The Google Election

Here’s a fine essay, exploring the role of Google and other tech giants in American public life.

This essay concludes:

Finally, and most importantly, Trump has represented a line of defense, however tenuous and thin, of American liberties, liberties that stand in the way of a global governmental and extra-governmental order that thrives on lockdowns, masking, muzzling, banning, blacklisting, down-ranking, memory-holing, gaslighting, deleting, cancelling, censoring, pre-censoring, and obliterating dissent and dissenters.

Concluding Remarks

Regardless of the election outcome, however, repressive and propagandistic governmentalities—including academia, cultural institutions, culture industries, information and intelligence technologies, mass media, political movements, social media, woke corporations, and more—are combining to effect a totalitarian creep under which its subjects are complicit in their own subjugation and hellbent to impose it on others.

Whether Trump or not-Trump is finally declared the winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, we are in for the battle of our lives. A constellation of state and state-extended apparatuses has openly declared war on liberty, on us. We are all thought criminals now. Risk aversion will not do. What we risk by being risk averse is everything that makes human life worth living. In the face of an enemy that brazenly revels in its totalitarian character, it is time to put everything on the line for liberty.

Michael Rectenwald presents this as a speech at the Mises Institute’s “Symposium with Ron Paul” on Saturday, 7 November 2020, in Angleton, Texas:

The text of this essay:


Now the Alt. Right content creators are being forced to reassemble themselves. It was amusing to watch James Corbett with his party hat on holding a "Goodbye YT Party!!! He had other important creators there with him!! :partying_face:

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