The setup for the steal, the evening of the election

Here’s my comments, along with a couple of videos with the comments of others, on what happened on the evening of election day, Nov 3, 2020, in the final setup for the attempted election steal.

The evening of election day, Nov 3, 2020, setting up the steal:

There is an interesting contrast between the tactics used by Democrats in Arizona, versus key mid-west swing states, versus Florida which went strongly for Trump.

In Republican controlled Arizona, which had counted the mail-in votes before election day, the networks, starting with Fox, called the election for Biden after the mail-in votes (which were weighted toward Biden) were tallied, but before the day-of-election in person votes (which were weighted toward Trump). This gave Biden credit for winning Arizona that he might not retain, after a full count.

In Democrat controlled key states Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, they did the opposite. Mail-in ballot counting was mandated to NOT be done early, but held off, until after the day of ballots were counted and reported. This setup a situation where the reliably Dem operatives running the elections and counting the votes could add in however many fraudulent votes they needed, post election, to get a win for Biden, and where Trump could be blamed for “not counting Dem votes”, if he tried to stop this fraud.

In other key states, such as Florida, that went for Trump more strongly than anticipated, in both the mail-in voting (closer to even than expected) and in person voting (very strongly for Trump), the Dem friendly media just had to delay calling the state for Trump, to give most casual election watchers the sense that Biden was leading, throughout the evening of Nov 3, election day. This would setup Dem leaning casual observers to “feel” that if Trump did end up winning, he must have stolen an election that had been going against him.

Steve Turley’s comments on this:

A handful of big Democrat run cities, in key Democrat controlled “swing” states, stopped counting, the night of the US Presidential election, Nov 3, 2020. The main stream media quit calling those states, even though Trump had major leads in some of them.

This, along with the polls and main stream media all having actively setup an expectation of a “Blue Wave” (major Dem election sweep, with Trump losing by wide margins), has set the scene for Dem voters to find quite credible allegations that Trump is desperately trying to steal the election.

HighImpactFlix tracks the Arizona events, as they happened that evening

Timeline of events, the next day


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