The CIA's ongoing "Cause Célèbre Coup" against Trump

Trump many be in grave danger of being taken down by the CIA.

It took me a couple of readings, but I now think that I understand what Sorcha Faal is warning us Americans of, in their article linked below.

Currently, I would guess (hard to find honest polling on this) that Trump is a strong favorite to win the November 2020 election, and to keep or gain Republic majorities in both Houses of the U.S. Congress.

However, the Rockefeller/Medical-Mafia/CIA/Clinton/… faction is (sometimes literally) fighting for their lives, and they cannot allow Trump to win.

So it now seems to me that this faction is now using much the same tactics that have taken down quite a few other governments over the last half century, including the Ukraine government in 2014.

Here’s the Sorcha Faal article I’m reading:

Here’s a key summary paragraph from that article:

Known in the intelligence world as a “Cause Célèbre Coup ”, this report details, the CIA has spent decades perfecting this method of overthrowing governments—the first step of which is to find a societal fracture point using race, political differences, or other such divisions, and applying pressure to it—that’s then followed by the igniting of protests, where ordinary protesters provide cover for agent provocateurs—otherwise known as terrorists and/or saboteurs who perform acts of violence and vandalism—the intent of which is to force a government to deploy its police and/or military forces to restore normal order—and if done, sees them walking into a trap—as nearly as soon as these state forces are deployed, a mass civilian death action will be perpetrated by these agent provocateurs, which will quickly be blamed on the government—with the purpose being to ignite enough outrage to overthrow the government before any investigation can be made …

Here’s what I think this means, in my words, as applied to the current situation in the US:

  1. The Rockefeller/Medical-Mafia/CIA/Clinton/… faction is desperate to defeat Trump, in the November 2020 election, if not sooner. Trump is the one Patriot standing in the way of this faction.
  2. Their CIA-spying, Mueller probe, impeachment, coronavirus biowarfare scamdemic and other operations have so far all failed to dislodge Trump.
  3. So the CIA are running what Sorcha Faal calls a “Cause Célèbre Coup” operation, just as they have done before many times, including in the Ukraine in 2014 (which operation Russia has now studied closely.)
  4. The first step of this coup involved the staged murder of George Floyd. As Sorcha Faal asserts in the above linked article, and as Miles Mathis documents in considerable detail in his new paper The George Floyd Killing was Faked, the CIA’s fingerprints are all over the apparent murder of George Floyd.
  5. One more such fingerprint, not noted by Sorca Faal or Miles Mathis, is that famous coroner Dr. Michael Baden was called in by the family of George Floyd to perform a second autopsy. Baden has a long history of involvement in controversial autopsy’s and testimony, including the deaths of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, Medgar Evers, Michael Brown, Kobe Bryant, Aaron Hernandez, John Belushi.and Jeffrey Epstein. When Baden shows up, you know some big controversy is in progress.
  6. The Floyd murder (whether Floyd actually died or not) “played the race card”, the most reliable way in America to get mass protests in the streets, nation wide.
  7. The CIA controlled Mockingbird media played this card to the hilt, fanning the flames, rapidly leading to major protests in many cities across the nation.
  8. Implanted Antifa or other such operatives quickly turned these protests into looting, property destruction, and police confrontation.
  9. Governors in a few states, such as California, New York,and Minnesota, have avoided strong police or state “national guard” responses to the looting and confrontations.
  10. So whereas Trump is pushing the states to handle this problem, at least a few, “left”, liberal Democrat controlled states can be counted on to force Trump to handle the increasing violence by calling out the U.S. military.
  11. The pressure on Trump to call out the U.S. military to stop the rioting, looting and killing in the streets of some of our major cities will increase rapidly.
  12. Once the military is on the streets of America, the trap springs shut. Shots ring out, people die, and Trump is blamed.
  13. That’s how the CIA plays this game, and they have a long history of succeeding at such coups.
  14. Barring some miracle that I so far have been unable to imagine, if it gets this far, Trump, and America, has lost.

Bye, bye Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
This’ll be the day that I die

So far, we have stepped through the first 10 steps above, and are now in the middle of step 11.


