Transcript of New Prophecies from Alexander Paramonov

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New Prophecies from Alexander Paramonov

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Male voice singing:
00:00 master of the chain
00:03 dances and destroy just deliver room for
00:10 the new to bloom sing before it’s gone

Female voice:
00:14 Hello dear friends. I’m starting a new sequence of videos about newly revealed
00:22 prophecies and unique insider information about the interesting
00:27 theatre unfolding on earth. These unique prophecies and information come from
00:33 Alexander Paramonov, who started addressing the people very very recently
00:38 since a couple of weeks actually. Because if you think that the coronavirus
00:45 madness is getting out of control, then hold on tight because the storms which
00:52 he has promised to us will be much stronger and they’re about to come very soon.
00:57 He seems to be the herald of the end time of unbelievable miracles and
01:05 very difficult tests which will turn very rewarding at least for some.
01:11 I personally decided to try to present the information from Alexander Romanov
01:17 because I find him a man of amazing Vedic knowledge, but the extremely long
01:24 list of his earthly titles so to say it is also quite interesting including one
01:33 of the richest investors in Russia, UN financial advisor. head of the richest
01:40 world treasury with the greatest physical balance of gold, chief commander
01:48 of the Hospitalier Knight Order, which has never been servant to Vatican or any
01:58 Masons organizations, unlike all the other ancient Knights orders, and the
02:07 head of an organization which became public also very recently with the
02:15 curious name of Government Department Union Anti-terror KGB USSR, which Wikipedia
02:26 shows us ceased to exist some 30 years ago but in reality it never ceased to
02:32 exist during all these years and now he has its head has assured us that in the
02:41 very near future this entire cancer which has now grown
02:45 pretty huge and which has been torturing humanity for some thousand years now,
02:52 the cancer of the puppet governments and the network of pedophiles who drink
03:00 blood and eat human flesh and have been tormenting us with artificially created
03:07 wars, hunger crisis, lab-created sicknesses, stupid laws, all that will be
03:14 flushed down. It will be a closed chapter of the history for sure very soon within
03:23 our lifetime most definitely. So first of all I will try to clarify a little bit some
03:31 of his titles and that will inevitably go into revealing a little bit the entire story
03:40 of the dramatic upcoming earthly changes.

03:49 [Music]
03:53 [Applause]

03:56 So how did these trillions and
03:59 quadrillions and bigger, I don’t know the number called, worth gold up in
04:07 the proprietorship of the UN registered Society of Alexander Paramonov.
04:13 Actually the descendants of King Solomon, the person who actually signed
04:21 the transfer in modern times, is result so mean(?) simply fulfilled the wish the
04:28 wise king which he made according to Paramonov some about 1000 years ago
04:35 and not about 3000 as Wikipedia sources, because according to official history
04:44 King Solomon was honored almost 3,000 years ago and he was no other than the
04:54 Lord of the Sunset. He is one of the gods of light, the good benevolent deities and
05:03 his duty is every time when new Kali Yuga, or the Night of Svarog in Slavic
05:12 language, starts, his duty is to hand over the world to the dark forces to who rule
05:20 it. This time this Night of Svarog lasted 1008 years. Previous nights were
05:28 shorter. Salim is the proper name of the god of the sunset. Apparently there were
05:34 some artifacts that were inscribed on the paraphernalia of King Solomon proving
05:42 that, and being God of the light he wanted to ensure that the riches of the
05:49 earth will be preserved and at the end of the Night of Svarog during the
05:57 transition they will be utilized to remove this parasitic madness from earth
06:03 and the modern descendants got Saleem(?). They always remained the
06:11 legal owners of that huge amount of gold and the famous Bretton Woods Agreement,
06:19 basically the basis of the modern monetary system, is based on that gold.
06:27 The money were guaranteed exactly by that gold. They were divided between the
06:34 different countries and from there on, they started utilizing and printing
06:40 money. Unfortunately as everything else in the Dark Age of Svarog it was a parasitic tool.

06:51 But this will not last much longer. Of course when the gold standard was
06:56 abolished, also subsequently the Bretton Woods Agreement was modified to suit
07:02 better their parasitic structures, but still the basic principle remains
07:08 whoever rules the gold he can print money. It is exactly on the basis of the
07:13 Bretton Woods Agreement that organizations like the IMF in and the
07:19 International Bank of settlements were created and of course shortly after
07:25 their creation they were corrupted by the parasitic forces which had the right
07:33 to rule the earth. This right was given from God and they utilized it to full
07:40 extent.

07:41 This Bank is currently curated by some sort of Italian clan and some
07:47 reports show that they only allow homosexuals to work for this bank they
07:56 make sure to spy and find out very well that even the cleaning ladies are
08:03 homosexuals, otherwise they cannot work there, and here is the UN registration
08:11 number of the civil society which is connected with the M1 Treasury and
08:19 according to paranormals, it will be exactly this
08:23 society and the Treasury which will in practical terms allow this transition to
08:31 a society which most modern people will describe as paradise.
08:37 That’s because the concept of most modern people about Paradise is quite limited.
08:42 More about this in this video, but this is a completely different topic, but the
08:49 Treasury and the entire concept of money as such will be disappearing. It will be
08:55 no longer needed in this future society because poverty will be completely
09:01 eradicated, there will be no shortages and the incentive will not be to earn
09:07 more but actually to look and find new opportunities to create exceptional and
09:14 beautiful things. That will be the driving factor in that society.

09:20 This is not new this has been in all the prophecies and Paramonov has said many
09:27 times it is absolutely sure. This is sure to come, so is the will of God and it
09:33 will be. The only question is how exactly are we gonna reach there because in the
09:39 beginning when the angelic forces arrived to begin the process of
09:45 transformation. they reviewed this scenario of immediately switching to the
09:52 new world and the new vibrations. The problem with that scenario would have
09:58 been that only 3 percent of the life on earth would survive such a sudden change
10:05 and to illustrate what kind of chaos such a sudden change would cause a pale
10:14 example of that would be the 2011 England riots right in the heart of
10:20 London. People started rioting. Media told us afterwards that “Oh it was the black
10:28 people all of a sudden got themselves together and started rioting in the heart of
10:32 Londyn.” However Paramonov has the insider information that actually this
10:39 wasn’t, this was an experiment conducted by the dark forces who have this evil
10:46 matrix which distorts their reality. They have all these convex mirrors and all
10:56 kinds of electronic network below ground and in the skies and basically keep
11:04 everybody in electronic prison of distorted reality and they wanted to
11:12 make this experiment: “What will happen if they disable this Network only for a
11:19 small, very small, tiny territory and not even disable it completely just
11:26 partially for fun?”

11:28 So the result was that a small group of people, they all of a
11:33 sudden found themselves in a reality somewhat similar to the dream reality we
11:41 experience when we dream at night, but actually it was this reality but they
11:47 both were seeing everything from a different angle.
11:50 Their vision opened, for example a man could all of a sudden see with his
11:56 internal sight how the neighbour is making out with his own wife and with
12:01 this new knowledge he just drove to that house that place and a violent incident
12:09 took place. All kinds of similar situations, people were confused. They
12:15 were thinking they were going crazy. All of a sudden their houses looked
12:19 different. The surroundings looked different they could
12:23 not cope with this new situation and out of confusion they started behaving
12:30 erratically and actually I will give one small example of my own now in the COVID
12:37 times, the virus times, many people found themselves locked for months
12:44 in their apartments with their family and all of a sudden the domestic
12:51 violence started escalating to an unbelievable extent. Basically men
12:59 started beating their wives although they were not doing it in the past.

13:03 Why?

13:04 Because this type of man, when they were kind of forced by the circumstances to
13:11 be with their own self, it’s kind of meditation being locked at home yeah
13:16 nothing much to do than to look at your own soul, they actually felt so
13:24 uncomfortable with their own selves that they started seeking the wrong cure the
13:32 wrong outlet of their anger.

13:34 So the major part of the transition to the new world
13:38 will be completed in our lifetime very very soon within the coming years, but it
13:45 will not be sudden.

13;47 He explained that the forces of the light, the angelic forces
13:51 who are overseeing and conducting this transition, they do so so that much more
13:59 Souls will get the chance and they will be utilizing this chance for a final
14:05 purification, because if it is done sudden only very very few selected and
14:12 very pure souls would make the transition, while when it is done
14:17 gradually the people will get, the ordinary people much more of them, will
14:22 get chance to get purified and become eligible to enter the new world/

14:28 He also explained that this will not be only souls who are like learner’s on the
14:38 path of light. Actually many warriors from the dark side are also realizing
14:45 that the path of misery is inferior to the path of harmony and they have turned
14:52 to the side of light and will become perfect in the
14:58 fire of purification because this exceptional moment in the history of
15:03 earth will give amazing opportunities for growth. Growth of what? Learning what?
15:11 We always say it’s a school here, but what are we learning, exactly?

15:16 We are learning how to create worlds and realities with our intention. He says
15:24 that the souls who were learning on the side of light currently on earth are
15:30 kind of beginners. They are not at very high levels of learning. Also the bodies
15:36 we possessed, it’s with deleted memory. They have been modified by this demonic
15:43 reality distorting matrix. So those who have been learning in the schools of
15:50 light they will have simply a lot to learn all of a sudden. It will be quite
15:57 an intense learning, like some of those courses that you need to study 10 hours
16:04 per day, intensive language courses, something like that, well much much more
16:10 intensive even than that.

10:12 While the other type of souls who will get their final
16:16 purification, those who come from the dark side, they have a much higher level
16:22 of skills in terms of magic, because creating worlds with one’s thoughts and
16:30 intentions is magic for all practical purposes. These souls are very well trained
16:35 in magic because this dark worlds, they advanced a lot in terms of techniques in
16:43 magic. They only lack the power of the light which will give soul to their
16:50 creations and make them develop and flourish and be self-sufficient. That’s
16:56 why they’re parasites. They’re looking for some source of light to
17:02 exploit and live on the cost of that drain its energy for their own black
17:11 magic so they have become pretty skillful in that but now because some of
17:17 them are also very intelligent these dark civilizations they have also split
17:22 they’re also getting polarized and some of their members will get destroyed
17:30 because all darkness will be simply destroyed in the upcoming years.
17:34 But those who have decided to convert to the side of light, for them it will be also
17:44 an extremely intense period of being purified from their sins, but it will be
17:51 very rewarding for them at the end because they will be highly skilled gods
17:58 of light at the end of this ordeal.

18:02 [Music]

18:12 Now about this curious organization “see you sent it all” (sp?) in Russian,
18:18 something like anti-terrorist Department in English, which we are being taught is
18:27 non-existent since decades. What actually happened is during the time of fall of
18:36 communism, this did not happen due to some sort of protest from the side of
18:42 the people although socialism communism had its problems. The people weren’t
18:49 definitely not rioting. The transition was organized from the top
18:55 they sent gang of murderers, criminals. They went into Kremlin and simply killed
19:07 large portions of the government, those who did not agree to play along with
19:15 them, did not bend to bribes before that so while on TV they were showing staged
19:22 protests deceived the world that this was
19:27 happening because of the will of the
19:30 people actually a foreign terrorist
19:35 organization set up on the basis of
19:38 pirate law occupation colonization
19:44 trading firm because the Russian
19:46 Federation is currently registered as a
19:49 trading firm not as a country to
19:53 function as something similar to
19:56 government and then after that and the

20:00 banner of privatization these those
20:05 corrupt people who sold the Soviet Union
20:11 and betrayed it in such a way they
20:13 became rich because privatizing mostly
20:17 meant they made they stole would belong
20:20 to the state and the people in USSR too
20:24 they made it their own privatized it
20:27 very small portions they left like small
20:32 part of the military to maintain some
20:35 sort of face and book like a country but
20:39 even that is being at this very moment
20:43 privatized because as the parasitic
20:46 cancer starts falling apart its servants
20:50 realized that the ship is sinking they
20:54 are going to be the most likely
20:56 scapegoat and they are currently in
20:59 great hurry to quickly still dig songs
21:03 and run away to exotic islands which
21:08 will be the last stay they do in their
21:10 life but currently as of today the trade
21:15 organization of the Russian Federation
21:18 this occupational force it has no army
21:22 as such left almost no during the last
21:25 few months they’re chopping it up in
21:29 pieces and privatizing it now let’s get
21:33 back to the moment of time when this
21:37 take over Kurt during the time when the
21:41 Russian Federation was taking over using
21:45 this method either accept bribe or get
21:47 killed very soon since the Soviet Union
21:52 was quite a big country they couldn’t
21:55 kill all the noble people who didn’t
21:59 wish to betray in such a way their
22:01 country they could not kill them just in
22:04 two or three days it took some time and
22:07 during that period the KGB the noble
22:14 people inside that organization which
22:17 had the feeling that this is profoundly
22:19 wrong and that this is a very nasty and
22:24 sudden occupation they had an emergency
22:27 meeting and what they decided is that
22:30 they will continue to function
22:32 however undercover unofficially until
22:35 they find a way to solve this problem
22:39 and return the authority to the people
22:44 because since the Russian Federation
22:47 took over this living situation and the
22:51 overall situation of the population of
22:55 Russia has been deteriorating very fast
22:58 there are criminal gangs going around
23:01 killing people stealing their property
23:04 just beating them out of their houses
23:07 not mention the utter poverty the cruel
23:13 genocide of the indigenous people the
23:18 living situation is way worse than
23:20 during communist times so this
23:23 organization existed and functioned very
23:27 actively for all these decades and only
23:31 recently they came out in the open and
23:34 announced that very soon there will be
23:37 the end of this occupation not only for
23:40 Russia but also for the world because
23:42 this trade organization of the Russian
23:45 Federation is nothing else but a
23:48 registered for
23:50 commercial firm of those same parasitic
23:54 forces that scout the blood of the
23:56 American people as well and the European
23:59 people of the blood of the entire
24:01 humanity so the main figure the head of
24:05 this organization see us on TT Road is
24:10 Alexander para mano who by the way
24:14 previously is responsible government
24:20 positions already and the very fact that
24:25 he is still alive even after he recently
24:30 started exposing very openly and
24:35 personally the servants of the dark
24:38 forces in Russia the fact that he has
24:41 survived all their countless attempts of
24:45 murder imprisonment and all kinds of
24:49 devious plans that by itself means a lot
24:53 means that it is very likely that he
24:56 knows very well what is he talking about
24:59 when he makes these bold predictions and
25:03 by the way this ancient Knights order of
25:09 the hospital years it is a military
25:12 order and by the way he has mentioned a
25:16 few times that if needed there will be
25:19 war there is a possibility of war as
25:22 well it depends what kind of path the
25:26 parasites will choose how they will
25:30 decide to die so who is gonna fight
25:34 against the parasites if they
25:38 practically rule earth aren’t all the
25:41 armies subservient to them actually I
25:45 was surprised to hear from Romano that
25:47 this is not the case he says that they
25:52 have a lot of private armies even many
25:55 corporations have their gangs of
25:59 murderers ready to kill any time that’s
26:02 why they keep them and feed
26:03 them but as this cancer was engulfing
26:09 the countries of the world one by one
26:12 there were many honorable people and
26:15 they never really bent down and gave in
26:19 to the parasitic bribes and other
26:23 cunning tactics so he says that
26:27 currently there are also old types of
26:31 organizations some of them on state
26:35 level some of them on more local level
26:38 who are actually on the side of the
26:41 light and if needed some parts of the
26:45 cancer will be removed even surgically
26:47 however all their bureau BOTS and armies
26:52 of drones and all their high-precision
26:55 missed missiles and everything else
26:58 which is run by the artificial
27:01 intelligence the Holy of Holies for the
27:05 parasites all that will be useless when
27:09 the important moment comes because the
27:13 artificial intelligence which was
27:15 brought here from off-planet it betrayed
27:18 them it betrayed them recently that is
27:21 quite interesting I will be making a
27:23 separate video about this
27:31 so besides the International Treasury
27:35 called m1 which is fully sovereign and
27:39 is not regulated by any other
27:41 organization on earth it has the highest
27:44 possible status of sovereign Treasury
27:48 he also registered something called fund
27:52 of the creator
27:53 raaah which is also fully accredited by
27:57 the United Nations and in practical
28:00 terms this will give opportunity for the
28:05 people to conduct commerce and all other
28:09 social activities which currently
28:11 require too much paperwork sometimes
28:15 that makes it impossible to organize
28:17 anything sensible and also while
28:20 functioning
28:21 within this fund in a fully legal way
28:26 one does not owe any taxes to the local
28:29 governments this international fund is
28:33 also fully sovereign and is not
28:35 regulated by any other international or
28:39 local body so as long as people conduct
28:43 their business honestly they will be
28:45 able to do it within the framework while
28:48 remaining fully legal owners of
28:50 everything they do it is not that they
28:53 have to submit the ownership to defend
28:56 or be obliged to keep their finances in
29:01 some sort of offshore or foreign bank
29:04 nothing like this they will be able to
29:07 conduct a business openly using their
29:10 local bank and fully legally according
29:14 to international law without owning any
29:16 taxes or paperwork’s to the local
29:19 authorities because let’s be honest the
29:22 tyranny has grown to such an extent that
29:25 many people cannot conduct normal
29:28 commercial activities due to excessive
29:30 paperwork and crazy taxation Fondren is
29:35 something very recent
29:38 they are already some who are conducting
29:42 activity when within its
29:43 and that is respected by the local
29:45 governments but as far as registration
29:50 which everybody can do because currently
29:53 many people want to join but the
29:55 infrastructure is not there there will
29:57 be an electronic way to get registered
30:01 and it is completely free however
30:05 currently they are creating a software
30:08 which is not in any way plugged to this
30:11 worldwide parasitic infected computer
30:18 network so the Russian version will be
30:21 ready in within months sometime this
30:27 year for an individual and entities can
30:31 draw in as well
30:32 although I’m not sure if that will be
30:34 functional at the same time or later on
30:37 basically and this will be the
30:40 transitory structure between the current
30:43 world of insane in some places tyranny
30:48 and the new world which will also have
30:52 government like social structures but
30:56 not in a way that people who will be
30:58 told by higher authorities what to do in
31:02 their lives no actually the people will
31:05 be on the top and those social
31:07 structures will be only to service the
31:11 human society there is the International
31:14 Treasury m1 then there is Zeus anteater
31:17 or he and his team have registered as
31:21 well with the United Nations something
31:23 called People’s Liberation Movement of
31:27 the USSR and they also have been
31:32 approved as a local government by the
31:35 United Nations now what does this mean
31:38 in legal terms although the United
31:41 Nations has been taken over by the
31:44 parasitic forces of course as almost all
31:46 major international organizations it is
31:50 not completely taken over and most
31:52 importantly they have not yet officially
31:55 changed those original well-intended
31:59 laws which were written down at the time
32:03 when it was actually founded by real
32:06 well-wishers of humanity cause initially
32:08 in the very beginning the United Nations
32:11 did really have very noble tasks like
32:13 eradicating poverty guaranteeing that
32:17 the land and the resources really
32:19 belonged to the indigenous people of the
32:21 given area etc so in this still fully
32:27 functional laws there are provisions for
32:31 countries who have been colonized and
32:35 taken over by governments which are not
32:39 really voted by the people so since the
32:42 commercial firm called Russian
32:45 Federation which currently serves as
32:48 government like structure of the Russian
32:51 region has not been elected by the
32:54 people it took over ruling the region
32:59 using pirate law invasion fraud and it’s
33:04 Constitution is a total joke it has
33:09 never been it never had been properly
33:12 published for the people to vote or
33:14 anything remotely similar to that and it
33:18 doesn’t even have a proper status as a
33:21 country or government as far as the
33:23 United Nations bodies are concerned
33:28 legal bodies it has never been
33:30 acknowledged by them when the team of
33:34 perminov applied for local government on
33:37 the basis of being their remnants the
33:41 last remnants of the voted by the people
33:44 country of the USSR they were
33:48 immediately approved now this doesn’t
33:51 mean that they will be bringing back the
33:56 Communist times and they will again that
34:01 take the property away from the people
34:03 no nothing remotely like this this is
34:05 simply the legal format through
34:10 provide some sort of stability during
34:13 the crazy times of transition because
34:16 the situation right now in Russia is
34:19 quite bad it’s every day they have
34:23 permanently employed gangs for example
34:26 who go to people who have some sort of
34:32 house or home and they have all those
34:34 papers ready to take away their home and
34:38 take it as a salary for their gangster
34:42 work and just the beat away the people
34:45 from home if needed they even kill them
34:48 they have the right to do that and these
34:49 are government organizations they’re
34:51 authorized to take away everything from
34:55 the people that’s going on in the cities
34:57 as far as the remote areas the
34:59 indigenous society are just subjected to
35:03 unbelievable genocide people are being
35:07 simply expelled from their villages
35:09 without anywhere to go or without any
35:12 payment on the basis of some sort of
35:15 development plans this is going on in
35:19 other places of the earth but in Russia
35:22 it is particularly bad they also import
35:26 Chinese people by large numbers they
35:30 just clean up large areas from the local
35:34 Russian people to put Chinese there this
35:36 has been going on for a long time and
35:39 all kinds of projects of this type so
35:41 this local government these are its
35:45 offices by the way it is still a very
35:47 new thing will be eventually providing
35:52 protection against that not yet
35:55 and by the way People’s Liberation
35:57 Movement of the USSR also openly states
36:04 in its main statement that it is a
36:08 direct continuation of that area for
36:11 those who have watched my survivors
36:13 series
36:25 now everything said so far is in terms
36:29 of the coming years now in terms of what
36:33 to expect in the immediate future as far
36:37 as practical advice at this given moment
36:40 for Russia at least he advises the men
36:45 to form local groups because the tyranny
36:48 of these gangs of murderers which are
36:52 above the law in Russia this tyranny
36:55 will be getting worse and the situation
36:57 is quite scary sometimes they would
37:00 invade a village few houses they will
37:04 drag out or kill a few people in some
37:08 cases you know people try to resist they
37:13 they killed them in a horrible way when
37:15 people were trying to understand what’s
37:18 going on these criminals they were
37:21 screaming and them and they even showed
37:23 them documents in documents in some
37:25 cases that they will their body will be
37:28 recycled for organs they organs
37:32 harvesting and at the end for food food
37:35 supply because these evil spirits
37:38 they’re from the waiting human flesh and
37:41 they have even all the legal formalities
37:44 ready with full signatures and
37:46 everything that this person has agreed
37:48 before his death to donate his organs
37:52 paramon oath is not selling any sort of
37:55 sugar-coated
37:57 cheap promises to the people he tells
38:00 them frankly he says that this will be
38:02 getting worse in the near future because
38:05 these people really have the right to do
38:08 so that’s why they come with documents
38:10 and how did they obtain this right from
38:12 God and from destiny is that when people
38:17 enter in an agreement with the
38:20 commercial entity of the Russian
38:22 Federation all those things in the
38:25 small letters they actually allow the
38:29 Russian Federation to take complete
38:31 control over their lives including using
38:35 them as food supply he also explained
38:37 that only the pure Russian people will
38:44 be affected by this problem those who
38:46 have for example foreign names they will
38:49 not be attacked in such way as far as
38:53 the coronavirus actually he says that
38:57 all this entire division the entire
39:00 class of respiratory seasonal flu sand
39:04 cetera and everything similar that is
39:07 originally not a natural disease that
39:10 has been used as a weapon for a very
39:13 long time so the corona virus is just
39:16 one out of the many artificially created
39:20 sicknesses along with many others which
39:23 we actually think are natural but in
39:26 overall he says that when the full
39:28 ordeal will be over the corona virus
39:33 nonsense will be reviewed actually in a
39:36 positive way because it will be a
39:38 relatively milder way for a Maine for
39:42 many dark incarnated Souls to withdraw
39:47 because the frequencies are rising and
39:51 many of these demons which have managed
39:55 to enter in human body they can no
39:58 longer tolerate this environment they
40:00 have to go and the way they decided to
40:02 do behind the scenes everything is
40:06 negotiated between the dark and white
40:08 forces they didn’t want to go for a
40:11 public trial and prison they prefer to
40:15 die and a lot of them will simply
40:19 disappear after this coronal epidemics
40:23 in the future videos about him they will
40:26 be interesting stuff like for example
40:29 what the media called an accident of the
40:34 Russian submarine Lelouch Eric was
40:36 actually Alex
40:37 first full attempt of the dark forces to
40:41 destroy the Hyperborean portal in the
40:45 northern seas because they have an army
40:49 of scientists here so they’re reporting
40:51 them that the vibrations are rising and
40:54 that is definitely a reason for panic so
40:56 they decided maybe we just destroy the
40:59 portal however the artificial
41:01 intelligence patent is its name is
41:04 refusing to cooperate more and more and
41:07 this so-called fire incident is one of
41:11 those cases in which it simply refused
41:13 to obey their orders and shoot at the
41:16 portal gate during the upcoming
41:20 interesting theater Syria will fall
41:24 completely by the way a vanguard Bible
41:28 also speak about this that’s because
41:30 they’re parasitic Center was for a very
41:35 long time they wrote although now he
41:37 says it’s shifting towards Ararat in a
41:41 raven which was the even older center
41:45 for their demonic worship of man-eating
41:53 demons
41:54 maybe that’s what is meant in the Bible
41:57 by rebuilding Babylon during the end
42:02 times to be destroyed again of course
42:13 so as the vibrations are rising they are
42:17 interesting developments like for
42:20 example we hear news that many of the
42:25 parasitic important representatives in
42:30 human body they just locked themselves a
42:34 couple of months ago in Bunker’s with
42:38 the intention to destroy the earth
42:41 almost completely while they are safe
42:43 down there and then we slowly crawl out
42:47 and have the earth for themselves so
42:52 what actually happened is that they
42:56 could not bomb and destroy the planet
42:58 but when they tried to come out they
43:02 cannot open the doors anymore and those
43:04 bunkers are quite well built so
43:07 basically they are stuck there and
43:10 Alexander P Romano says that those gates
43:13 will never open and there will be no
43:14 other way to come out by the way that’s
43:17 why there was so much children
43:20 kidnapping recently before they went
43:24 down there all these children were
43:29 carried in hidden lorries with special
43:33 permits everything organized they just
43:36 needed food supply for a longer time
43:38 down there and those who interviewed
43:42 perminov they asked him but who locked
43:44 those gates actually and he was laughing
43:48 and he said well the will of the Lord of
43:50 course also we hear that other members
43:57 of this child kidnapping and network
44:02 which did not get locked they are being
44:05 arrested now and pheromone of actually
44:08 confirmed that and he said that what
44:12 will happen with these people is they
44:15 will disappear you will simply not hear
44:18 about anymore it will be blamed on the
44:20 the virus or something else and they
44:24 will not be taken away without trial he
44:27 said they will be properly tried by
44:30 military court but it will not be public
44:33 he definitely made it clear that this
44:37 war will be played in secret most of the
44:41 people will not understand very well
44:44 what is going on and actually the
44:46 actions of the white side will be even
44:48 more in secret that was by the way
44:51 already in the rock Beatrice laughed
44:54 prophesies decades ago and it is only at
44:56 the final stages when all the players
45:00 will reveal their true forms and will
45:04 lay their cards on the table for
45:08 everybody to see before that it will be
45:11 only a very limited closed circles of
45:15 people whose astral vision opened
45:19 slightly earlier before
45:22 because in the near future such region
45:25 will be opening for many common people
45:27 as well for some of them depending on
45:31 what their role in the place
45:33 it opened fewer few years earlier they
45:37 will be able to see who is whose
45:39 incarnation and Trillium and some very
45:43 small religious circles as well they
45:46 will know the truth but the mass
45:49 population until the end and they will
45:52 think that these are ordinary people
45:54 like themselves which is very far away
45:57 from the truth and in a couple of years
45:59 the world will see miracle and will be
46:02 surprised in the years to come when the
46:05 secrets are revealed about who is
46:09 actually whose incarnation and that is
46:12 valid for both sides both the angelic
