Rich Baris nails it: the 2020 Election Fraud

Listen to pollster Richard Baris, of the People’s Pundit Daily Youtube channel, explain the overall size and nature of the fraud in this 2020 election.

Listen from the 3:50 mark, to at least the 30 minute mark. He speaks in “pollster jargon”, so not everyone’s cup of tea. He’s pissed, more than I’ve seen him in the short time I’ve been following him, so avoid this, if you don’t want that. But he knows the numbers, what was really going on with the votes, and how that was manipulated in a few key states and cities to steal the election from Trump.

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After recording the above video last night, Richard Barris this morning was on his microphone again, recording the following.

He provides the best analysis (along with some angry piss and vinegar) of how the U.S. Presidential Election of 2020 went down that I’ve heard yet. This has been his area of focus and expertise for years now, and nails it.


I would say it hasn’t “gone down” yet…it’s in the process… :grinning: DJT is not a Loser!! There are some fighting who do not want to see this country taken over by crooks!!! He is still our President!! :us:

IMO, he would not have taken this job on if he thought he wouldn’t be able to accomplish what he intended!! :wink: