Trump's quarantine might be faked

I am half thinking that Sorcha Faal has nailed it - the real cause of the rash of positive Covid tests in Trump and his inner circle:

Warning: As usual, Sorcha Faal is not easy reading. However he’s been getting (in my humble opinion) rather accurate of late, and for those who have learned to read him, this one’s quite good.

The anti-Trump deep staters are entering crunch time. One of them, US Navy Rear Admiral Colin Green, is a rabid anti-Trumper, who has already had several run-in’s with Trump, and who, according to Sorcha Faal, had some highly skilled Ukraine sharp shooters on the An-26 plane that crashed in the Ukraine, 4 days ago, on its way back to the States (suspicion - to assassinate Trump).

Sorcha Faal connects a number of dots in this article, of various anti-Trumpers. I already recognize most of these dots and their connections, from my prior research over the last few years. I could not catch anything that I suspected was wrong in Faal’s article, many things that I’m pretty sure are right, and very few critical details that I cannot verify either way.

The plot to take down Trump, by a cast of deep staters who needed to continue, and avoid exposing, their deep corruption in the Ukraine, Washington, and elsewhere, is coming unraveled and soon to be exposed, so long as Trump can remain alive.

Perhaps that’s why Trump is quarantined inside Walter Reed hospital (or claims to be, anyway). Perhaps he needs to take all possible precautions to get himself and his key staff out of range of assassins, even if that means faking positive COVID test results.

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Four hours ago, Trump tweeted: “Going welI, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!

The second ‘l’ in the word “well” in Trump’s tweet is NOT a lower case ‘l’ as in “lima bean”, but rather an upper case ‘I’ as in “Indigo”.

No one has figured any likely way that this is a typo. Rather it seems to be a deliberate misspelling.

Best guess so far: “welI” (i.e., WELI) refers to the following.


In Tyrolean Watten, the trumps are the cards of the chosen suit (including the Rechte) and the WELI.

So we q-fags are figuring that this is a wink and a nod to us q-fags, from Trump, a sort of knowing wink to those of us who track and decode such details.

In short: Not all is as it seems with Trump’s Covid isolation :slight_smile: .


Glad to see I’m in good company with my own conclusions. This IS a tricky game of chess we’re playing here & I’m sure no one wants to gamble with the life of our Wrecking Ball!!! :wink: