Tensions between China and the US are heating up

Tensions between China and the US are heating up, over (at least) the origins of the Coronavirus, over trade and supply chain disputes, and over China’s connections with Biden and other opponents of Trump in Washington, DC

Sorcha Faal’s web site whatdoesitmean.com speculates that the unexpected death of US Air Force Colonel Thomas Falzarano may be another cause for this rise in tensions.

As reported by various sources, including military.com, on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, Colonel Thomas Falzarano, the commander of the 21st Space Wing at Peterson Air Force Base (AFB), Colorado, was found dead at his home Tuesday, according to Air Force officials.

Peterson AFB is the airbase connected with NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is a key part of the US strategic air defense.

To quote this military.com report

he [Col Falzarano] is believed to have died of natural causes, but an investigation is underway.

This report on Sorcha Faal’s web site speculates that Col Falzarano was murdered by assassination … Chinese assassination.

Not surprisingly, there has not been any official word suspecting China in the death of Col Falzarano.

However, Trump has sharply stepped up his anti-China rhetoric and actions in the two days since.

For example:

(1) In this Thursday, May 14 interview with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo, at the 37:26 mark, Maria asks Trump:

Have you spoke with [Chinese President] Xi Jinping”.

Trump replies:

I have a very good relationship, but I just … right now I don’t want to speak with him. I don’t want to speak with him.

The “good relationship” portion of that answer is a typical Trump response. The “don’t want to speak with him” seems unusual to me. Trump seems to me to be particularly pissed with Xi right now, for reasons he might not be entirely telling us.

(2) At the 37:45 mark in the same interview with Maria Bartiromo, Trump further says of China:

We could cut off the whole relationship.”

(3) In yet more remarks in the above interview with Maria Bartiromo, Trump said he was considering forcing Chinese companies to delist from the New York Stock Exchange(NYSE), if they did not follow NYSE regulations to report their quarterly accounting results.

(4) Also on Thursday, May 14, Jonathan Garber of Fox Business reported that American Bondholder Foundation President Jonna Bianco said she had been meeting with Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to discuss some $1.4 Trillion worth of old Chinese bonds that American Bondholder Foundation held. These bonds could be used as leverage against China, or to offset some of the US Treasury debt that China holds.

(5) On the next day, Friday, May 15, Trump announced a major technology and manufacturing win. The world’s leading semiconductor producer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) will be building a $12 billion chip factory (“fab”) in Phoenix, Arizona. This will further reduce any dependency that the US has on Chinese semiconductor fabrication.

(6) In another technology move the same day, Trump’s Department of Commerce extended the existing bans against Chinese Huawei to also prohibit Huawei from purchasing semiconductors made abroad with U.S. software and equipment.

(7) Also on Friday, May 15, Trump established a Task Force, chaired by the Secretary of Homeland Security, to monitor enforcement of Forced Labor trade provisions in Section 307 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. § 1307), which “prohibits the importation of merchandise mined, produced or manufactured, wholly or in part, in any foreign country by forced or indentured child labor - including forced child labor.

Since China may well use such forced labor, such as for example the alleged forced labor of 80,000 Uyghurs, and since Trump is clearly pissed at China, for unfair trade, for the coronavirus, and potentially for the death of Colonel Thomas Falzarano, it seems likely that China was at least one of the countries that Trump had in mind when he established this Task Force.

(8) Finally on Friday, May 15, Trump left the White House for his Camp David retreat, where he can more discretely meet with key people.

Ostensibly, he would be meeting with key Justice Department and Senate leaders, working on the rapidly escalating “Obamagate” events, or meeting with other officials to work on “Opening up America” again, ending the Coronavirus lockdown. But likely rising tensions with China were on the agenda as well.


Now a Chinese ambassador to Israel is found dead in his home near Tel Aviv:

I have zero facts connecting this death with the death a few days earlier of Colonel Thomas Falzarano.

But the second death does remind me of the first, leaving me wondering if each death was deliberately caused by the other “side”.

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Great minds think alike.

Joseph P. Farrell just posted an article, describing these same two deaths, of Colonel Thomas Falzarano and Chinese ambassador to Israel Du Wei, and came to similar speculations as I did.

In Farrell’s article STRANGE DEATHS: IS THERE A HOT COVERT WAR GOING ON?, he concludes:

The question that occurs to me is if one suspects or has already determined that “natural causes” were the cause of death, why would there be a “thorough investigation”? Of course, investigations would be normal and typical in such a case, but the death at home is similar to Mr. Du’s death, and the mention of the virus in connection with both stories is a bit odd. Again, if Colonel Falzarano was “offed,” the same modalities as outlined above in Mr. Du’s case might be in play.

Of course, “two” does not a pattern make. But the similarities are, to my mind, at least intriguing. When placed in the context of birds dropping from the sky, metallic grinding noises in embassies to Cuba, and the odd mention of the virus in connection to both stories, one does have to wonder if we’re possibly looking at some sort of covert war gone “hot,” and if so, who’s waging it, and why?

See you on the flip side…

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Aha - it’s the British!

LaRouche PAC nails it … it is the British Empire that benefits from the US China tensions.

If i go back to the stoking of those tensions, to Lieber’s arrest at Harvard, to all the NATO, Pakistani, Iranian, and Biowarfare (both US and Chinese) entanglements that George Webb has been unraveling … it’s the powers that control the City of London continuing to manipulate world affairs to their advantage.

Phil Mennitti tells the story of this involvement in world affairs in the previous century, the 1900’s, in his book The Illusion Of Democracy: A More Accurate History of the Modern United States.

Elsewhere I recall reading of the deep involvement of the British in the American Civil War of the 1860’s, and of course the British were key participants in the American Revolution and its War of 1812.

Yet elsewhere, in the extended work of Miles Mathis, we see the Hidden Hands of the mostly British families in many of the headline events of the last few centuries and continuing through the present.

The British imperial and financial interests continue to sow dissension between other powers, as spelled out in Harley Schlanger’s “Morning Briefing” Decouple from Britain, Not China: Why the Never-Trump War Party is Pushing Confrontation w/China (LaRouche PAC)

I trust it is not the ordinary British citizen, just as I trust that it is not the ordinary Jew, Catholic, Protestant, or American, who is willingly and knowingly dedicated to this global scam. However many of us are mentally infected with various propaganda narratives of this global scam, and most of our various “leaders” and prominent people are either intentionally or by coercion contributing to this epic scam.

I should go back through key events of this Global scamdemic, and the related crises in the financial markets, the economies of the world, and the world’s monetary system. I need to get some rest soon tonight, but I suspect I can find many signs fo the Hidden Hands of the City in recent events.

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My opinion is that its a play by the entire Anglo-American alliance. All Five Eyes nations as well as beneficial to strange allies such as Israel and a few others. The US gets to play the role of “out front” chest beater. China is the target. So is the UN and all that liberal globalist crowd. The actual “continuity of government” guys… (the military/industrial complex) and all the “security state” type corporations with their own private armies are ready to go if things get REALLY HOT.

The US political “theater” is just that - distractotainment.

Notice how Trump doesn’t seem to be worried about re-election?

Again… just my opinion and I truly know nothing… just wild speculation.

Agreed - entirely. When I said “the British”, I was being a bit cryptic. It’s the British Empire, as it has evolved over the centuries, better known these days as the Anglo-American empire.

P.S. – However the power center likely remains in or near the City of London.

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We agree on the power center as well. And this is a wise way for them to play it… making “The USofA” look like the big, bad bully… just in case it boils down to folks sending in “incoming.”

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