46:15 guardians of the world and hellish wing
46:19 have numerous incarnations currently
46:22 living on earth so some people were
46:26 asking when will the pedophile Network
46:29 arrests become public and those people
46:32 will get exposed
46:34 for everybody’s knowledge he explained
46:36 that this will not be happening all this
46:40 will become going on behind the scenes
46:43 until the very end well when everything
46:46 will be revealed and during the very
46:48 difficult years which are about to come
46:51 not all people will understand even what
46:54 is going on or even which are the
46:57 parties involved because without this
47:01 sacred knowledge without this
47:04 understanding that the actual enemy of
47:07 the human race is this dark force of
47:10 ignorance I have been repeating that
47:12 also many times especially in the
47:14 survivors documentary unless one
47:17 understands that the enemy is on the
47:20 subtle plane once understanding of the
47:23 events will be very very marginal very
47:25 superficial understanding limited only
47:28 to the minor players employed in this
47:32 game the players about which we read in
47:35 the mass media such understanding will
47:37 be very superficial and decisions based
47:41 on that level of understanding may not
47:44 be a very wise and a mattr decision will
47:49 have to be taken very soon by everybody
47:52 actually perminov explained that by far
47:54 the most people have already determined
47:57 on which side they will be because soon
48:00 everything will get extremely polarized
48:03 there will be no people lingering in the
48:06 middle anymore they will be powered by
48:09 the the camp of the light or the camp of
48:12 the ignorance and will be in one
48:14 capacity or another part of this cosmic
48:18 war and as far as the very difficult
48:21 times ahead
48:23 he also says they will be very difficult
48:27 the crazy world situation right now will
48:31 be only escalating within the coming
48:34 years for sure
48:35 and I see that many people are still
48:38 confused as if the angelic forces want
48:43 to put an end on all that why don’t they
48:47 just
48:48 remove everything all these cancer
48:51 immediately
48:52 and people expect that to happen because
48:55 that’s their idea of how things should
48:57 work but this time the transition will
49:00 not be smooth and now at the end I just
49:03 want to give an example of what kind of
49:06 rough ride we can expect imagine a
49:09 person with a huge cancer one of those
49:12 disgusting 510 kilos big cancers which
49:15 is very similar to the situation of
49:17 humanity at present so this person goes
49:21 for cure to a shaman and that is a very
49:24 suitable analogy because we will be
49:26 cured of our parasitic cancer by the
49:31 magical angelic forces who will use the
49:34 same type of cure the shamans use so
49:37 modern person without any knowledge of
49:40 the ways of the shamans he may have
49:42 unrealistic expectations like the healer
49:46 will save you magic words and the cancer
49:48 will disappear in one single moment or
49:51 there will be a magical stick he will be
49:53 touched by a magical object and the
49:57 cancer will disappear in one single
49:59 moment this is not the way things
50:02 usually go during shamanic ceremonies
50:04 and this is not the way things will go
50:08 now with our social cancer on earth
50:11 instead of everything vape evaporating
50:15 dematerializing in a second we will go
50:18 through a full-scale exorcism because
50:22 cancers these are evil spirits and they
50:25 need to be exorcised so very often
50:27 during the process of exorcism the
50:31 possessed person may behave erratically
50:36 he may shiver
50:38 tremble get fever scream and for a
50:43 person who is not familiar with the
50:45 process and who stands by and watches
50:47 he may even mistakenly interpret the
50:51 situation as you see the patient feels
50:54 worse than before since the shaman
50:57 started singing as if the shaman is even
50:59 higher
51:00 more causing all that crazy stuff which
51:04 is exactly the opposite of what is
51:06 happening and within the coming years we
51:09 will be an experiencing an exorcism on a
51:12 planetary scale and paramon have also
51:14 confirmed that it will be a very
51:17 turbulent process the old patterns of
51:21 reality will have to be repaired and
51:24 that may manifest in a new rule for us
51:27 events because such type of changes of
51:31 reality are not very common it is
51:34 certainly we have not witnessed recently
51:36 on earth and it will be definitely very
51:39 very dramatic so this was just the
51:41 general introduction to who Alexander
51:45 Peres monoface and in the future videos
51:47 I will be giving out more details about
51:52 the stories mentioned master of the
51:56 change dances and destroy just live a
52:03 room
52:04 for the new to
52:06 seen before it’s gone
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