available.

Quoting Rappoport’s article (Bold added by me):

The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.

Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

This is further confirmed by the numerous reports of false positives, meaning that the test says you “got it”, when you’re not sick at all … and you might even be a goat or a papaya, such as reported in the article Tanzanian president blames lab after goat, papaya ‘test positive’ for coronavirus.


We’re destroying the world’s economies, locking down and isolating people, shutting down the free association of people talking, touching and sharing, killing people from depression, poverty, isolation, increased drug abuse, and numerous other causes …

… for an obviously Fake reason.


P.S. – Of course the “case” counts are up again. We’re doing a lot more tests, with a test that gives bogus positive (says “you got it” when you don’t) results much of the time, and then we compound that by presuming that everyone you “contacted” (were near to) in the last week or two is also a “case”.

This is fraudulent, fear mongering, tyrannical bull shit.

Oh, and “masks” don’t work either, to protect us from this fake pandemic, as I’ve been documenting here: No Más(k)!

This is no longer a “viral” pandemic. It’s now a fear pandemic.

Masks spread this Pandemic, not some virus.

Stop the mask pandemic. Remove your mask!

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One more bit of evidence regarding false positive (they tell you that you’ve got it, when you don’t) COVID tests:

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Hear! Hear! :sparkler: Politics & Medicine merging to the end of Total Control over the Earth’s population. It has been working too!! :crazy_face: The children in my area have to wear a mask in school…I smile as I see the school bus go by & of course, the bus driver has a mask on as well!!

I still have not worn a mask in public & was gladdened to see the Orthodox Jews in NYC burning theirs!! :hugs: It is encouraging to see some Dr.s are going to sue…that seems to be the only way to accomplish anything in this day & age!!

As I told my hairdresser, the only thing they could do as parents is to get together & sue whomever made up this stupid rule of kids having to wear masks in school!!
That’s the rub for us Little People…we haven’t the money, or we are “afraid” of what might happen to us in our daily lives is we stir up the pot!! :smirk:

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I look forward to the day that we have public mask burnings.

Hopefully, I do so with higher purpose than I looked forward (albeit below, not above, the neck line) to the bra burning of some more avid feminists, in my younger years.


You had me laughing out loud with that one!!! :hugs: I just shake my head when I see someone alone in their car driving WITH a mask on!! It’s like, “Is THIS what the human race has come to?!” :smile:


Yet another report of false positives:

Nevada health officials order nursing homes to STOP using rapid COVID-19 tests after finding 60% of positive results were false

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No sooner spoken, than it is happening.

Orthodox Jews gather in Brooklyn to protest

Huge crowds of Orthodox Jews gather in Brooklyn burning piles of face masks to protest synagogue closures by Governor Cuomo.


What a beautiful sight!!! :smile: