The coronavirus scam: It's not the scam you think it is

COVID-19 is not the plot you think it is

I certainly don’t agree with the version of Coronavirus COVID-19 scamdemic presented by our health authorities and the main stream media.

But I also don’t agree entirely with any of the alternatives I’ve heard elsewhere.

Rather something else is happening, several entangled things, partially visible, partially obscured or obfuscated.

It’s a bit of a twisted plot. Hopefully the patient reader will bear with me, while they come to their own conclusions.

Primary goals of the coronavirus scamdemic plot

  • “flash bang grenade” to kick off and obfuscate start of the global financial reset
  • collapse cash flows, forcing the hands of the overly indebted (many, world-wide)
  • obfuscate the real purposes of the upcoming 5G network
  • motivate widespread vaccines to further weaken and control humanity
  • covid testing and contact tracking are further expansions of tyranny
  • further advance global “health” (big pharma) initiatives
  • further ramp up wide spread compliance to a global narrative
  • energize an apparent China vs US conflict, which furthers the above goals

Some of my valued sources

There are many people working these issues, with various skills, from various angles. Here are some of the ones I follow. I don’t always agree with them, but I respect their integrity and appreciate the many years they have invested in understanding these issues and improving the human condition.

I also follow others, less relevant to this topic:

  • I follow Clif High, Sorcha Faal, Q, and others, who may be a bit too cryptic, weird, dubious, or odd to link here.
  • I follow Brandon Smith, Dmitry Orlov, Dan Bongino, Bombard’s Body Language, Joseph P. Farrell, Praying Medic, Gregory Mannarino, and other fine commentators less relevant to this current topic.
  • For physics, I follow Robert Distinti (Ethereal Mechanics), See the Pattern (on Patreon), Kathy Loves Physics (on Youtube), and the Thunderbolts project.
  • For health and medical, I follow John Bergman (noted above), Pamela Popper (on Youtube), and others.
  • For computers, I follow Steve Burke (Gamers Nexus), Jayze Two Cents, Level1Linux, Steve Gibson (Security Now), “tiny” Tom Logan (OC3D), Paul’s Hardware, der8aurer (“deBauer”), and others.
  • For airlines and planes, and for California dams and fires, I follow former pilot Juan Browne, on his blancolirio Youtube channel
  • For cryptocurrencies, I’ve just started following the Colin Talks Crypto Youtube channel.

Notes to myself: issues, points to cover below, as I finish this article

genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 fraudulent evidence, like 9/11 passport
5g critical to future surveillance and control
but scare that 5g causes covid is a side scam
covid (1) drives future vaccines, (2) ratchet up population control (3) hides monetary collapse (4) response helps trigger monetary collapse (5) ? medical reset or escalation
Fulford: endosome exosome receptors Angiotensin-converting enzyme
Liberal major state and city biases
Connection of scamdemic with Soros-backed Color Revolution in America?
https: //
Bill and Melinda Gates?
Harley Schlanger:


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