Excellent write up, Paul, IMO!!! In the back of my mind, there lies the thought that since the assassination of JFK , our Letter Friend Group have ALSO had a very well thought out Plan!!
Perhaps we should stay in Observer Mode & watch how The Movie plays out?!!

Our Wrecking Ball did not take on this job to lose!!! :wink: It makes no sense that he would take on this responsibility without KNOWING he would win, in the end!! :relieved: Since we also can assume this is a multi-dimensional war, here in the 3-D we are unable to see all the layers that are playing out at the same time!

Perhaps Gorgeous George will be the first arrest! Now, wouldn’t that be fascinating!! :smiley:
There are too many Awake People now that will not just lie down & be walked over!! :paw_prints: :us:

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These are the two key steps to watch for.

We’re on Step 11 now, and I predict we’ll go to Step 12.

In other words, I am predicting that:

  • Trump will be under increasing pressure to deploy U.S. Military troops.
  • He will eventually do so.
  • When he does, shots will ring out, people will die, and Trump will be blamed.

Notice also that each of my Steps 1 through 10 reasonably describe what has already happened.

This is a coup in progress, with the “Central Intelligence Agency” central to unfolding operations.

Study the Ukraine coup of 2014. Study other CIA-sponsored coups. This is how the CIA does it.

If Trump finds (or already knows and is carrying out) a way to put down this bought and paid for “civil unrest”, then he wins, we win.

Likely a key element of such a victory would be our continuing and improving awareness, and our sharing that awareness with others.


On the other hand …

Here is why the above may be wrong.

The modus operandi (M.O.) of the CIA described above essentially follows Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals #13:

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

In a typical CIA sponsored coup, the targeted political leader is placed into a position where he is (apparently) attacking his own people, such as having to use his military to shoot his own people.

However, as it further notes on the above Alinsky link:

If an organization permits responsibility to be diffused and distributed in a number of areas, the attack becomes impossible.

The government structure in the United States, with its divisions of power both vertically (city, state, federal) and horizontally (separation of legislative, administrative, and judicial branches) makes it easy for a politician who is skilled at taking credit for what he wants to own, while passing the blame for what he wants to disown, to avoid being personally frozen in a hopeless situation.

Trump has such skills, and as I can see from present headlines, he’s using them.

He also has sufficient experience observing and working against such opponents, and sufficient intelligence resources into their plans and operations, to be usually able to see a couple of “chess moves” ahead in the game, which further reduces his risk of being trapped in an untenable position.

Presently, Trump is calling out the mayors and governors who are not stopping the riots and looting, in his typical blunt language. He’s on message, demanding the mayors and governors of the most trouble areas must “dominate”: Trump tells “weak” governors they “have to dominate” as civil unrest divides the nation

Two can play that Rule #13 game.

This may be why the CIA rule book for overthrowing governments doesn’t always work so well in the U.S. Given a President who has sufficient skills in this area, such attacks become practically “impossible.” What worked so well for the CIA to overthrow Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, and numerous other governments over the last seventy odd years, so far seems to be failing to overthrow, impeach, or defeat Trump.


I would “out false flag” them.

I would send the military to a specific spot and have my own “fake” but indistinguishable from “the real” provocateurs use a “bomb” (fake bomb) to “kill” (fake kill) several soldiers… have it all “captured on video” then have “hero soldiers” save the “innocent protesters” and other police and military soldiers by “neutralizing” the “fake” provocateurs… “killing” (fake killing) the “bad guys.” Then come out in less than 24 hours (like they did with 9/11 - “Bin Laden did it”) with all sorts of evidence it’s Antifa behind the bomb and then, as fast as an investigation can achieve (meaning - retaining believability) - trace the money back to a funding source linked to Soros.

Then, reveal to the public, “intel” that “proves” the Antifa cells were “discovered” planning the false flag as described in #12… like they had intel on Soleimani… meaning all they have to do is say, “we know they were planning on doing this false flag… and no, we are not going to reveal our sources and methods.”

Have the Q “military intelligence and friends” pull it off!


Hah - your plotting skills are impressive!


I’m actually seeking a job with a three letter agency as I have been “COVIDed” out of my prior “work.”

Of course I am kidding, but interestingly, last July, at another forum, a prominent member there labelled me as being the son of a CIA agent.

This is also brilliant - By having Esper “publicly oppose” this possibility “right now” (leaving wiggle room to use it IF things get truly out of hand), he gets Trump off the hook while Trump is on record for being for the move and can campaign on it.! The Law and Order President who also should judicious restraint!

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exactly …


Well - looks like Trump didn’t fall for the trap.

Thanks to the armament of several departments, bureaus, and agencies of the U.S. federal government over the last decade, Trump has been able to bring in major armed forces, without calling in the uniformed U.S. military.

While Trump was distracting the main stream press with threats to invoke the Insurrection Act and call in the U.S. military to fight the violent thugs and radicals in the cities, he had Attorney General Barr quietly organizing armed units from various departments, bureaus, and agencies of the domestic federal government to defend key cities, such as Washington, DC.

This thread provides more detail:


However, perhaps this means that the anti-Trump forces escalate, and push harder to destroy Washington, DC (especially the White House), and a couple other US cities (Jim Stone warns of a move, Friday evening, on Rochester, New York)

If at first you don’t succeed (to get Trump to engage domestic “protestors” with U.S. military troops), then try, try again, harder this time.


George Webb, who has been investigating the deep state’s operatives and operations in the U.S. for the last several years, summarizes his work so far in the following video, and tells us what he thinks (and I suspect he’s right) is coming next.

Here’s a useful blog post that someone provided, introducing George Webb: Who is George Webb?

Here’s George Webb’s latest video DNC Coups For Four Years, Time To Light Up The Antifa Network In US (click to view Youtube)

For those who might prefer to read, here’s my rough transcription of George Webb’s
summary of his work in recent years and of where he thinks this is going next, starting
at the 10:55 mark of his above video:

==================== Begin Transcription ====================
So where did all that lead?

We start out with the whole litany of crimes that at some point
gets everbody off the dime and saying “I have to be a contributor,
I have to do the research.” Four years of looking at the modus operandi.

Where does that lead us?

Well it’s prepared us to know exactly what’s going to happen next.

We predicted that we would have either a chemical or bioweapon attack. We were right.

We predicted that there would be some kind of racial incident that would inflame
the nation because we looked at krylova(sp?) and boga chiba(sp?). We were right.

We went to the right city, which was Minnesota … Minneapolis.

We predicted this sort of Antifa type of thing.

We’ve talked over and over again

  • about a clandestine service,
  • about PAC ISA (sp?),
  • about the Blackstone Express running these weapons around,
  • where they’re getting the weapons.

We’ve gone to

  • where they get the weapons,
  • the actual companies where the weapons come in the United States,
  • how they’re trucked across the United States,
  • where they’re cached across,
  • where the training camps are in the United States,
  • how the money is laundered to the Gulen schools,
  • how the drug businesses works with operation Cassandra.

It’s really been a tour de force. If you’re looking for a CIA cookbook
about every possible political military paramilitary move you can
make to disrupt elections, we’ve taken you there. We’ve gone on site
taking you there.

This latest one with the potential connections to the Siobhan(sp?),
this office Siabhan/Saipov(sp?) and this Floyd George, to this now
Duan O-Rancho(sp?) is disturbing. There seems to be some gun
running here, not just films, not just bringing in girls to make
films, not just pornography, not just drugs, but there seems to be
a gun-running overtone here if you track Floyd George from Texas
up to making kind of a Blackstone Express up to this bar in
Minnesota, again it may be one of the key fronts that Stozk is
using for doing this Gladio programs, these gun caching programs,
and then training in secret, ready again to attack the people in
the United States.

They’re just looking for that inflammatory move by Trump to have
some kind of Kent State moment
, and now we can unleash the drones
that who knows what they spray. Remember they trained at Fort
Huachuca(sp?) on these drones. Why are they doing that if they’re
not going to eventually do it one day?

