The Quadruple Entente - China vs the World

Joseph P. Farrell doesn’t go this far, but from my perspective, the long term (multi-century) geo-political implications of what he reports on, in the following NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM, are enormous.

I suspect that we’re seeing the sun set on the “British Empire”, financed by the Rothschilds, armed by the Pentagon, with covert operations from the Vatican. I suspect that leadership in the nations of the “Quadruple Entente” that he speaks of, Japan, India, Russia, and the United States, are developing major bonds, outside of the centuries (even millenia) old empire, while putting increasing preassure on what was to be a key new cornerstone of this long standing Empire, in China. A railroad across Siberia, under the Bering Strait, down through Alaska, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Alberta, into Montana, connecting Russian rail with U.S. rail, would be a major piece of this new global alliance.

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Here are two more “dots” that connect to my above expanded speculations.

First (thanks to Paul Craig Roberts for the link) one Nirpal Dhaliwal reports in Russia Today,, on the sad state of affairs in Britain, decaying under the weight of unassimilated immigration.

Nirpal Dhaliwal concludes his article with:
With their media, economy and capital city wholly dominated by foreigners, the British are now a colonised people, trudging exhaustedly towards a globalised extinction, boxing with shadows to distract themselves along the way. This is not a great tragedy, but merely the gentle and thankfully bloodless return to historical normality.

Second, there are a variety of reports on the rising conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, that has spilled over from the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

One can see once again who is on which side by how they are lining up over this conflict.

As reported in this BBC article,, the United States and Russia are aligning with the Christian Armenia, whereas Turkey, China and the Vatican (who refused to receive U.S. Sec of State Pompeo) are lining up on the other side, that of Azerbaijan. Granted, Pompeo did finally get to meet with the Pope, though in a more informal arrangement, as reported by New Front:

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The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia that I’ve mentioned above, which has Turkey, China and the Vatican on the side of Azerbaijan, and which has the “Quadruple Entente” of Japan, India, Russia, and the United States on the side of Armenia, also exposes the lack of unity in the United States.

The current director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, had prior assignments in both Turkey and Azerbaijan, and speaks Turkish. I would have to suspect that she is on the Turkey/Azerbaijan side of this division, not on the “Quadruple Entente” side.

Haspel is another example, of many, of high level DC swamp critters that Trump cannot trust. I would suspect this not just because of Haspel’s background, but also because the CIA has not been reliably subservient to the President since its inception.

If the above interests you, see more such details of this conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia at

This conflict does have some risk of boiling over and involving major powers.

Hopefully as few people will be able to find Azerbaijan and Armenia on a map next year, as can find them today.

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Good one, I’ll agree!!! :hugs: Mike Morales of Above Ground World News has been showing the “tunnel” off & on on his program for a long time. Maybe the fight is over who will “control” it???!!! :thinking:

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Continuing my discussion of the “new world order” on the political alliance front, regarding the “Quadruple Entente” of Japan, India, Russia, and the United States:

Both the News and Views from the Nefarium that Kristin just linked above, an hour ago, and this speech by Steven W. Mosher, a long standing spokesman for U.S. Military/Industrial complex, Steven W. Mosher | China as an Election Issue, it’s increasingly clear that it’s all (present and/or former) (British-Anglo-American Empire) hands on board to denigrate China.

Mosher’s clear message:

Bad, Bad, Very Bad and Very Threatening China.

Mosher is giving China worse press than Hitler and their Japanese allies got, in the UK and US, in December of 1941.

Mosher goes on to slam Biden as supporting and apologizing for China for his entire career:

China bad, and Biden bad

This suggests to me that the portion of the Deep State in the US that has been bought and paid for by China had better lawyer up, and well armed security up. They will in due time be defending their lives (whether in court or from “accidental suicide” remains to be seen.) These Chinese supporting politicians include House Speaker Pelosi and Senator Feinstein, numerous key California politicians, and candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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This is all starting to feel to me like the buildup to World War II.

In the 1930’s, Hitler was honored in and financed by the “West”. The Bush family banking in New York were some of the many involved in financing Hitler.

Hitler was honored on Time Magazine’s cover three times in the 1930’s:




Then by the date of December 7, 1941, that had all changed, and Hitler’s Nazi Germany, along with their ally Imperial Japan, who had just attacked Pearl Harbor, were recast as the Greatest Villains of the Twentieth Century, upstaging valiant efforts by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot for that honor.

Thus goes China, it would seem.

Perhaps the “Wuhan Virus” is America’s “Pearl Harbor” of the Twenty-First Century.

Now it seems that Chinese President Xi Jinping and China have just had the honor of being honored on the cover of Time Magazine three times in the last decade, in 2012, 2014, and 2017:




Not to be out done, Newsweek joined in the praise for Zi Jinping in 2018:


Is this some sort of “Three Time’s and you’re out jinx” ?

The proud Xi is no doubt miffed that he never made Time Magazine Man (now “Person”) of the Year … he only made Runner Up, in 2017. Dang - so sorry about that Xi.

Meanwhile, in February of 2020, Time Magazine marked the transformation of Xi from Premier Leader to the Premier Villain:


How the mighty have fallen.

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In his speech “China as an Election Issue”, a couple of posts above, Steven W. Mosher made the claim, with a few additional details, that the reason that the U.S. closed the Chinese Embassy in Houston was that China was helping to organize some of the riots in American cities, from that embassy.

Here is an article with a few more details on this:

Chinese Consulate in Houston Intervened in US Political Movement]

Here are the contents of that article:

Chinese Consulate in Houston Intervened in US Political Movement

Radio Free Asia (RFA) published an article explaining the reason that the U.S. closed China’s Consulate in Houston.

The article stated that the U.S. has known that the staff members at the consulate were conducting suspicious activities, but, for a while, it did not take any action. The Second Department of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which is the PLA’s intelligence unit, sent staff members from a large network company, with fake IDs, to China’s Consulate in Houston. Those technicians used a large video platform’s backend data to identify people who might participate in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA’s protests and then created and sent them customized videos on how to organize riots and how to do promotions.

The purpose was to “weaponize” big data technology. It delivered relevant materials precisely to those people who were most likely to participate in the protests, while other people could not even find those videos.

RFA did not spell out the company names. A Twitter account said the technicians were from Huawei and the video platform they used to identify candidates and push videos to was TikTok.


  1. Radio Free Asia , August 7, 2020
  2. Twitter , @Raymond999USA

Seems to me the 3 G. Dam has a role to play here. Who knows what that will be?!
Is that to be the final “tik” in order to get things reorganized again??? :smirk: