Raw Milk

I used to love to drink milk. A decade or so ago it seemed like milk didn’t agree with me so much and I stopped.

Recently, I discovered a farm up in semi-rural Plano that has raw cow milk from grass fed Guernsey and Jersey cows.

I bought some and man is this stuff yummy. But alas, it seems I drank too much too fast and messed up my tummy a bit. Oh well.

I still love milk. I also love to hear moooooos.


How would we find this farm?

One of the reasons my dad moved here specifically was because there was a farm which sold raw cow’s milk nearby. But that farm had to shut down a couple years back and we have been with out good milk ever since. Both my dad and I miss raw cow’s milk dearly.

If you have found a new farm in the area which sells it, we are both highly interested!


Here ya go! -


3721 N. Jupiter Rd. Plano TX 75074

I just discovered this place last week… they also have eggs and butter, but note, the butter has to be pasteurized because they have to have it made at Lucky Layla.

Understand, it is all pricey but I look at it this way… the older I get, the more I experience the need to put the health of my physical body first because when I don’t. the rest of my being suffers too, mental, emotional and spiritual.

So I don’t care and in fact, realize the “death food” sold is cheap for many reasons which I won’t expand on here.

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My dad and I took a trip down there today and stocked up on some delicious dairy products. :grin: