QFS is a hoax

My B.S. detector is firing on reports of the new monetary system being called the Quantum Financial System QFS, based on a gold backed CIPS Cross-Border Interpayment System.

It’s being pushed by Charlie Ward, amongst others, and on websites such as dinartimes.com and dinardetectives.com, which I presume, from their names, promote the Iraqi Dinar.

I’ve been aware of CIPS at least since 2015, thanks to Jim Willie’s Hat Trick Newsletter (golden-jackass.com).

CIPS is a Chinese developed system to provide cross-border transfers of their RMB currency, independent of the U.S. controlled SWIFT system.

It has nothing to do with any Federal Reserve supported alternative form of a bank account useable by ordinary end users. CIPS is Chinese inter-bank, not US retail level.

This reinvention of CIPS as a gold backed blockchain based “Quantum Financial System (QFS)” super-duper AI controlled mechanism for all the people of the world to reap their NESARA wealth is a crock of B.S – as was the Dinar hype that was promoted by some of the same people, apparently.

For example (don’t waste too much time on this)

Or, if you prefer Kerry Cassidy, she also bit on this (in my estimation) elaborate hoax:


Thank you, Paul… it smelled ratty to me. Reminds me of “NESARA.”

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This article on dinarrecaps.com provides more QFS details … er eh - gibberish and hype:

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David Knight agrees with me - QFS (in this context, at least) is a crock.

David Knight, again, commenting on QFS and election security, in a piece entitled (on the opening video frame):

Quantum Financial System