The many agendas of the Great Reset

As with other major false flags, including wars and pandemics, several agendas are being served by the drastic and dramatic events of 2020, including:

  1. resetting much of the debt, whether by default, confiscation of collateral, or monetary inflation,
  2. ratcheting up the technocratic surveillance and control, to better perfect the human resource collateral,
  3. converting much task work from human labor to bots, drones and other such AI,
  4. collapsing by floods, droughts, storms, locusts, fires and riots the price of potentially valuable farm, forest, mining or urban land, so it can be purchased cheaply,
  5. removing many small businesses and medical practices that will no longer be needed nor be able to service their debt,
  6. digitize how we (in the U.S. at least) conduct our political elections,
  7. digitize the world’s monetary systems, the better to surveil and control us,
  8. move much of education and medicine “online”, the better to track and control it, and the cheaper to deliver it,
  9. move the world off the Petro and US Treasury debt based US Dollar reserve monetary system to a digital monetary system in the cloud,
  10. bring the next evolution of physics, cosmology and medical sciences, and of energy, propulsion and materials technology into widespread public use, and
  11. set forth on the next multi-decade expansion of debt, that can be funded from the revenue earned colonizing other planets, and mining asteroids and moons.

.… what did I leave out ?


We have yet to see IF all these agendas are to be fulfilled?? IMO, we are in the middle of a Great Battle & we have yet to understand what the outcome will be for the Human Race. Do we actually have an Individual Choice, or must we always “go along, to get along”?? Like with the masks!! :laughing:

I can’t help but feel some great catastrophe is going to befall us all which will send things spinning off in a direction none of us can even imagine!! :dizzy_face: After seeing so many “unexplainable” remains here on the planet, it does give one pause. :face_with_monocle:

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If one thing has been constant so far, it has been my inability to predict when or what would be the next “catastrophe”.

So if that constant holds, yes, there’s more surprises in store.

However there is a difference between a catastrophe we did not anticipate, and one we have trouble imagining even once it appears.

Keep stretching one’s “alternative scenario planning”. The more quickly one can recognize what’s really going on, the more quickly one can regain one’s power.


I have recently come across Israeli News Live…this man seems to have some good contacts. The info he receives from his “sources” dovetails with things others have been saying, like Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub.

One of my favorite videos has been “Remembering the End of The World”! Apparently, things have not always run smoothly here in our Solar System. There does seem to be an uptick in asteroids & each person has their own theory as to why!! If one hits your house; it really doesn’t matter whose theory was correct!! :crazy_face:

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