The real origin of the Rothshild family

Miles Mathis may have figured out the origin of the Rothschilds.

They were not relatively poor Germans who went to being the biggest lenders to the royalty and nations of Europe in one generation. Rather they were already very wealthy British royalty … of the “Rothes” family.

One of them faked his death, made up some phoney excuse about the “state funeral” being extraordinarly expensive, and moved to Germany, taking most of his money with him, to setup shop under a “Red Shield” as Amschel Rothschild.

His sharpest son, Nathan would move back to England and in ten years control banking in England, marrying back into the family his father had left, to regain the peerage needed for his status.

Makes a lot more sense to me than the rags to riches story under a “Red Shield.”

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What fun to keep uncovering our “real” history!! How about the Mud Fossil Guy who has discovered that some of our mtn. ranges are indeed fallen giants & elephants, etc.?!!

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