The future, near and long term, of mankind

I wrote the first draft of the following while chatting on Discord with some friends about ongoing preparations for more disasters that may be forthcoming.

Here’s where I think we’re headed … the major events in coming months and years.


For the next few months, my working forecast is that there will be some violent areas, world-wide, including for the U.S. mostly in the downtown or southside of a few major cities, where your life is in your hands even being there, and your property is likely forfeit. These will provide the “world is burning to the ground” headlines.

Meanwhile the tyranny and economic collapse and shortage of goods, services and food in the rest of the nation will be wide spread.

“They” “need” to institute “new” political, financial, and technocratic structures. They don’t want to burn it down, but just transform it, yet again.

IF the bastards have their way, almost everyone will be weakened, with many elderly and infirm dying. Most of those remaining will be forced to accept the new terms for participating (such as masks, vaccines, surveillance, compliance, …) or not be able to “participate” in the new economic life (not put food on the table; unable to pay our rent or taxes; unable to have a drivers or auto license; unable to travel; unable to hold down most jobs; …), at least not without considerable constraints.

I and many others will do what we can, to see that the bastards don’t get their way.


Sometime over the coming year, most likely late 2020 or early 2021, I’m expecting that the biggest change, the biggest challenge, for many of the people I know will be the economic, monetary, financial collapse.

This will be a world-wide, generational crisis.

We will each have to learn what holds its worth, and what vanishes in the collapse of the biggest pile of collateralized, securitized, insured, mortgaged, taxed, encumbered, … debt and paper assets in human history.

The underlying monetary structure of human civilization is about to change, from variations and adaptions of what it has been for many thousands of years.

The biggest previous such change was from using gold and silver as the primary means of settling trade imbalances and securing debt, to using the Dollar as the “reserve” currency. It took the “Crime of '73” (demonetizing silver in the US in 1873), the strong arming of the DC swamp in 1913 to get the Fed and Income Tax, a couple of “World Wars”, and a Great Depression during which FDR demonitized gold in 1933, to realize the bulk of that change.

This will be a bigger change, imposed more quickly. “They” think that they need a monetary system that works in real time, even with the not real time delays across the solar system, integrating property, trade and monetary transactions large and small, across all private, public, and personal transactions.

The Internet has moved the “Information” battle space online, real time, and more subject to surveillance and control than the world of print, not to say the ancient world of stone tablets.

Money is making that same transition.

This “World War” is first and foremost a Monetary War.

The extreme and exponentially accelerating accumulation of financial assets and debts by the Fed, Blackrock, and the US Treasury is evidence of this. Miles Mathis documented an earlier stage of this centralization of assets by Blackrock and Vanguard, back in July of 2018, in his paper Did Blackrock/Vanguard Buy the Entire World? (pdf)

In the understanding of our Bankster/Trading overlords, money must move from slow, poorly integrated, means of transfer on the earth’s surface, to orders of magnitude faster, tightly integrated, means, across the solar system.

Money is tightly coupled to who holds it, and transfers to who is transferring it to whom.

Debt, which is the fundamental tool of “money generation” preferred by our Bankster overlords, is also tightly coupled to whatever property is secured by the debt, and to whatever income stream is intended to provide the payments on that debt.

Thus not only must (in the minds of our overlords) the money itself and all its transactions be accounted for, so must all securitizable property (against which debt can be issued, to generate money) and all transactions thereon, and all substantial property, persons and resources, be reliably tracked, in a globally integrated system, that remains under the firm control of the consortium of the elite bastards.

(Technically, the underlying computer algorithms and data structures used to implement this system will probably be called a “blockchain”, even though that would be like calling Apache helicopters and GPS guided drones examples of “bronze age” weapons … but that’s a nerdy detail not critical to the topic of this post.)

Underlying that, the ongoing security of our Bankster/Trading overlords depends on their maintaining monopoly control of many critical technologies and resources.


The Phoenician/Venetian/British/… Banksters/Traders (what I call the “elite bastards” or “our financial overlords”) have been playing this game for a long, long time:

Along these lines, this rethinking of Thomas Jefferson’s role in the American Revolution casts a quite different light than I learned in school on the roles of the elite bastards in the founding of the U.S.:

I (pessimistically) see only three ways that this plays out:

  1. A collapse of human civilization unlike anything we’ve seen in recorded human history.
  2. The elite bastards get their way, and run rough shod over us, like we’re told is happening in China.
  3. The elite bastards get their way, but are “nice” about it. We’re the bride who must sleep with the groom chosen for us by our families, but at least the groom offers us wine and roses, with gentle words, before hand. Perhaps the groom thinks he’ll get more nookie, and more sons, that way.

I dream of a fourth way … with liberty and justice and prosperity for all. I don’t realistically see a path from here to there. I’ll keep my eyes open as best I can however.


Honesty time

When I read the OP of this thread, something happened to me… something changed in me.

I committed to right thinking, right action in a way I have never done before.

I read the following (source):

From wrong actions taken, wrong effects will flow. We have to then revisit and recreate those sets of circumstances over and over in repeated incarnations until we learn from their ill-effects, eventually choosing the right path. To determine whether we have corrected and overcome our Karmic Debts, tests will be instigated by our Higher Self and repeated until we ourselves have determined that we have fully balanced them through our own acknowledgement, acceptance and assimilation. We alone require that our lessons must be learned thoroughly, it should not be up to others to judge us.

On the positive side, those of our “good” actions, such as showing respect for other life-forms or those “random acts of kindness”, will automatically set in motion a positive chain reaction. We magnetically attract to ourselves those “bad” experiences when we feel a need to learn from them. If we have no need for a hard lesson, we shall not attract it. We magnetise to ourselves those good or bad experiences only when we have a need to learn from them.

I emphasized in bold that which might, if enough of us do our own personal work, create the avoidance of the dark end depicted in the OP.


May the force be with you, as needed, and the truth be with you, always.

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I am convinced:

  • that there really is trafficking in drugs, women, children, and serious weapons across the borders of various nations,
  • that there really is an organized rise in violence, death, and shootings in several major U.S. cities,
  • that there really is a deliberate and organized destruction of federal property in those U.S. cities,
  • that there really is an orchestrated falsification and amplification of the coronascamdemic threat in many nations of the world and states of the U.S.,
  • that there really are several district attorneys, mayors and governors in the U.S. who are feeding the flames of that destruction,
  • that there really is a massive information and propaganda war going on, world wide, with major operatives, whether you consider Google, Youtube, Facebook, and CNN or (on the “other” side) the (outrageous and disgusting to my more liberal friends and family) antics of Q and Trump (not to mention China),
  • there really is a war for control of space (both orbiting weapons and communication around earth, and resource mining on nearby planets and asteroids),
  • there really is a war of competition in the development of advanced energy, propulsion, computation, communication, material and genetic technologies, and
  • there really are wars over the availability, quality, and weaponization of our food, water, and medicines.

It’s difficult to know our past, as our history books leave out 99%, and lie profoundly about the other 1% … but it sure seems now that human civilization is going through a particularly troublesome time.

Some evil bastards, behind the scenes, are fanning the flames of violence, division and a form of civil war. This is happening not just in the U.S., but in most nations, around the world.

This is not a simple Civil War, with two obvious armies facing each other on a battle field, each side dressed in distinguishing uniforms. It’s far, far, from that.

This war is happening at many levels, including a massive financial, economic, and monetary war, what might be a massively deadly weather war behind the Chinese flooding, the destruction of European cultures with a massive wave of angry, armed, refusing to culturally integrate immigrants, and with the bio-warfare spark behind the coronascamdemic.


I beseech each of us to remain aware, on many levels at once, to not get “trapped” on one side or the other in our understanding, to seek peace and healing where we can, and to defend our lives, our liberty, our property, our families, and our communities where we must.

Seek truth, seek awareness, seek understanding, at all levels of mind, body, spirit and shared consciousness. May we be guided by that truth, and empowered by a spirit higher than any one of us individually.


My God that was a great read!
Well said!


Way to go Chester! I find the words inspiring as well!


And additionally sad about your list is that it isn’t complete.

For me, it is impossible to rule out that the battles being waged on 3D - 5 sense Earth involve elements beyond the 3D - 5 sense world (extended reality). In fact, the human henchmen manipulating matters at this level may actually be either consciously in alignment with these manipulators or, due to their own vulnerabilities, act unwittingly towards these “controllers’” aims.

It is as if the human being is (and more so was) a spiritual being experiencing life via a physical body vehicle and that the dark ones wish to enslave the body/mind component to crush the spirit all and only to use what remains of us by torturing us for emotional output which they direct via dark magical practices to achieve their goals.

They appear on track to have us all locked down within a decade - chipped for mind reading/mind control - chipped for monitoring of one’s physical presence - chipped whereby rebels can be targeted for illness and death - chipped to send in the “exciters” that will create the emotional output that fuels their magic.

Much like the matrix except they don’t need a simulation to insert you into… they want you to know as that just makes our emotional energetic output so much stronger.

ALL THE ABOVE shall not play out in our reality experience.

If we have no need for a hard lesson, we shall not attract it.

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If articles such as the following are reliable indicators of the technology being developed for much faster than speed of light communications, then communication delays across our solar system may be fractions of a second, not potentially hours.

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I think it will be the third way you’ve listed here. Essentially it’s a trojan horse.