The Lt General Flynn case is heating up

Things are heating up in the Lt General Mike Flynn case, threatening former President Obama himself and his top officials.

If you get flak when you’re over the target, then we’re over a major target.

In one corner we have a barrage of flawed rulings from U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan (who is hearing Flynn’s case) and vicious attacks (sorry, my bias is showing in my choice of words here) from former-President Obama, and a variety of others “on that side”, attacking Flynn every which way they can.

For example, to an old email address that my former, California liberal, wife had on a server of mine, an email address that she hasn’t used in ten years and that only receives spam messages now from random mass emailers, I received a political message from one Eddie Mauro (D), who is running against Joni Ernst ® for a Senate seat from Iowa (neither I nor my ex-wife ever lived in Iowa), slandering Attorney General Barr, Roger Stone and Mike Flynn, and calling for Bill Barr to be impeached immediately.

In the other corner, we have rapidly unfolding data showing that Obama and his top officials deliberately and quite illegally set up Mike Flynn to be fired or prosecuted, as Flynn “knew where the bodies were buried”, would not be silent, and was Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor nominee.

For example of some of the details of how Flynn was setup, listen to today’s Dan Bongino (an acquired taste, so it’s understandable if you can’t stand to listen to him) explain this in detail in the first half of his show today, Ep. 1251 Obama Did It - The Dan Bongino Show

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What a great place to find myself.

@ ThePythonicCow

Dan Bongino - hits it hard. He holds no punches. I try to get his full podcast in everyday, but sometimes I can only get to the references he posts in the show notes - all valuable information.

Yes, the whole thing was a massive scam which many of us knew was the case from day one. #obamagate

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Excellent summary of the General Flynn portion of Obamagate (Yes, Virginia, there is some truth in that swamp heap):

Obamagate in short:

Flynn was set up to blackmail him into committing perjury against the president of the United States.

The setup started when Obama was still president, but was the outgoing administration. Trump had been elected, but not yet in office.

Biden approved illegal spying on people in the Trump campaign. We now know that in the end, this illegal spying was used to manufacture blackmail material on Flynn, which material we now know, though loosely based on real facts obtained in large part by illegal spying, was forged.

We don’t have any proof that Obama ordered this illegal spying, but we do know he was in the loop, we do know he was kept closely informed of the result of this spying.

Since they could not get any dirt on Flynn, they tried to get him to lie to the FBI - which is normally a couple of weeks in jail, but with a cooperative judge, can be forty years in jail. He did not lie, so the record of his conversation with the FBI was altered.

Flynn pled guilty in return for clemency, after being financially ruined by endless legal action - the process is the punishment. After he pled guilty, the prosecution reneged on the deal, and called for the most severe penalty, because he had failed to commit perjury against Trump. They lied about him, then they lied to him.

So, Flynn clean as a whistle (otherwise it would not have been necessary to rewrite the 302 of his conversation with the FBI) the FBI, the DoJ, the Fisa court, and the Mueller investigation up to its neck in criminal acts, and these criminal acts started with illegal spying, which illegal spying came from the top of the Obama administration, with Obama in the loop.

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