The Geometry of the Proton and Why It Is Important for Life to Exist

I’m not focused right now on the Science category on this forum, but I’d be remiss to not at least mention and post a link to the following that I noticed ten days ago. It’s a critical piece of rebuilding a new physics, that can replace the the “standard” physics that has gone astray over the last century.

This video explains to me, in a way that makes sense, questions that have puzzled me for a half century, since I first studied chemistry in high school. It makes sense of the shapes of electron orbits and the nature of covalent chemical bonds between atoms, in terms of the fundamental arrangement of charges in the atomic nucleus. It dismisses the “strong force” as a force separate from fundamental electromagnetic forces.

Posted on the “Energy Wave Theory” Youtube channel:

Life, and all of matter, are formed of molecules. Molecules are atoms, binding by sharing electrons. If it were not for the unique geometry of the proton that allows for electrons to be in orbitals, to be shared with other atoms to form molecules, life would not exist. This video explores the geometry of the proton that allows this to happen, including a curved tetrahedron referred to as a tetryen. Paper referenced in this video:

The Geometry of the Proton and Why It Is Important for Life to Exist (click to view on Youtube)

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I know that long audio podcasts are not necessarily ideal. In addition, some of these pod-casters have learned to share a partial audio for free and the full interview behind a paywall.

Regardless, I listened to a discussion from last August (2019) featuring Nassim Haramein on The Higherside Chats podcast. And Haramein actually hits all around the “stuff” (I have to call it that as I am nooooooo physicist) suggested in the video you posted, Paul, which… I think you posted before as I watched it (twice… and “sorta get it”).

If anyone is interested in the OP (and the video presented in the Opening Post), I believe they would find much talked about in this podcast quite complimentary and fascinating.

You won’t recall this, but back in 2011 through 2013, I spent quite a bit of time on ye old forum Project Avalon discrediting Nassim Haramein. In my view at the time, which I presume is still valid, Nassim’s “science” is utter bull shit.

See, as one example, my posts as “Paul”, on the page, where I wrote in part:

[Nassim] is using the words of Physics that sound familiar to a wider audience to make it sound like he is saying something substantial. For example, many of us have heard of Planck’s constant = 6.626068 × 10^-34 m^2 kg / s. Notice the exponent of (-34), meaning this is a very small quantity. But Nassim uses (without clarifying the distinction) another constant that is less well known to a wider audience, but “sounds” familiar, namely the Planck density , which is typically given as rho = 5.16 * 10^93 gm/cm^3. Notice the exponent on that one of (+93), meaning this is a really, really big number. It is what the density of the Universe would be, if crammed into a space the size of a single atomic nucleus. One of these numbers makes perfectly good sense showing up in sub-atomic analysis; the other does not, outside of the earliest fractions of a second after the Big Bang.

I dismiss Nassim for speaking utter nonsense of immense proportions, and clearly and repeatedly using imposing sounding mumbo-jumbo to disguise the absolute absurdity of his “theory.”

However … wtf … I started listening to this recent Nassim Haramein audio anyway, on your recommendation, Chester, and at least for the first part I’ve heard so far, he’s right on target (except for the “Holofractographic Unified Field Theory” baffle them with bs buzzwords … but that’s just Nassim being Nassim.

I’ll have to finish listening and report back here. This might just be good. Thanks, Chester!

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And honestly, I dismissed Haramein around that same time - and because my memory is so bad, I can’t recall if comments you may have made helped me in my decision… and then I saw your video last week regarding the proton and then… stumbled on a Higher Side Chat with someone named William Brown who, it turns out, is associated with Haramein.

But it was in this audio I heard about the interview Greg Carlwood did with Haramein… listened to it today and BAM - what Haramein was suggesting seemed to jive with the proton “key” as described in the video… where Haramein says the same patterns are found in the core of Earth, the sun, the galaxy and the universe, essentially black holes and that black holes actually function like centrifuges.

And then I remembered back to almost a decade ago where Haramein was predicting the very thing that essence of what that proton video said when he claimed functionality is if they are black holes are at the heart of every atom!

And that black holes have their event horizon and this is where all the information gathers… almost like a 2D piece of film holding 3D info like a hologram. This is why he creates the word he uses and why not make up some word that you define in a way that connects to your theory. It sounds hokey but gosh, don’t all ne words start out that way?

And Haramein is claiming now that this stuff is just starting to break through into the fringes of the mainstream.

The bottom line is that “the field” he refers to via the metaphor, the ether, or chi, etc… that “stuff” is the zero point and a huge energy source and that so many of the researchers involved in that type of technology are all starting to get there. And in the past, the “controllers” locked down (via “national security” laws) those who tried to get patents on their research or scared them off their projects or murdered them.

The difference now may be, in part, because toooo many different groups are getting closer and closer and at some point, “they” can’t hold the flood back any longer… and… anti-gravity and energy from “the vacuum” (this field) are derived from the same physics and this is coming out from all these different groups - same conclusions.

You may end up far more right on the transition from fossil fuels than I had imagined.

The thing is… how will a global technological paradigm shift be “managed/allowed” by the drug guys/the roths/rocky guys/the ancient families?.. my hope is the ancient families have the greatest strength and have “heart” as neither of the other two groups have any connection to “soul” IMO.

Well, Nassim was doing OK (a bit vague, but good enough) up until the 20 minute mark.

Then he starts reciting his work from circa 2012 and before, and I’ll have to stay with my previous dismissal of that work as beyond bogus.

For example, his claims (at about the 21 minute mark in the above Higherside audio) that he predicted the radius of the proton to be 4% smaller than the currently accepted value, before new CERN experiments confirmed that new 4% smaller value. If I recall correctly (perhaps I don’t), I dismissed that claim of his, back then, as more or less fraudulent … pushing a paper out that made a “prediction”, when already having access to preliminary results that would lead to that result.

I then skipped ahead ten minutes, unable to tolerate his replay of his B.S. of old. As I tuned back into this audio at about the 35 minute mark, he’s relaying his understanding of what I might consider to be more “recent” physics, but his baffle them with b.s. and self infatuation continues to fuel my annoyance and distrust.

Sorry, Nassim … and no, I don’t want to smoke whatever you, Nassim, are smoking.

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Hhahahah and I think he does live in Hawaii where some pretty good smoke is found.

That just may be it and… he does have that hint of narcissism like Dr. Steven Greer… maybe both have more than just a hint.

Thanks for the input, Paul.

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