The Next Ten Thousand Years of Human Civilization

I drafted some of the following posts during a brief (and infrequent) lull in the rush of Headline News, on a Discord chat channel I have with a few friends.

We, humanity, are at a major fork in the road. Within the next few decades, we may well be nearly wiped out, as has happened before, or we may be well on our way to being a more powerful and advanced inter-stellar civilization.

Many of us alive today will live long enough to die in an upcoming cataclysm, or to see our civilization survive the cataclysm with our essential technology, powers and abilities intact.

It takes integrating an understanding of physics, astronomy, human history, economics, technology, and the spiritual order of the universe in order to understand how this could be.

What follows is what I wrote, on that Discord chat channel, as several connected posts, one post per reply below, that lay out this vision, these two quite different visions, of our potential future.

I start off, in the following posts, “small”, commenting on the current events of recent days, but I soon grow “big”, looking into the future potentially thousands of years.

The context of the first reply, below, is that Trump is in the hospital, with COVID-19, or so the official story goes. The U.S. Presidential election happens in one month. The many political, economic and social divisions and controversies, the economic impact of a nearly world-wide COVID-19 lock downs, and the looming food shortages due to various economic and weather events are weighing on many people’s minds.

I will play off some the reports and predictions in some rather “far-out” websites and by some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory nutcases, as I sometimes label them, in a bit of self-deprecating humor, as I sometimes fancy myself such myself.


The “Ten Days of Darkness” long foretold by Q-anons, is upon us, October 5 through 14:



Meanwhile, Sorcha Faal doubles down on the theory that Trump is aboard a ship, rather than quarantined at Walter Reed Hospital. She finds an exact spectral match between the paint on the walls of an inner conference room of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, that’s presently in the seas off its main port base in Norfolk-Virginia, and the wall behind Trump in yesterday’s video with the “waving” wall, and she finds that “waving” motion to be just what one would expect to see in videos taken, aboard a ship, at sea.


Then friend of mine asks me, in that Discord chat channel:

If this theory is correct (Q- 10 days of darkness) and I truly hope it is, those who have the best interest of the United States of America have seized control of the money supply and currency system from the globalists bankers?

To which I respond, beginning to look at the wider context:

Seizure is in progress, according to the more financially focused “conspiracy theorist” that I follow, Jim Willie, the Golden Jackass (the only monthly newsletter I still pay to receive).


If my more “far freakin out” “sources” that I follow are correct, we’re not just seeing the changing of the guard in DC into more solid Republican hands, but the take down of a deeper state, going back to what I term the Phoenician-Venetians, manifest in current times as the dominant (but losing power soon) governments in the Eurozone, China, the Middle East, the Vatican, and the Anglo-American empire, and dominant (but also losing power) in the major financial, petro, pharma, news media, educational, and other major global corporations and institutions. Along with this, comes the death of the petro-dollar as the "world’s reserve currency of the last 70 years, and petroleum as the world’s primary energy source.


If it [the deep state changes we face] is half as deep as I speculate, then “they” already have Trump clones, ready to go on a moment’s notice, as a critical front man for bringing the average “armed American Patriot” along, through the transition. Hence, from our perspective, Trump is safe. Even if he dies, he lives on.

The same goes for Putin, who plays a similarly important role in Russia.

… and [this death of the petro-dollar] is not just the death of yet another “dominant currency”, such as has been happening in Western “Civilization” every century or so for the last several centuries, but a shift from debt-based currencies (back) to a resource based currency.

The shift to a “free-energy” (well, 100x cheaper and more widely available than petroleum) and from debt-based money back to resource based money must go hand and hand, for it takes a critical resource such as energy to provide a sufficiently strong choke hold on global economic activity in order to support a global debt-based monetary system.


[Here is my key post, summarizing the key fork in the road that humanity faces]

Perhaps it is the coming ice age, sometime in the next 10 to 30 years, that Suspicious Observer has been forecasting (I suspect he’s right), that is forcing this change. If our current civilization is going to survive, and if our overlords are going to continue their high on the hog life style, then we’re going to have to continue to up our technology game, rapidly, before the worst of the cold spell (and perhaps even polar shift of the magnetic field and earth’s crust) are upon us.

[ P.S. – A good recent update on the forecasts of a coming global cooling period:

[ P.P.S. - A description of the magnetic pole reversal anticipated by some:


If we fail, then perhaps ten thousand years in the future, genetic engineers will once again be tracing their mitochondrial ancestry back to a handful of very hardy, very lucky woman, who are the inspiration for the “Eve’s” in their legends and scriptures.


[ I finished off these Discord comments with a comment specifically addressing the “Global Warming”, aka “Climate Change”, propaganda effort. ]

Another friend comments:

Silvia Browne’s outlook I did not “feel” was going to be accurate. She talked about a pole shift. Insisted the coasts of California would never fall into the ocean, she is on the global warming bandwagon, Said tsunamis would be caused by hurricanes that would increase and that is how we lose parts of the eastern seaboard etc. She also said we would have acid rain starting in about 5 years and that cities would build domes over them.

To which I replied:

I agree. I also do not feel that that outlook accurately describes our future.

Rather it might be that the big “Global Warming”, “Carbon Tax” push is really a “Global energy tax” push, that will institute a global tax on energy usage (justified on the basis that energy production generates “bad” carbon dioxide).

Such a global tax and all the associated administrative infrastructure, legal, legislative, regulatory, and customary procedures have to be in place, if the financial system is going to continue to act as a huge parasite on the energy production that powers our civilization, before the transition from carbon based energy to “free” energy removes the plausible excuse to impose such a global tax structure in the first place.


In earlier discussions, some here on theMooster, some on the afore mentioned Discord chat channel, and some elsewhere, I have gone into greater length on such topics as:

[A] Rising world tensions, between the:

(1) deep state families who have grown more powerful and wealthy on the basis of the scarcity of food, energy and technology, through the wide spread adoption of debt-based monetary systems to leverage control of these key resources, and

(2) other powerful families and individuals, who (apparently) realize we must radically adapt our civilization, if we are to be the first earthly civilization to survive the periodic cataclysms that strike earth (and the entire solar system) every ten or fifteen thousand years.

[B] The physics and technology, underlying a dramatically more efficient means of producing energy, that will enable human colonization and mining throughout the solar system, and that will make energy no longer a critical resource, the control of which supports debt-based monetary systems.


[C] The economics of debt-based monetary systems, which trade off excess productivity in the present, for control of the labor, resources, corporations and nations of our civilization in the future.


Thanks for posting all these, Paul!! :wink: As an aside to all that…what is so discouraging to me it that the Normies whose lives are taken up with just earning a living have No Clue what is happening on a grander scale…a great many do not WANT to know what is really going on!! Hopefully, we 3.5% will carry this off with flying colors!!! :sparkler: :hugs: