The Fall of the Cabal

I’ve come upon a most interesting series of videos on BitChute, by Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeta, entitled “The Fall of the Cabal”. It covers the history and current situation of the Cabal, involving various organizations, people and orders over the centuries, including the Kazarians, Jesuits, Knights Templar, Rothschilds, …

The series starts off noting some strange, little noted, details of major events in the news in recent years. It shifts its focus briefly to Trump, then to Q.

Then it takes on its main focus, the brutal and Satanic paedophilia of many well known elites of our time, which the research of Q anons has further exposed.

The sequel (last three in this list) goes back thousands of years, to trace the origins of the most powerful elite on the planet.

As best as I can guess, the creators of this series originally uploaded it to Youtube, sometime in the last couple of years. Then when it was censored from Youtube, they reuploaded it to BitChute, perhaps six months ago. They might have created a BitChute “playlist” of these videos, but I couldn’t find that if they did. So I made this playlist, for your viewing convenience.


WOW!! Thanks, Paul!!! :hugs:

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You’re most welcome, Foxie!!