That’s what I’m saying. We’ve prepared up to this point. We saw …
We broke down fast and furious. We showed how those weapons were
moved into Haiti in 2010 from 2009, how they went from Haiti to
being brokered to Libya, how those moved to Syria, how those moved
to Sudan, how those moved to Yemen, and all over Africa and
Central Asia.

We’ve looked at this and how other nations have had these operations
done on them. The reason why is we’re preparing for what is about
to be done to us, what is about to be done to us, where the weapons
are cached, who is behind the weapons, how they communicate, how they
use encrypted communications, what the structure looks like, who is
in charge, who’s the noncommissioned officers, who’s the grunts, that
are doing the burning, and so forth.

I think that really puts us in a great position to be prepared.

You can’t totally be prepared. We don’t have billions of dollars
to steal from the US Department of Defense to create an effective
force against these people.

The only thing we have is information and intelligence and research.

But look how we’ve really outlined the whole litany of potential plays
in their playbook and now we’re ready, we’ve exposed things so that
Trump with a very few declassifications can get to the bottom and
defuse these networks, defuse these plots, and as we’ve seen time and
time again, these are not going away.

They’re gonna keep coming, they’re gonna keep turning up the volume
until one of these things works, until Trump’s, until Trump’s
approval finally drops.

They’re gonna keep running these things and I can only say that
there’s this la Raza (sp?) connection at this … there’s this
la Raza connection that I see at this bar, this El Nuevo Rancho,
that is gun running. We talked about MAVNI(sp?). We talked about
the reason they shut down MAVNI was because it started out as a
great program to bring in kids from overseas but it turned a
la Raza infiltration strategy where people were saying: “Hey, I was
brought to this country as a 17 year old. I’m turning 18 tomorrow
and oh here’s your weapon. I can’t speak English. Here’s your
commission in the United States. We’re going to make you a covert

Remember we’re not guessing here. We have the FBI saying six …
we have the FBI with Michael McMahon(sp?) saying there’s six hundred
sixty five thousand people in this program, in this covert army
program. We’re not guessing. Again, Trump needs to shine a light.

General Matthis was very much a part of this MAVNI(sp?) program.
Remember again I met his translator. I’ve met a translator for
Dunford. I’ve met someone who personally reported to him both in
Afghanistan and Iraq over six commands. I’ve met a lot of people
who knew him personally. Same thing with Flynn, same thing with
all the generals. We get up close.

We watch what they do so we can predict the next move is after the
Kent State event that they’re looking for so badly, the next move is
to launch these weapons, and they will not be unsophisticated weapons.

They’ll be sophisticated weapons. They’ll have drones. They’ll spray.
They’ll … believe me … they these folks have trained in Nevada.
Well, grits(sp?) had a training facility there for Mujahideen, just one
example, Fort Huachucabin (sp?) the other.

They’ve gone overseas. They’ve done all these operations overseas.
Now they’ve been brought back to the border and now they’re
infiltrating into the United States and it’s going to happen.

This is going to be another summer like 1968.

It’s not going to happen because it’s organic. It’s going to be
very inorganic. It’s going to be an order that’s made by a small
group of people that own one command out of the many unit commands
in the United States. I believe it’s going to be Stratcom.

I believe they’re getting the National Clandestine Service, the
intelligence from the Department of Energy. Those are the two key
programs to look at. Look for the Secure Access programs that Trump
can’t see. Those are going to be the ones, like the Continuity of
Government where they’re going to strike.

So I’m just putting this out for, really, why prepare, why collect
all the information, why prepare know exactly what your enemy is
going to do and not publicize that information.

Critical preparation, NSA, Trump insiders, National Security Council, …
can get working on this stuff today and be prepared and defuse these
plots, these gunpowder plots if you will before they happen.
===================== End Transcription =====================


Thanks, Paul!! There is one side of all of this that escapes us & WHY I think our Wrecking Ball has taken on this “impossible” task…the involvement of some group of “others” that we know nothing about!! I’m under the impression that there are other forces involved in helping us “right” this planet!! Woman’s Intuition???

I wonder what the Oct. Surprise is??? :shushing_face:


Hmm … I wonder if those “other forces” are actually just some sharp old grandmothers?