The multiple co-morbidities of human civilization

Humanity needs a “life style change.”

The deep state - or the “elite bastards” as I call them, seem to be the bad guys in our current drama.

However, much as I sometimes write, as if they were the cause of humanity’s ills, as if just “locking them all up” would cure our ills, I sometimes don’t think that’s so.

Rather humanity is facing a crisis, in which the sometimes dreadfully inadequate and harmful ways that it has had to organize and direct collective action in the past, are now, with our new technologies of the last hundred years, and yet more such anticipated in the next hundred years, even more woefully inadequate and harmful.

The danger that humanity presents to itself and to other life on this planet is more than just the “atomic bomb” or “anthropomorphic global warming” It lies in our entire way of organizing on a large scale, in the way that we individuals come to understand:

  • what is within our personal, sovereign, domain,
  • what is within the proper purview of local group consensus, and
  • what is properly allowed of, between and from larger organizations.

A metaphor that might put this in perspective.

Imagine an unhealthy, over-weight, elderly person consuming (very non-organic) food and water that is loaded with various pesticides and toxins. They are taking five or ten prescription medications, smoking chemical laden cigarettes. They watch CNN and MSNBC for their “news”. They have diagnoses of cardio-vascular disease, type 2 diabetes, various cancers, some dementia, and some damage from prior strokes. Part of their intestine has been removed to deal with a cancer, and their liver and kidney functions are not all that good. Their blood pressure is high, and their blood oxygen saturation level is low.

Imagine you were a doctor, and this patient with several co-morbitidities came to you to be healed. They expect a diagnosis and a remedy that cures their ailments.

After sneaking a peak at your malpractice insurance, to make sure it’s paid up, you have the task of explaining to them that this is going to take far more than yet another “remedy”. The problems our imaginary patient are multi-faceted, deep seated, and long standing. Thus also must the remedies for our patient be.

Thus it is also with our human civilization.

Blaming “elite bastards” for the ills of human civilization may be like blaming “germs and viruses” for all the maladies afflicting our above imaginary patient.

People working in small businesses and on small farms, in small communities, learn to rely on themselves and on their friends, family and community.

But people living in cities, suburbs, or (recently) online, who are educated in larger schools and universities, and who work for corporations and governments and other institutions, “learn” (or are taught) to “trust the experts and leaders”.

These “experts and leaders” rely on mass communication and the forces of large political, corporate, legal, financial, military, and religious institutions to obtain and retain their positions. These positions provide (or at least appear to provide) immense power and wealth, and provide great influence to those few “experts and leaders” that they bless. These positions thus attract some of the most egomaniacal, sadistic, greedy, power hungry bastards, such as would be scorned and avoided in a small community where “everyone knows everyone else” and where everyone knows who is kind, friendly, honest and competent … and who isn’t.

As I listed above some of the ailments of my hypothetical elderly person of ill health, so let me list now

… some of the co-morbidities of our human civilization:

  • Abuse, torture, murder, and bodily fluid and organ harvesting of children, infants and the unborn.

  • Devastation, genocide, and extinction of less powerful peoples, tribes and nations, as well as other living species, that “get in the way of progress”.

  • Control by a few of debt-based monetary systems that have enslaved people, businesses, institutions and nations in perpetual debt.

  • Control by a few of our civilization’s “knowledge wealth”, that provides the powerful few with the medical, military, energy, food, communication, computation, transportation and surveillance means to control the many and to live well while all about them are increasingly desperate.

  • Thus, by the above, the most powerful can blackmail and bribe their erstwhile minions. It is these minions who appear in public as our “most vaunted experts and leaders”. Their fame and fortune is fleeting, dependent on their continued compliance to the puppet masters pulling their strings. For a couple of examples (of not doubt many that could be listed) recent U.S. Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Joseph Biden would (it is speculated) have had their campaigns destroyed if evidence of their, or their son’s, terrible abuse of children, found on Anthony Weiner’s and Hunter Biden’s laptops respectively, had not been suppressed, in the months before the date of their respective election dates, had not been suppressed by the FBI.

  • Control by a few of our medicines and healing arts in particular provides a broad base of opportunity to manipulate and control the masses, to weaken or augment them at will (the will of the few, not of the affected masses, of course), and to provide the public justification for tyrannical mandates over the population.

  • Control by a few of the food supply chain, from field to warehouse, over road, rail, and ocean, to our store shelves and kitchen shelves, provides another broad base of opportunity to enslave, decimate and subjugate the masses, by the whim of a few.

A wide variety of institutions implement these means of mass control:

  • Big pharma
  • Nations and other non-local governments
  • Big “news” media
  • Big “social” media
  • Big tech
  • The Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex
  • Central banks
  • Universities and other centers of education and research

In our current circumstances, these institutions include

  • George Soros and his NGO’s,
  • Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, and their web of “non-profits”,
  • the deeply corrupted deep state administrations in Washington DC,
  • the Chinese Communist Party - likely an Imperial British Project,
  • the Democrat Party and establishment Republican party in the US - likely another Imperial British Project,
  • British, Israeli and US Intelligence agencies, and
  • the Federal Reserve and other central banks.

Can we grow a healthy civilization, on the foundation of the new technologies of the last century, that have connected humanity in a real time “Web” and world-wide economy, and of the technologies of the coming century, that could extend our civilization out into the solar system with abundant food, energy, and means of production, transportation, computation and communication ?


Abuse, torture, murder, and bodily fluid and organ harvesting of children, infants and the unborn.

A list of some of the suspects likely involved in the above:

Well, there may be many aspects to what ails our civilization, but it seems that many of these aspects are but one or two degrees removed from Bill Gates:

This is a stunning article, over 9,000 words long, full of detail and links to references, and well and carefully written and edited.

The final three paragraphs of this article:

Democracy and farm freedom advocate Dr. Vandana Shiva says that Gates’ philanthrocapitalism is a “destructive force with the potential to push the future of our planet towards extinction and ecological collapse.” Shiva accuses Gates of using philanthropic capitalism to accelerate the corporate takeover of our seed, agriculture, food, knowledge and global health systems. “He funds the manipulation of information and promotes the erosion of democracy — all in pursuit of personal power and profits.”

Shiva says the Gates Foundation has powered an “unholy alliance” between big capital, science and technology institutions and governments to establish a global empire over life, through monocultures, patents and monopolies designed to destroy the natural world of diversity, self-organization and freedom.

“You have seen the wickedness they can do with vaccines in the name of public health,” Shiva told me. “Well, now he controls the land. He controls the seed. He controls the food. He has the ultimate power to starve us all to death.”

It’s well worth a read, but it is unsettling.

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Massively insightful. Thank you, Paul.

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I would say it all depends upon how we train our children!! A child will continue in whatever “system” he or she has been raised in until something pops the bubble he or she has been raised in. :innocent:

It was very interesting to see a recent of video of Cathy O’Brien, now in her 60’s, reflect on all that!! In her family, it was a generational “thing” they were born into. So sad!! Apparently, she would have still been in that path if she had not been rescued.

It seem the Turning Point in our own lifetime was the murder of a President, right before our eyes, in 1963! The Bad Guys have been “in control” ever since. They “got away with it”…then we had 9/11…they “got away” with that as well, it seems.

But then, Pres. W. Wilson spoke of a power so forceful that none even dare speak about it out loud!! It’s beginning to look like The Bad Guys have been “in control” for thousands of years.

What I’m wondering is if we are in the middle of a Galactic War, RIGHT NOW?!!!
We don’t know how many “others” are involved, or what “sides” they are on, do we?!!

Personally, I think The Human Race is at a crossroads right now & as Cyrus A. Parsa keeps trying to warn us…A.I. is about to take over The Human Race…OR…has it already happened??? :thinking:

It seems very clear that some of those trying to lead us down that path might not even be totally “human”, so why should they care what happens to our Human Race?!! :wink:

We have been brainwashed for so many centuries, we are being led, like sheep, to the slaughter!! I have found Sacha Stone to be a fresh voice in all the doom & gloom!! I know there are various people who have simply withdrawn from Society At Large & are forming little cell groups, not dependent on the established governments. Might be a good way to go if one is still young!! :grinning:

This lady is a real Warrior!!! :sparkling_heart: