The History of the 21st Century: replacing petroleum with rare earth minerals

Thanks to this Telegram comment by General McInerney, who was observing that China is supporting both:

  1. the Taliban ceasing control of Afghanistan, which is near China and is rich in rare earth minerals and

  2. via their bought and paid for minions in Washington, DC, the conversion of the American economy from petroleum to “Green New Deal” technology, which is heavily dependent on rare earth minerals for batteries, generators and motors,

the following realization struck me.

Rare earth minerals are replacing petroleum as the lynch-pin resource of our civilization’s industrial, chemical, medical, transportation and monetary systems.

=== ===

For (one small) example, I now understand why Elon Musk and China seem to be on good terms.

Elon Musk is playing a lead role in converting our civilization’s (1) Transportation and (2) Energy Infrastructure, from Petro based, to (rare earth dependent) Electric based batteries, generators and motors.

This one small example reminds me of the complex, multi-decade, multi-national, operation of the British Empire to gain control of the oil fields in and around the Arabian Peninsula, that began in the late 1800’s, culminating in the world dominance of the US Petro Dollar, since World War II.

The plan_scam_demic virus and vaxxx, with its associated global partial collapse of economic activity, will turn out to be but one war, one modest chapter, in what will be this multi-century, civilization wide operation.

The progressive, liberal, socialist, “woke” infiltration of the Western educated classes is but one battle front in this operation.

For example, the petro-chemical patent medicine based medical system that the Rockefellers founded is collapsing, to be replaced by med beds and gadgets, using electro-magnetic fields, requiring … you guessed it … more rare earths in their construction.

For another example, the petrochemical fertilizer based agricultural system that has been feeding the world is collapsing, to be replaced by “lab grown” food, grown in immense buildings with carefully controlled lighting, heating, and electromagnetic fields, all of which depend on a regular supply of electricity for lighting, HVAC systems, energy generation from solar panels, energy storage in batteries, and powerful magnets for generators, motors and electrical field control,

Control of future mining of rare earth minerals from the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter is the “big prize”, which will base our monetary system on earth for the coming centuries.

Notice that Elon Musk’s other focus, besides replacing petro technology with rare earth dependent technology, here on the surface of planet earth, is also driving the technology needed to mine asteroids. Just as the John D Rockefeller, leveraging his control of Big Oil, went on to establish Big Pharma as well, so is Elon Musk, leveraging his dominance developing Electric Cars, is now going on to develop both a battery based Electric Grid, and the technology needed to mine rare earth minerals from the asteroids.

China is but a robust front man in this operation, as was the United States in the Century of Petro Dominance, which Century is now fading in our rear view mirror.

The “Green New Deal” is all about forcing a change from petroleum to rare earth minerals, as the critical resource underlying our energy, heating, cooling, manufacturing, transportation, medical, farming, and no doubt other systems.

The one’s who understand how money, the control of the supply, use and markets for and of money, and in particular the global control of the most critical resource underlying the critical food, medicine, transportation, material and industrial infrastructures of our civilization, remain in the cat bird seat.

That’s why “they” need to starve us out for a couple of years — to replace our reliance on petro-chemical based toxic crap (pretending to be food) with a reliance on electromagnetic based toxic crap (the “lab” food they are bringing online now).

This is why silver has been hyped so hard by the analysts, such as Gregory Mannarino and Clif High, whom I listen to who have military backgrounds. Silver is the most conductive metal. It is critical to some photo-electrical-magnetic uses.

When the history books are written for the 21st Century, the covid pandemic and the 2020 US presidential election, will be but two small chapters in that history book. The shift from petroleum to rare earth minerals will be a dominant theme underlying the changing fortunes of our entire civilization.

For examples:

  • The Petro-Dollar will be replaced by some such as the Rare Earth Yuan or the Rare Earth Cryptocurrency.

  • The fortunes of nations, wealthy families, and world dominant corporations will rise and fall on their leveraging of rare earth minerals.

  • Major technical, scientific and engineering advances will leverage rare earth minerals.

  • The physics, astronomy, and associated sciences will be rewritten, from their 20th Century bases in the Electromagnetism of James Clerk Maxwell and Oliver Heaviside, the Quantum Mechanics of Max Planck, Neils Bohr and others and the Relativity of Albert Einstein, to a new Physics and Astronomy based in a new understanding of the aether, matter, electromagnetism and plasmas.

  • This New Science will be essential to engineering these new technologies.

  • Quantum computers, which are essentially analog rather than digital, will be critical in this engineering for modeling the flows and fields of aether, matter, plasma and electromagnetism. Aside: an interesting new quantum computer development was just announced: Engineers make critical advance in quantum computer design.

  • Our overlords control our civilization by finding, instituting, and imposing some critical resource that they control, and that everyone seems to need, for one reason or another. That resource has at times been food, water, coal, and, of late, petroleum. Next up: rare earth minerals.

  • In particular and especially, the global monetary system is leveraged on the control of that most critical resource.


Thanks, Paul!! :grinning:

I am reading through “Compendium of The Emerald Tablets”(Billy Carson) for the 2nd time & Thoth is talking about just such things as this!! :open_mouth: He observed beings in the universe who could construct cities using only their brain & the aether!!

David Icke would also love to see that the reptilians he talks about are also mentioned by Thoth!! :upside_down_face:

Nobody is coming back to “save” us…we have to save ourselves!! :wink:

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I would guess that our human civilization here on planet earth is not yet developed far enough to accomplish this.


Do be aware that most telegram channels for well known personalities are “fan channels”, not that the info is fake, but the personalities are.

That said, it is confusing as hell watching the cluster**** around Afganistan, these days.

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That’s for sure.