Trump: "I have a lot of enemies out there, this may be the last time you see me for a while."

In Trump’s speech yesterday he said the that he would be going a way for a while. Today, the whitehouse staff came outside to see him off, which is apparently unprecedented.

Something big could be about to happen.

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And now he is giving a live press confrence right now…

Bombard’s Body Language suspects that Trump’s dealing with some very real, serious, shit.

She goes over a few minutes of this speech of Trump, where he talks of lowering drug prices, making drugs in the U.S., and in particular, the line about not seeing him for a while.


More interesting observations from today’s Trump presser.

Listen at 1:18:57. He’s asked something about the virus disappearing and when he answers and says something about it being political they all boo, and then when he mentions peaceful protests they all clap and cheer.

Again at 1:19:40 he mentions that the news is fake and they all cheer again.

What’s going on? Are they all Trump supporters now?

Have you ever seen Trump in that room before? It looked different than any other presser I had seen before. Moreover, George News did not cover today’s presser. George has streamed every presser along side the official Whitehouse YT channel before now.

Did Trump broadcast from some secret secure bunker today?

Edit: Someone in another thread said that it looked like he was broadcasting from his Bedminster golf resort.

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Yes - C-SPAN confirms that Trump was at his Bedminster Golf Club:

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Let’s hope so!!! :smiley: